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BUS201 Finance For Non-Finance Professionals


BUS201 Finance For Non-Finance Professionals

General requirements

You must complete both Parts A and B of this individual assessment.

Part A is to be completed within the format of a business report, where you're required to deal with all questions below. Part A of the assessment provides you with word limits for every inquiries to guide your answer attempt.

Please note the word limit may be a guide only and will provide you with a thought concerning the scope, depth and detail of dialogue required. Generally speaking, an honest answer would be researched, provide multiple perspectives on the question/ task, and be presented during a professional manner. Please ask the marking guide provided for more detailed information concerning the tasks.

Part B is to be completed within the format of public speaking to your tutor and sophistication mates. you'll apply the principles of effective and professional presentations discussed in school . The content of your presentation are going to be on one aspect of the research essay completed partially A. You therefore can complete Part B of the assessment only after you've got completed and handed partially A.

The majority of the marks allocated for Part B, the presentation, therefore is on your presentation skills, i.e. the way you present, the organization of your presentation, the way you engage your audience, and your supporting documentation, and not the content of the presentation (since this may be marked partially A of the assessment already).

Part A

As a finance manager, you're required to organize a business report and a presentation to the Board of Directors on your selected public organisation.

1.You are required to settle on a public organization supported below criteria:
a.To be listed on either New Zealand stock market , or Australian stock market
b.To have office/branch in New Zealand or New Zealand – based.
c.To have audited financial statements for either 2017 or 2016 and annual report
d. to possess share price and trading activities on the market in either 2017 or 2016

2.You need to urge the approval of your tutor for the name of organization in written.

3.Answering ALL of the subsequent questions, present your findings during a business report that meets the standards of a business document with correct referencing and formatting:

Question 1

Calculate the subsequent ratios for 2 continuous years supported recent audited annual financial statements of the chosen organization. (Note: you've got to point out your calculations)

a)Profitability ratios: gross profit margin Margin, net income Margin, Return on Assets, Return on Stockholder’s Equity
b)Liquidity ratios: Current ratio, appraisal ratio, Cash ratio, Net capital
c)Efficiency ratios: assets Turnover, Inventory Turnover, Accounts Payable Turnover, Total Asset Turnover
d)Leverage ratios: Debt ratio, Equity ratio, Debt-Equity Ratio
e)Valuation and Growth ratios: Earnings per share, Price/Earnings ratio

You must show the calculation and source of numbers used for calculation by showing extract earnings report , and record .

Question 2

Analyze the organisation’s financial statements using ratio analysis and identify strengths, weaknesses, and proposals for improvement in financial performance and financial position. The analysis should be in-depth analysis. The trend of those ratios over time is studied to see whether and why they're improving or deteriorating. Industry benchmark (average value for industry) could even be used for evaluation.

Question 3

Island Cruises must purchase some new tour boats and wishes to guage two different models. the primary sort of boat is that the ‘Captain Cook’ boat, which costs $75,000 and is top-of-the-range equipment. The boat features a lifetime of 9 years. Maintenance costs of $2,500 a year are expected for the primary 4 years, followed by total maintenance and rebuilding costs of $20,000 within the ninth year. During the last 5 years maintenance costs are expected to be $3000 a year. At the top of the ten years the boat will have an estimated salvage value of $15,000.

The second sort of boat that Island Cruises is evaluating is that the ‘Marine Sailing” boat, which costs $60,000 and features a lifetime of nine years. Maintenance costs are going to be higher. within the first year they're expected to be $2,000, and this amount is to extend by $500 a year until the fifth year and keep an equivalent till the ninth year. In year 5, the hull will got to be rebuilt, and this may cost the corporate $18,000 additionally to maintenance costs therein year. At the top of the 9 years, the ‘Marine Sailing’ boat will have an estimated salvage value of $11,000.

The company has recently completed a $300,000 two year marketing study on whether to introduce a replacement tour line to the market with new boats. supported the results of the study, Island Cruises has estimated that revenue for brand spanking new tour line are going to be $27,000 per annum the corporate is currently operating a tour line with annual net $8,000. If new tour line is provided, the demand will shift from current tour line to new tour line. the present boat if replaced are often sold for $5,000 today albeit it's value of $9,600 for tax purposes.

Both sorts of boats are going to be fully depreciated over their lives and a 30% rate , which of the 2 sorts of boats should Island Cruises purchase? The after-tax required rate of return is 10 percent.


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