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The foundation of the Australian company LCGroups was laid 2010 as a facilitator of premium structural design services. As of now, LCGroups has successfully undertaken several of large and small scale construction services. LCGroups is widely renowned to be a provider of premium quality structural engineering design at the best prices. LCGroups primarily focuses on introducing breakthrough innovations while complementing fundamental requirements, which positions it as the no. 1 trusted option for investors.

The design structure and construction procedures of LCGroups are structured to comply with the fundamentals of technical standards 

It is fundamental to select an appropriate plan of structural design in order to leverage construction progress and minimizing excessive expenses 


The 7 DEANE STREET project in composes of 32 tower levels and 5 basement levels. It has been structured through the incorporation of active anchoring and passive bracing in the shoring system. The basement structure to transferred slabs design encircles the implementation of post tension slabs, whereas the overhead area encompasses the implementation of conventional slabs into precast wall system. 


The 25-storeyed building infrastructure locates at the heart of Epping is a magnificent instance of LCGroups services. Precast and Preform walls were incorporated for implementation in order to leverage the construction of the project. The project also composed of 4 basements incorporated with soldier shoring system with corner bracing. A temporary concrete platform was established in order to install cranes and excavators due to limited project access. 


Equipped with nearly 200 luxury units and commercial spaces, CAHILL GARDEN is a land mark building space located in Wolli Creek. The project is renowned as a milestone in the construction history of LCGroups, as the project encapsulated the institution of building on a renovation raft slab system excluding piles. The project also encapsulated a tanking system incorporated through secant piles system and raft slab system. The smart structural design of the building had resulted into project completion prior to three months of schedule and savings of $1 million investments. 


The medium building project encompasses 60 retails and units. We had eliminated majority of the transfers, which resulted into the savings of around $500k of client investments.


The building also included the construction of a supermarket in the ground floor, which is followed by a heave truck loading dock and turning table. The engineering team had faced vital difficulties while installing the 12 m wide slab above the truck loading dock. The construction team had installed CSM wall and raft slab piles, as the building was 8m below water table with 4 basements. 


During this project, the clients and engineers had collectively researched the building conditions and soil strata, which helped in saving excessive expenses for the client by eliminating certain shoring systems. The transfers were minimized during the design procedures through maintenance of utmost co-ordination with the architect, which altogether resulted into the output of a high-end project.


The project encapsulates the construction of a building with two basements. The engineers were significantly focused on performing conjunctively with the clients in order to investigate appropriate demolition methods. The project entirely consisted to of 3 basements and 150 retails and units on large 2 levels of podium.


Being one of the most magnificent instances of the LCGroups, the building is located at the heart of Burswood. The entire project comprised of 21 levels and 4 large basements. The construction of B3 to level 1 has been executed through the implementation of PT Slabs, which is followed by the implementation of conventional slabs. The slabs have been constructed through loading external precast walls. Nevertheless, the installation of 12 m single span church hall has been challenging for the engineering team. 


The high rise building is situated in Central Wollongong. The project comprises of 4 commercial levels, 20 residential towers and 4 levels of parking basements. 


The project comprises of the construction of three consecutive stages. The initial construction site was steep from North to South, which was leveled through the implementation of strict construction methodology. The latter stages were built through the implementation of standardized procedures. 


The project comprised of the construction of 80 apartment blocks, and is currently situated beside the old brittle brick 5 storey hotels. Furthermore, the hotel contains 1 basement. Therefore, the engineering team of LCGroups ad critically evaluated the site in order develop the building without compromising with the safety of the entire project. 


This is the second stage of the three stages of Eastwood Central project. The corner block of the site was reported to possess the hardest topography. However, the engineering team 

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