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Case Study CMI Using Teamwork to Build a Better Workplac

Evaluate the way in which team-working impacts upon organizational performance

The relevance of team work has a definite implication over the enhancement of the work culture and in generating grater results to achieve the organizational goal. Thus team work formulates a significant part of any organization that requires higher effort towards resolving of the significant issues in the organization (Hanaysha, 2016). All the individuals in every organization belong to one or more teams in order to function inside an organization effectively and bring valuable result through practicing relevant organizational strategy. Each of the members in the team have their individual roles to play and individual objectives to achieve that can be helpful to estimate the company performance on an overall basis. 

The organizational endeavor can hence be achieved through the formulation of a valuable team. Team work has a relevant impact over the performance of the organization and hence it is highly evident that in achieving the specific and unified organizational goal, the organization is highly expected to build a team that can bring flying results. Thus there are various ways in which the team works effectively to bring the success of the company. The members of a team are the significant assets who need to stay motivated and contribute towards the achievement of the organizational goal (Jamshed and Majeed, 2019). The greatest impact of a team in an organization can be implemented through practicing of communication among the team members. Thus communication forms a relevant role in helping the team members to achieve the organizational goal and enhance their individual performance as well. The team work needs to be executed in a chain and cannot be dependent on a single person. Thus the organization needs to provide each of the team members with specific briefs other than the organizational objective to drive them towards working with motivation and comprehending their needs in the team. The leader of the team is also a relevant subject who has the role to bridge the gap between organizational performance and communication within the team members. Thus team work plays a crucial role in the achievement of the organizational performance. 

Describe Henry Fayol’s Five Functions of Management. Explain how CMI uses it to encourage team culture and improve team effectiveness. 

The five functions of Henry Fayol is a systematic set of stages that formulates a very significant theory for management and team work. The job of a team leader or a manager is to achieve successful completion of the work given. Thus from the observations of the role of a manager, this theory of management has been formulated and classified into five distinct stages or functions that are crucial for the manager to follow. These five functions comprise of planning, organizing, commanding, coordination and finally controlling of actions. From the management theory of Fayol, the roles and responsibilities of management can be identified effectively (Fayol, 2016). The primary function of the management theory focuses on the aspect of planning ahead and setting relevant goals for future performance. This encounters the functionality of a manager to predict the future requirement of resources in the given context or scenario. The organizing aspect of the theory established the function of a manager to assign the tasks to different teams or individuals. Commanding is the next functional requirement of becoming an efficient manger. Without commanding, the managers cannot provide relevant instructions to the team. The next stage of management theory is the mist crucial that comprise of coordination. Ability to coordinate is highly required of the manager, as they are the subjects who can bridge the communication gap between the employees and the organizational requirement. The final function in the theory is that of controlling which is required to take appropriate steps to control actions in the team. 

Charter Management Institute (CMI), chartered professional body has practiced excellence in promotion of management and leadership experience. The institute has effectively applied the five functions of the Henri Fayol’s management theory to provide support and management advice to support business and individuals for more than a period of 60 years in the United Kingdom market. The management style of Charter Management Institute is inclined towards the functionality of a democratic leader and hence the institute applies the five functions of Henri Fayol to administer and encourage the participation of the valuable employees (Edwards, 2018). The institute plans the relevant requirement of the management advice given the context of advice and situation the individual is in. CMI plays a crucial role in organizing through significant areas of management and leadership advice that is highly implemented in the institute to promote management and leadership excellence. The functional value of commanding, coordinating and controlling the actions in the institute is highly significant to understand the various implementations of the leadership and management skills and utility. 

Analyze the differences between a formal and an informal team. Explain how informal teams within a workplace could support the work of a formal team. 

There are various formation and types of teams. The formal team is a type of team that comprises of a structured team and is formulated for a definite purpose. Formal teams have e definite leader or captain. In formal teams, all the members of a team play certain roles in the achievement of the purpose (Polat et al., 2018). On the other hand, the informal team is one where there is no structure of team and the members have equal status in it. The informal team however provides the opportunity for all members to work together and achieve the purpose. 

The informal teams are highly functional in providing support to the formal team through creation of various opportunities. This can be done by the informal team by facilitating higher practice of communication and sharing of concepts and ideas across the departments (Manuti et al., 2015). For example, two managers belonging to two very different segments or departments can have a meeting over the progress of the organization or many people in an organization who are friends can be helpful to support the work of their friend who is involved in a formal team work.

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