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Honey Bee Fruits is an independent retail supermarket organisation that is situated in Melbourne, Australia. The organisation was established in the year 2000 and currently it has able to expand in various countries within the national premises of Australia. The organisation is a B2C organisation that offers retail, organic, food products and services. The organisation sells consumer goods and services to the national population of Australia with the help of its multiple channel of distribution. The organisation is said to operate in retail, organic food and beverages, wholesales goods and services sectors. Honey Bee Fruits is enlisted within the food, grocery and convenience retail sector within the national premises of Australia. Honey Bee Fruits is the leading organic food and grocery retailer and offers tough competitions to some of the major supermarket organisations such as Woolworths Limited and Wesfarmers Limited. The organisation has 600 stores within 10 countries in Australia and currently it is proposing to establish and expand in the international markets of US and UK. The organisation offers more than 1000 food and grocery products and has 5-7 departmental stores in 10 countries in Australia.

With the course of time, the organisation has able to make the consumers within the national territory of Australia satisfied with the product and service portfolio that it offers to the same. However, the organisation also has faced certain problems and challenges within its business realms. One of the major problems that the organisation had to face was Employee Turnover where the organisation had lost some of its investments and valuable time in training and developing new staffs that at the end left the organisation due to their personal reasons. Another problem is that the organisation has no partners in the business and operates alone with lower level of management within the entire organisation.

Problem definition and business intelligence required

The report has been conducted in order to access the answers of few research questions that are aligned with the business of the particular organisation. These questions have been analysed and evaluated with the help of various analytical methods for each in order to answer the problems included within the same. The questions are listed as follows:

Q1. What are the best and worst selling products in terms of sales?

In order to answer the particular research question, Pivot Table has been used. The reason of using Pivot Tables in any project is to reorganise and summarise the data within selected columns and rows in Spreadsheet or any other database software. The data represented in the columns and rows of the pivot tables are sliced in order to draw conclusive results depending upon the project requirements (Ferraz et al., 2016). The interpretations are interdependent upon the perspectives of individual researcher and vary with that of others.

The particular research question has been answered after interpretation the data that has been incorporated in the respective pivot table in order to find some of the best as well as the worst selling products of the particular organisation, Honey Bee Fruits. All the food as well as grocery items were represented in the respective pivot table along with their respective total sales values (Kendengis and Santoso, 2018). After critically reflecting upon the total sale vales of every products of the organisation, the required best and worst selling products details have been discovered, which the answer of the particular research question.

Q2. Is there a difference in payments methods? (Cash vs. Credit)

In order to answer the particular research question, numeric data that has been arranged within the same pivot table has been critically analysed and then the summation of the overall cash and credit details has been done. With the help of the summation of cash and credit details, the difference between the payments methods has been discovered (Burridge et al., 2016). Generating sums are relevant in order to find out the cumulative frequencies among the factors that are included in the particular summations (Kolodziej et al., 2016).

As is evident the median of the cash payments is higher than the median of credit payments. Hence the same indicates a difference between the same.

Q3. Are the differences in sales performance based on where the product is located in the shop? How does this affect both profits and revenue?

In order to answer the particular research question, Pivot Table has been utilised. The use of Pivot Table has been considered often in the particular study is that it allows the responsible to have some of the benefits that allows to conduct the same with ease. Some of the major benefits of using pivot table are enumerated as follows:

Highly organised representation of data

Allows clear analysis

Allows to link with external data

Allows interrelating with other data in order to draw conclusive results

Allows compressing large amounts of data in order to summarise the overall representation

Allows keeping and tracking the data

Embed with quick access features.


In order to answer the particular research question, the total sales vales of every products has been recorded in the respective pivot table and the differences among them has been discovered (Sarheed et al., 2017). After evaluating the differences in sales of every possible product of the organisation, data has been interpreted from the same to find out how do those differences has affected the generation of profits and revenues.

After analysing the tables above it can be stated that the hypothesis holds good in table 3 and fails in the table 4. 0.001 is the significance value of p and 0.05 is the value of alpha. Hence it can be stated that the location of the product does impact its sales. 

Q4. Is there a difference in sales and gross profits between different months of the year?

With the help of numeric charts, graphs and incorporated data from the table, the answer of the particular research question has been discovered. Graphs and charts are very much significant to represent the data in a presentable format that shall allow any individual to coin out significant analysis from the same. These fundamental figures allow the responsible to grasp visual attendance of the audiences (Lafond et al., 2016). These help in explaining particular aspect that is combined with great amount of facts in much more simpler and faster way. In order to answer the particular research question, Column Bar Graph has been used where the heights of each column bar represents the respective frequencies of the aspects that are included in the table from which the entire graph has been created. However, representing the data into charts is not the end of the task (Basole et al., 2016). It is important to explain and evaluate the results that have been discovered with the help of respective graphs and charts.

Q5. Are their differences in sales performance between different seasons? (Summer, spring, autumn, winter)

The particular research question has been answered after analysing the data that has been incorporated in the same pivot table. The interpretation that has been made for answering the particular research question has been generated after evaluating the records. The answer has been enumerated in the form of summative interpretation that explains the respective season sale performance. The explanation that has been made includes the details of the sale performance in summer, winter, spring and autumn.

Results of the selected analytics methods and technical analysis

1. What are the best and worst selling products in terms of sales?

The best selling product is the Bananas Cavendish with a sale of 17275.7 and the worst selling product is Scarves Small with 0 sales. 





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