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Strategic information system defines the company's technology  implementation. Implementing the latest technology in the strategic management as per the company s requirement » ill enhance thc business performance. In this business report a brief description on thc Entcrprisc Rcsourcc Program soft» are implementations add outages and disadi outage has been described. This report short s a clear picturc of the organisational pcrformancc ii’hilc implcmcnting the ERP systcm in business opcrntion

Business Proccsscs

Hospital governance:

Goveniance of various departments inside the hospitals are achiei ed through using ERP systems.
Strategic alignment:
Based on the priorities. various actin ities in the hospitals can be aligned » itli the ERP sj stem.
Information  technolo
i•  i›*Cmcntation: Det clopincnt  of inanngGlnent  systcmmainlydcpcnds   on  the  Informationtechnology implementation in the organisational operational stnicture.
As stated bj Brrson (201S, p.132), in the busincss process life cyclc business actin itics are supported bj the inctliods
Emploj ee kno» Icdge and skills helps to enhance the business performance.
Sharcd i alucs of cinployccs in thc organisation nccd to bc carcd » ith higher priority .
De›’clopmcnt of business rcquircments
Better care ii ill be proc ided to the paticnts and employecs of hospitals using the ERP s1stcins (Cassidy, 201fi, p.132) It tracks thc various activitics of the stakclioldcrs in effcctivc mariner.

Determination of systems requirements

System requirements in the hospital sector mainly related with handling of sales i olume. finance. pl;1nning. purchasing. HR and company's accounts.

Software anal venilor selection

a) order to select the appropriate i endor for the hospitals beloci mentioned points needed to be kept b) in mind.

c) Data security

d) Improi ed reporting capabilities
e) Increascd productii’ity
f) Lori er cost
Wa s to improi c business cfficicnc›
Implementation of ERP technology’ integrates various ilcpartments in the hospitals.
Time consumin g in taking calls i ill be reduced using the ERP sj stems in the hospitals
Central database sharing is possiblc »’hcrc thc data is locatcd in thc ccntral databases and users of different depanmeiits can access the data at anj' time.
Lcvcl of efficicnc dra»'n from ERP Project control
Various projects in the hospitals can be easilj controlled and monitored by the ERP sj stem.
Deviation Correct
Dei’iation in the rangc of acti ’ities i 'ill bc corrcctcd using the results of ERP sj stem
Accumulation ot knowledge
ERP s; stein iinproi’es thc problems soli’ing capabilitics. hcncc knoii’lcdgc accumulation is possiblc
Impro›’cd Sales volumc
Tracking of sales i’olumc and ciistoincrs prospccts arc analj zed rising thc ERP sj stcm.
Examination of potential security risks and data brcachcs Risk 1: Intcgration and Crashing issues
Risk 3. Tcclinical personnel ink olveinent Risk 2: Insufficicnt rcporting capabilitics Risk 4: Softii’arc i’ulncrabilities
Providing guidelines for risk mitigation
Emploj cc training nccds to be gii’cn in rcgiilar basis
Security packages nceds to bc installed m thc hospitals
Latest ncii s on thc scciiritj issiics nceds to bc sharcd among cinployccs in nnincdiatc

In this report importance of the Enterprise resource planning has been discussed This study helps to analj se i arious issues and add outages of the ERP sj stein implementation in the business organisation. Einploycc training must be proi’idcd to mndc a»’arc the sccnritj risks of SAP bascd ERP system instnllation.

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