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Improving the services and providing quality care lead to changes in the health and social care sectors. Organisations need to adopt these changes and analyse the way to implement the changes. Different elements force the organisations to change, which could be an external influence or internal. The legal requirement is one of the factors that drive change. Having a vision and goal make the change process more accessible. this assignment aims to understand the factors that may bring change. Also, the concept of change management, the strategies to measure a change and how to plan and monitor a change.

1.1 Explain the key factors that drive amendment in health and social care services

 Change can be defined as the process of a function or a practice to achieve a different result or outcome (Business dictionary). In the health and social care setting, various factors could drive change, and this change could lead to a positive outcome, or it could be a failure. As a result, it may lead to an adverse outcome. The drive for a change may occur due to external factors or internal factors. Using PESTLE analysis and SWOT analysis help the organisations to have a clear picture and better understanding on how to implement the change that were brought by these factors (Frue, 2016).

Political factors are most important in health and social care organisation it will create better working condition and improved organisation opportunities These factors influence to regulation, stability, government policies, etc. For example, due to the Brexit vote, the NHS can recruit health professionals outside the European Economic Area (McKenna, 2015). In-addition, changes in national-living-wage nearly 24%of care-homes might be closed in future (Smith, 2018).

Economic: the change in economic conditions of the UK that can affect the actions of HSC firms. For example, the government declared that it is obligatory to increase the national minimum wage from £6.50 per hour to £7.50 per hour. (Learner, 2016). Due to the funding cuts, some services are affected such as smoking cessation services and obesity and physical activity services. For example, funding for smoking cessation services has reduced in Gateshead Council by 17% (Gateshead, 2018).
In HSC firm they need to concentrate on demographic and cultural features of community. If the changes happen in social factors such as life style, human factors, population .  E.g. people live longer the main reason medical innovation, free care facilities, social support and changes in lifestyle etc. for example, according to survey cared out by Barnett et al, (2012) showed that more than 1 in 5 people in the UK are over 60 and this will be increased in the future form14.9 million in 2014 to 18.5 million in 2025. Which is prove of positive change (21st Century Challenges, 2018).

Technology: Developmental changes in technology may put pressure to form a changed throughout an organisation so the organisation has to undergo a change process to get comfortable in the new environment. Due-to technology record-keeping become easy and save e.g. using of password prevent others to intrude service-users’ privacy. On-the-other-hand, it also makes the information easier to pass from one department of another by email e.g. senior staffs sending and receiving relevant-information of the patients from GPs to other healthcare specialists and vice-versa about patient’s condition through promoting confidentiality and privacy (Gleeson, 2018).

Legal-factors: are important factors which force the organisations to bring changes. Because, Government always seek to promote health and social care services often by introduction of polices to set quality standards modify or controlling service provision. E.g. Health and Safety Act 1947 at work, the Act came across because of a number of rising incidents and accidents at workplace at the past. The aims of the Act are to protect individuals from harm and minimise the risk factors at workplaces. It also wants service-giver to be more hardworking, alerted about the health and safety measures while providing service through to ensure observation (shponline,

Environmental-Factors: can also force the organisation to change in recent  years. Providing healthcare to the service-users it very vital the organisation should be located in calm and noise pollution free areas. Because it has positive impact on service-users and it plays very important role in the success of organisation. E.g. if the  service user feel relaxes, satisfy and happy than organisation automatically lead organisation to success (Smith, 2018).
Internal factors

It is not merely the external factors that force an organisation to make a change; also internal factors drive an organisation to change. Changing the management due to retirement or resignation is where a new manager may use different management strategies and leadership style. Also, staff turnover may lead to a change as an organisation may increase the salary of their staff to avoid that. And due to a shortage of staff, an organisation may be forced to recruit new staff to meet the demands of the service users. For example, the NHS advertised to hire 2,545 nurses and midwives in April. Also, merging organisations could cause a change as each organisation has different goals and vision. However, due to merging, organisations will agree to have a common goal and idea, and that will bring a change in the systems, policies and procedures. For example, University College London is the result of six local hospitals merging (Knowledge base, 2018).

In the case study, the implementation of the Care Act 2014 has driven changes in the social care system. The Act reformed the social system and brought significant changes to the rights and responsibilities of the service users and their carers.

1.2 Assess the challenges that key factors of change brings to health and social care.

Challenge can be defined as facing a situation where physical and mental effort is needed to overcome the obstacles (Cambridge dictionary). External and internal factors may bring challenges to the health and social sector.

Political factor

The Brexit vote has had a negative impact on the NHS. The NHS is in demand ofmore than 10,000 health professionals. The NHS used to hire staff from the EU to cover the shortage of staff. However, to face these challenges, the current approach taken by the home office allows the employers to employ staff from outside the European Economic Area to meet the demands and fill the vacancies (McKenna,2015).

Since 2013, the responsibilities of public health were taken over by the local authorities. Though the stop smoking services are the most effective way to help people to quit smoking, the local authorities reduced the funding of this service due to the government funding cuts. Reducing the funding of stop-smoking services has had an adverse effect on individuals' health as more people will suffer from heart disease, cancer and COPD as complications of smoking, which can cause a load on the NHS services. Obesity is another service that was affected by the funding cuts. As a result, more people would be admitted to hospital to treat the complications of obesity such as diabetes, liver disease and cardiovascular disease. Yearly, the NHS spends 5.1 billion to treat the complications of obesity. If obesity is not tackled, the cost of obesity treatments will increase (Learner, 2016).



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