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In the modern scenario, efficient management of operations and activities is vital for long term success of a business enterprise. Furthermore, companies are required to formulate and implement the strategic plan which can support in identify and utilization of future business opportunities (Elder, Lister & Dauvergne 2014). It can be asserted that strategic plans also assist organizations in getting a competitive advantage over other market players operating in the industry.

The present report is based on a small coffee shop which is currently operating at small scale. Further, the store is working with one manager and two staff who provide customer services. This study reflects the vision and mission statement of the coffee shop. Apart from this, a business model is also mentioned, and the model highlights the current and future state of the selected business enterprise.

Vision statement

It can be stated that development of vision statement is essential as it acts as a roadmap for companies and provides directions for long term success. The vision statement indicates what a business ultimately wants to achieve (Chiang 2013). The statement plays a vital role in inspiring and motivating workers to give their best towards the success of the company. Furthermore, strategic plans of organization cannot be devised without formulating vision statement (Schaltegger & Burritt 2014). However, it can be critically argued that communicating vision statement to every employee is the most challenging task for a company (Friberg 2015). According to the provided business case, certain changes are required to be carried out in the overall operations of the coffee shop to obtain better business opportunities and attract more customers in future. The vision statement of the coffee shop is mentioned below as:

            “To become the leader in coffee and tea industry by promoting a culture of innovation, quality and excellent customer service.” 

The mentioned above statement indicates that the small coffee shop is now looking forward to expanding its business operations and become the leader in the food and beverage industry. In future, the coffee shop is going to give intense competition to the big coffee brand such as Starbucks and Barista. For this purpose, the selected business enterprise is going to invest resources in the technology and employees development.  

Mission statement

            In simpler terms, the mission statement can be defined as a formal statement which includes the summary of company’s values and aim (Wheelen & Hunger 2017). It can be stated that mission statement is entirely different from vision and people often gets confused between these two (Forgang 2015). The reason for the existence of a business enterprise is reflected by the mission statement. In adding to this, mission statement provides support to the vision statement and help in an accomplishment of the same. Further, changes can be carried out in the mission statement of a company by changing priorities and business environment (Hill & Jones 2013). The mission statement of the chosen coffee shop is reflected below as:

    “To deliver the best quality of espresso and brewed coffee to all the customers and develop brand loyalty among them.”    

To achieve this statement, it will be required by the coffee shop to invest resources and efforts in right direction. The business will need to conduct market research to identify the gap in the industry and then will be required to develop products and services according to the same. In addition to this, the coffee shop will also be expected to emphasize on training and skill development of all employees so that they can deliver fast, accurate and satisfactory products/services to all customers.

In the next 4 or 5 years, the business will be operating with its official store scattered in different locations of the world. The coffee shop will emerge as one of the best global coffee chain across the globe. To achieve these objectives, aggressive marketing practices will be carried out so that a strong brand image of the coffee shop can be developed. The primary focus will be laid on two major factors which are innovations and satisfying changing customer demand in the market.  

Business canvas model

Business canvas model can be termed as a chart which highlights critical areas such as value proposition of products/services, customers, overall infrastructure (Gopinath & Siciliano 2013). Further, the existing and future business canvas model of coffee shop is reflected below as:

            The mentioned above chart reflects the existing business model of the coffee shop. It has been analyzed that the key business partners of the firm are the coffee growers and suppliers present in the area. Further, the coffee shop has developed effective and long term relations with all its coffee bean and food suppliers. This relationship has supported the business in carrying out the smooth flow of activities and deliver products to customers on time (Hill, Jones & Schilling 2014). At present, the key business activities include offering fast food and brewed coffee to customers. The coffee shop is creating its value through the improve quality of products and services. Further, it has presently targeted working professionals and youngsters. The selected business enterprise also emphasized on negotiating of coffee beans and tax avoidance through the use of various strategies.

The communication channels used by the coffee shop include print media where different types of brochures and pamphlets are used to create awareness among people in the market. Fast food and brewed coffee are considered as the two principal sources of generating revenue of the coffee shop (Levy, Reinecke & Manning 2016).


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