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Business and Bluffing

Discuss why Goldman Sachs (use research from the CU library for Goldman Sachs) was a disciple of Albert Carr's theory of "business is a poker game and we are all bluffing."

Brief of Goldman Sachs

When it comes to investment banking then one of the most prominent names that come to the mind is Goldman Sachs. This is one of the leading investment banking companies in the world. The company has earned its reputation as one of the leaders due to the fact that they understand the clients in a better way and ensures the fact that the best of the plans are being provided to the clients according to the business needs. This is one of the reasons why the business has been successful in the market for the past few years. 

Ways bluffing is interpreted in the business

In general terms bluffing can be considered to be an act of lying but when it comes to the business bluffing is considered to be an act in which the business depicts the facts and the figures in the most convincing ways. This is one of the reasons why the controversy of permitting bluffs in the business exists. When it comes to bluffing it is necessary that the aspects of business interest are taken into consideration. As stated by Menkel-Meadow & Wheeler (Eds.). (2004) no business will be able to perform in the right ways in the circumstance the elements of bluffing is not present in the business. 

Chances of bluffing in Goldman Sachs

As stated by Varelius (2006) bluffing is an inevitable part of the investment banking sector. In today’s time, there is a rise in the needs of business and the investment banking companies provides loans and other investments in return for the profit that is being generated. For the same reasons, the sense of urgency is created by the investment banking sectors like Goldman Sachs. Through the process more and more of investment is Generated ensuring the fact that the business is benefited in the long run. 

Albert Carr's theory

In terms of Albert Carr, the concept of bluffing cannot be considered to be deception in the business. This is one of the approaches and the strategic move that is being taken by the business to ensure the fact that the business gains its profit. Though the factors of ethics come into play the practice of bluffing will be unethical in the circumstance when it is deceptive in nature. This is one of the reasons why the factors of bluffing are considered to be one of the most important parts of the business organization. 

Theory of Carr and Goldman Sachs

According to the theory of Albert Carr business bluffing is not to be considered as an act of deception but it is to be considered as the necessary part of the business strategy. This is one of the reasons why business bluffing is to be considered as an ethical practice. Goldman Sachs also believes in the fact that the theory of Carr is an absolute truth. The fact that urgency is to be created in the market and the ways the business is to be expanded it is one of the approaches of bluffing which needs to be considered an ethical practice. 

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