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Bullying at workplace is common phenomenon, which has serious impact on all the professionals. The target of bulling generally include group, family, and organisation. Prevalence of bullying in Australia includes bullying at verbal, cyber, physical, psychological, and emotional level. The report bring out debate on “bulling in Australia”. This report will show the significance of bullying in Australia by explaining favour of the motion and in against to motion. Both resolution to favour and against will be studied in the light of ethical consideration and ethical theories. Research ethics is quite important for several reasons, which promote to expand knowledge by supporting values for collaborative work, fairness, and mutual respect (Mikkelsen et al., 2020). 
2. Proposition 1 (supporting the resolution)
As far as assessment in favouring the “bullying in Australia” is concerned, when schools have started bullying people then it led to improve people`s life. Bullying has led to effective in terms of performance as it gives possession to give certain traits, which can minimise remove the situation of retaliation such as physical formidability, and strong social circle. Those who are engaged to bullying behaviour then they are expected to achieve maximum. Although, the impact of bulling is not as harmful as far as mental health is no affected much. However, the data states that bully possibilities can have adaptable basis, which can actually convert it to the better condition as it can display while comparing improved social and other leadership skillset, and setting stage of prospects, which can definitely favourable to one`s growth and development (Miao, Newman, Yu, and Xu, 2013). 
Logical arguments for Proposition 1
Physical harm can be harmful in some circumstances but it must be related to emotional harm and maximising growth with proper emotional support as recommended for kids in schools. The research in Australia says that as per the dynamics of peer relationships, it is important to notice and witness that human compel towards physical and mental growth. It can be challenging to see culture as adults, one can learn several methods in tricking self of growth, distract away from it, and convince, which are not worthy to the workplace.
Gathered supporting evidence and examples for position taken
Logically the innate wisdom of child look at the dynamics, children would look to interact to fill the needs and then develop a sense of personality. With label to this, one can undermine the wisdom, which can hinder the ability to cope up their situation by their own (Holland, 2019). The Australian data shows that two-third of the Australian employees experience bullying at their workplace. Bullying acts in Australia has the sixth largest offender in terms of workplace bullying (Bullying No Way, 2020).
Relevant theories learnt to support the arguments
As far as theories of ethics are concerned, it is seen that there are four broad category of ethical theories that include rights, virtues, deontology, and utilitarianism. Ethical consideration make sure that it incorporates features and values, which is associated with honesty, promise making, integrity, loyalty, fairness, respect for others, and abiding to law appropriately. In relation to judge and evaluate the decision of the authorizes to opt for bullying shows that every theory has different perspective (Samsudin, Isahak, and Rampal, 2018). Ethical theories avails decision making as ethics where theories represent different viewpoint through which individuals seek guidance. 
The most important theories include utilitarian ethical theory, which is based on ability to predict the result of action, which shows what decisions are wrong and what are right according to suffering of person. As per this theory, no person should have wrong impact on their mental as well as physical health. This proposition reflect that both student and teacher or employee and boss have been benefited by the work performance as it assumed that bullying can lead to have positive impact on behaviour of both parties. Ethical theories, which is based on rights that are established by society as it is protected and marked highest priority. Individuals associate to determine what rights are important to hold and give it all workplace individuals. This theory focuses on right to freedom to choose religion, which means that boos has the right to set their workplace ethics according to them (Einarsen et al., 2019).
3. Proposition 2 (against the resolution)
On the other hand, bullying has definitely one of the most concerned topic highly associated depleting ethical code of conduct of the organisations. Bullying amongst nurses and healthcare professionals reveal that the issue of harassment, violence, and other metnalvtoutures are prominent since 1990. It has become absolutely difficult to work in such negative workplace (Einarsen et al., 2017). It is found that distraction and stressful situation does not allow them to work properly. This ethical mis-happening creates psychological distress on the employees based on high degree of embarrassment by feeling discriminated by lowering the morale. Each sector should create their own zero acceptance tolerance for abusing, which have high influence in increasing concern amongst students, employees and nurses (Hogh, Conway, and Mikkelsen, 2017).
Logical arguments for Proposition 2
Appropriate implications of ethical proposition can reduce unethical practises. Bullying in Australia forced the organisation to make appropriate “code of ethics” for nurses to develop an interpretive statements. This can lead to development of caring and compassionate relationship with the staff members (Boddy, and Taplin, 2017). This will lead them to follow.
Gathered supporting evidence and examples for position taken
The relevant data shows that student who belong to different cultural backgrounds. Although bullying practises is not limited Australia where bullying is verbal, social, and psychological abuse has risen to 6.8 percent. About 884 students have been regularly suffer from bullying, which at last force them leave their profession. Furthermore, it has led to anti-bulling acts, which would offer them fair treatment to people of industries so that they can easily resolve problems (Im, Kim, and Kwon, 2016). Furthermore, bullying at workplace affects mental and physical health, which imposes social and economic costs for the workers. It states that one in three women claim for mental disorders due to bullying. Nearly 11 percent of employees suffer from unfair treatments due to gender. Mental stress imposes result expose occupational violence nearly of 15 percent (Einarsen et al., 2017).
Relevant theories learnt to support the argument
In order to argument, ethical theories are applied where utilitarian theory states that negative impact on workers directly indicate that decision is affecting behaviour of workers in an negative way. This issue can be solved if they undertake to apply utilitarian theory as a code of conduct to raise awareness amongst the team members and make a fair decision to affect everyone in a positive way (Hogh, Conway, and Mikkelsen, 2017). This code of conduct would include possible causes of abuses, which can take right measures in situations. For example- Australian nurses association (ANA) undertakes ethical guidelines for the relationships, decision making, and behaviours with the professional standards, which would definitely guide best practises to maintain appropriate professional standards. This theory focuses on right to freedom to choose religion, which means that undertaken boos has the right to set their workplace ethics according to them (Einarsen et al., 2019). There is need to set up proper guidelines and set program which helps people to abide by the professional standard. Nonetheless, proper ethical consideration would also be required to be followed for the better undertaking best practice in professional work program. 
Ethical consideration include association with the principle as utilitarian theory, which can be further related to respect for autonomy, which focus on apply decision as they are the higher authorities. However, they must consider and respect decision of every person by considering life experiences, emotions, motivation, life experience and physical abilities. The impact of anti-bullying has experienced in Australia, which shows that before her implication of this act, students were only 46 percent confident in tackling bullying. After implication of this act, 75 percent of majority generates confidence to deal with bullying (Bullying No Way, 2020).
4. Conclusion
From the above discussion, it is seen that bullying is directly linked to issues of workplace. It can lead to sleepless nights, eating disorders, depression, and other mental health issues. It affects quality of work at healthcare centres, which would overall work performance resulting in poor results. This issue spoils many of the ethical theories because according to the personal virtues, personal ethics do not allow anyone to exploit and harm others. Furthermore, on the part of the organization, it creates a sense of responsibilities on workplace authorities by framing strict code of conduct by rising peaceful work environment. Bullying has become major issue, which can prevent measures that include actions to reduce the existing bullying. As Gandhi said” be the change which you want to see in your life”.
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