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Capstone Project: Final Draft


 Capstone Project: Final Draft

Part 1:

1.1 Introduction

The selected agency from the agency handout is that the town of Manchester, Granite State Police because it would facilitate within the action of the primary milestone of the project in sociology. in keeping with town of Manchester Granite State (2018), the Manchester department of local government is engaged on the mission of providing the simplest police services to the community and maintaining the protection and security at intervals the surroundings of the residents. Despite being beneath the pressure of such commitment, town police remains facing numerous problems that ar touching the community. The analysis of the problems has been explained because the milestone of the actual project and also the completely different sections of the study would offer the support to the study likewise.

1.2 Identification of the Issue Affecting the Community

The issue that is found majorly touching the community that the Manchester Police is serving may be a street crime. The department of local government is functioning onerous to curb the rate and create a property society that's free from crimes. As explained by Hodgson (2014), there ar bound street crime units within the department WHO ar accountable to spot the issues and convey resolution by their proactive approach. the most goal of those units is to succeed in the on scene and with success prosecute the criminal wrongdoer at intervals the Manchester town. To bear criminal analysis in conjunction with mensuration their neck of the woods to assemble info concerning any criminality going around and more action on that supported the knowledge.

1.3 Overview of the Issues

Manchester being the second largest metropolitan space at intervals the uk except London is majorly subjected to crimes on an outsized scale. in keeping with the various reports, it may be explicit  that against the law is detected by the Manchester Police each thirty minutes at intervals the middle of town because the most up-to-date statistics reveal that over 1800 incidents were according to the Manchester Police at intervals a time-frame of thirty days. The 1800 incidents majorly enclosed the possession of a weapon, regulatory offence, and drug crimes. The Manchester Police owns a separate unit to manage these problems at intervals the community and supply a more robust resolution by implementing strict laws for the criminals

1.4 Description of the Demographics of the Community

According to the survey administered in 2001, it's distinguished that the ethnic and racial composition of Manchester was around sixty six.7 % ar white out of that fifty nine.3 % ar White British, 2.4 % ar White Irish, 0.1 % Irish somebody, mixed race is found to be around four.7 % out of that one.8 % ar white and black Caribbean, 0.9 % ar black and white African and zero.1 % ar white Asian. The Manchester town police ar cognizant of the criminal act which fits around within the town that is that the reason why they're terribly active and strict. They in the main serve the aras wherever there's a low-income cluster ar gift because the criminal rate are additional in those areas.

1.5 Description of the Issues Impacting the Community

The street crime severely affects the protection and security of the folks or the community because the victim to those crimes may be anyone. it's a serious concern for the population to stay secure at intervals town because the increase within the crime rates have caused disturbance at intervals the population. Ellison & Weitzer (2017) mentioned that there's additionally a worry to the folks to avoid bound places within the town wherever the crime is incredibly frequent. to boot, the population demands of higher security to measure peacefully at intervals town because the crime will typically hamper the peace of mind and have an effect on the folks mentally. Smaller crimes don't have an effect on the massive cluster of population whereas is that the crime rates ar multiplied and also the larger crimes seems it would severely have an effect on a large population.

1.6 Conclusion

It may be terminated from the on top of report that the specified issue touching the community that is being served by the Manchester town police is being known. the problem concerning the road crime has effects on the community in a very massive scale and also the police ar functioning on their half to attenuate the chance for the folks and safeguard their life from the criminal predators. The demographics wherever the department of local government serve is additionally mentioned within the on top of report that provides a clear plan of wherever their main concentrate on. a correct description of the problem is additionally given that helps within the foundation of the project.



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