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1.1 Interrelationship between travel and tourism business and hospitality 
Hospitality industries provide services like transportation, accommodation, leisure and recreation and most importantly accommodation. On the other hand, travel and tourism industries provide the tourists with the opportunities to travel from one place to another. Therefore, the tourism and hospitality industries are interrelated with each other. If there is no existence of tourism companies, hospitality industries will no longer able to serve the customers. The main aim of the hospitality industries is to provide the customers with safe and happy environment while travelling. In airlines, they hire several air hostess and other attendants who serve the customers and the passengers in a professional way. All the attendants belong to the hospitality industries and have their own certificates. As per Tsai et al. (2015, p.28), tourism involves leisure activities, which include travelling. Hospitality refers to the friendly behavior of the attendants and the welcome procedure of the passengers and the customers. The tourism companies need to observe the consumer behaviors and hire attendants accordingly. Different passengers require different kind of attention. For an instance, a person of 60 years old needs more attention than a passenger of 35 years old. All the senior citizens need special attention of the air hostess and the other attendants in order to get a satisfactory journey.
As mentioned above, hospitality industry involves accommodation and lodging, tourism companies need to consult a renowned hospitality service in order to satisfy their customers and passengers. According to Prayag et al. (2017, p.50), if an area does not draw more tourists toward itself, then the hospitality industries will not show any interest in developing hotels and restaurants in that particular area. Therefore, business of both the industries depends on each other. Researchers have shown that the growth in travel and tourisms leads to growth in the business of the hospitality industries. On the contrary, some of the researchers have mentioned that these two industries have hardly any relationship. In the opinion of Law et al. (2014, p.745), location is a major factor between these two industries. If the tourism company fails to determine a proper location for its tourists, then it will eventually fail to provide proper hospitality to them. If the company chooses a place, where there is no existence of sufficient amount of hotels and market places, then the tourists will not be satisfied by the service of the company. This will affect the reputation of the company in a negative way. In the opinion of Tarasanski (2017, p.30), it is the responsibility of both the industries to maintain a proper communication and a good relation between the management in order to satisfy the customers in an organised way. There is a requirement of being in touch with the latest laws and regulations. All the employees of both the industries need to be properly trained in order to acquire the new laws. The attendants need to know the proper way of attending the passengers and the customers. According to de Oliveira Cabral (2016, p.34), there might raise a situation, where the passengers are find to be allergic to the ornaments or the body fragrances of the attendants. In order to avoid these kinds of situations, the attendants need to follow the rules and regulations of the company.
The above case work helps to understand the interrelationship between tourism company and hospitality industry.
Task 1
1.1 Possible aims, objectives rationale and literature review 
Aim and objective:
Nowadays, it is a trained to travel different places by airlines, which are low budget and cost effective in nature. Two popular airlines, which are cost effective and provide low budget service, are: Easy Jet and Ryan air. The given case study has stated that these two particular airlines have faced a huge increment in the number of passengers after they have started to serve at a low budget. In the opinion of Morlotti et al. (2017, p.30), all the passengers, who could not afford flight fare, also travel different places by airlines. The main aim and objective of this research work is to identifying and analysing the problems that have been experienced by Easy Jet and the discussion about this predominant issue with the students of the university. Moreover, this case work will help the readers to understand the challenges and their possible solutions acquired by the airline company.
The students of the university were gathered in order to discuss the major issues and get the suggestions to mitigate those issues. After discussing the topic with the students, it has been seen that 8 out of 10 students have taken the service of Easy Jet at least once in order to visit their homeland during vacation. In the opinion of Morlotti (2017, p.31), students often avoid the flight services as they cannot afford the flight fare. However, in the discussion, one can understand that the students are also able to afford the flight fare as the company has started to provide services at a very low budget.
Most of the students have stated that they are satisfied with the service of Easy Jet as the company provides them with food and other hospitality services in an organised way. On the other hand, the students, who used to utilise the flight service at a higher price, they have stated that before the service was better. The company tries to compromise their quality of service in order to satisfy more number of customers at a low budget.
Literature Review:
In order to make the research stronger, literature review is very important. In this research work several literature reviews are made in order to understand the present condition of the company. According to Tarasanski (2017, p.35), Easy Jet was a very high budget airlines, which used to serve only the class not the mass. When the company selected a new CEO, that person refused to serve only a few numbers of people and decided to lower the service cost of the company. In the opinion of Prayag et al. (2017, p.54), the company has made a big mistake by taking the decision of lowering the cost of their service. Naturally, they are no longer able to satisfy their customers in the previous way they used to do.
In order to satisfy the customers, the company should rethink and reform their strategies.
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