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Business communication is associated with consistent flow of business information. While thriving in fast food restaurant chain business in UK, customer feedback holds an integral part of business communication (Banerjee and Mishra, 2017). Thus, organizations like McDonald’s, Nando’s and others recently are largely involved with huge number of people. Greater the number of hierarchy levels within the organisations, the more knotty is the responsibility to manage the organization. In such a scenario, communication imparts key role in the procedure of controlling as well as directing people within the organization. Instantaneous feedback is gathered so that misunderstandings can be avoided. The report will assess the effectiveness in communication between subordinates and their superiors within an organization, between organization and society. It is crucial for achieving growth. Communication gaps should never persist longer in any organization.

Company Overview

Few of the famous restaurant chains that are delivering services throughout UK comprise of McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and others. These are specifically international brands. However, other restaurant chain businesses are gaining also gaining prominence in UK marketplaces. One such fast food restaurant chain is Nando’s. In this report, the business communication strategies of McDonald’s which is an international fast food restaurant chain Company and Nando’s which is a domestic brand carrying out their operations in the same industry has been considered and analysed. Restaurant chains are offering familiarity by their menu and decor throughout all of their business locations.

McDonald’s is a renowned chain of fast food restaurants in UK. Its chief product line comprises of burgers, menus for breakfast, fries, soft drinks, ice cream, milk shakes and desserts. Most recently, the brand is also offering tasty salads and fruit. At present, there are approximately 1300 McDonald’s outlets operating in UK and out of those over 600 stores are carrying out their operations on a 24/7 basis (verdictfoodservice.com, 2018). The business prospectus in the previous year has been at its best for the brand in terms of sustainability and profitability and expected to gain monopoly in fast food restaurant business in UK (qsrmagazine.com, 2018). The urgent priority for their business is restoring that growth under innovative organizational structure and ownership mix, designed to endow with better focus on customer, improving operational fundamentals and drives a recommitment for running great reputable restaurants.

Nando’s has been one of the greatest among all fast good giants that has been forcing pain and misery on billions of chicken along with Dominos’ Pizza and McDonald’s (independent.co.uk, 2019). The brand is exerting immense competition in fast food restaurant chain business with its extensive product offerings. In 2018, the UK sale for Nando’s chicken jumped to approximately £722 million (bloomberg.com, 2018). The brand revealed that sales of their peri-peri chicken have soared; however, it has also been admitted that expansive costing has hit their profitability. With nearly 19500 employees, the domestic fast food restaurant brand is delivering robust performance with their expectations as the brand grew revenue in competitive marketplaces and continued their investments for future.

Section 1: Key non-electronic communication methods and practices

McDonald has maintained both external and internal communication channel, which helped the brand in connecting with all its team members those are dealing with communication systems. Considering external communication system, the brand performs numerous advertising campaigns throughout the year with the objective of creating awareness about the brand in the minds of the customers regarding the excellence in services and fast food products (Young et al., 2018). The brand is acutely providing broad range of offerings through organizing strategic campaigns. Non-electronic communication within McDonalds inform about key areas like education and training opportunities. The company has maintained a proficient media team that is engaged in all cases related to enquiry of press. McDonald utilise a diversity of campaign through advertising medium such as magazines and newspapers. It communicates with its customers, stakeholders, staff and others through posters, brochures, scientific reports, etc. The brand systematizes Public Relation like organizing events.

In case of Nando’s, communication is established through distribution of free coupons. Through circulation of these free coupons, the customers are well aware regarding different lucrative offers, which the company is providing. For instance, Nando’s distribute numerous free sports coupons to its customers and thereby establish strategic communication. The customers and staff are being connected through the delivery option, which enables the brand to formulate strategic business communication even if the staffs are going free delivery (Ottman, 2017). The customers are opportune of taking non-electronic method such as making their way to the Nando’s outlets and thereafter schedule a time as well as place where the food is necessary to be delivered.

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