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Autism is recognised as the complex, lifetime developmental incapacity that naturally appears throughout early babyhood. It can impact an individual’s common skills, communication, relations, and self-control (Speaks, 2011). Autism is described by a definite collection of behaviours and is identified as “spectrum ailment” that impacts individuals inversely and to changing degrees. Early identification supports an individual receive the care and facilities that they require, which can result in a quality life complete with favourable opportunity. It has been reported that Autism tends to run in families (Persico & Napolioni, 2013). This particular essay will focus on Taylor and Brown family, and discuss autism and vaccination
Joan and Eric who aged 62 and 64 years belongs to Taylor family  who have 3 children named Emily, Edward, and Alison. Edward was diagnosed with Autism at age 5. Emily wedded to John and have two kids named Jessica and Paula. Alison married to Paul who belongs to brown family, and have two kids named Blake and Sarah. Paul’s parents are Jan and peter, and his siblings is Rachel. Rachel then wedded to Adam and had one child named Brittney. Brittany has two children named Kyra and James. Adam and Rachel have three children named cooper and Kylie and Jessica. Emily is against the vaccination of her kids as family association Edward’s autism to his immunisation. Alison is not against the immunisation, however due to allergies and impaired immunity her daughter named Sarah is not immunised. Joan an Eric used the fascinated communicate with Mr Edward and believed that it can communicate with Edward and other sight cards image stories. Adams had an accident and had brain injury 3 years back and has serious communication and mobility problems. Two children of Brittany have developmental issues. 
As discussed in the case study Emily refused to vaccinate her kids because she believed that it caused autism to Edward. In this case a nurse can play a key role to educate Alison to encourage persuade Emily to have her children vaccinated. Scenario of facilitated communication identified that Paul is interested in facilitated communication. This is because he involved with Mr Edward. He wants to be more knowledgeable about facilitated communication as the belief it can help him to communicate with Adam after the injury. It can also help him to communicate with Kyra. This why he wants to be more knowledgeable about the efficacy of facilitated communicated methods and different augmented tools communication. 
To provide better knowledge about the benefits of vaccination for autism, literature search can be beneficial. There is continued debate has been noticed in last few years. It has bene observed that there is myth about the link between vaccine and autism. Different individuals think that vaccine can cause autism. Vaccines like MMR and Thimersal is the known vaccines that are believed to be the cause of autism. There are number of research has been conducted on autism a vaccination. Gerber & Offit (2009) a review article that includes 20 different studies conducted by researchers on the link between autism and vaccination. This particular review articles includes three different hypothesis on that basis the study has bene conducted: first is that the combination of vaccines for measles, mumps, and rubella causes autism through affecting the intestinal lining that permits the entrance of different encephalopthic proteins. Second one is that thimerosal which contain ethyl mercury preservatives used in some vaccines is toxic material to the CNS. Third one is that the simultaneous administration of the several vaccines overcomes or weakens the individual’s’ immune system.   The authors concluded that neither the MMR vaccine nor the thimerosal cause autism. These investigations, in show with the biological unlikelihood that vaccines overcome a child’s resistant system, have efficiently terminated the concept that vaccines can trigger autism issues. Another study conducted by DeStefano & Shimabukuro (2019) supported the study of Gerber & Offit and reported that MMR vaccine are not linked with an augmented risk of autism issues even among the children with high-risk whose elder siblings diagnosed with autism. They similarly reported that even though strong indication of its safety, different parents are still uncertain to receive MMR immunization of their kids. They further reported that reducing acceptance of MMR immunization has resulted in outbreaks or renaissance of measles issues. Combined MMR vaccines are the live virus injections designated for stoppage of measles, mumps problem, and rubella. According to Davidson (2017) epidemiology and heredities of autism issues, patho-physiology, and identified etiology and of this particular condition is distant from being clarified and no healing treatment presently exists. Though solid controlled research remains, in an effort to find clarifications and explanations different nonscientific and clear myths related to autism have developed.  It has also been reported that Myths about the link between vaccines or mercury and autism have been improved by mistaken scientist. 
There are different communication tools can be used in this case study. One of them is Picture Exchange Communication System.  One mutual method for kids with developmental incapacities to interconnect with other individual is through using this particular System. Persons who use this particular system convey around a solid cover book that comprises a range of signs (Bondy & Frost, 2011). Another tool is iPads and other different Voice Output instrument. There are numerous profits of iPads. It is profitable than other voice production devices, it can be updated commonly, are comparatively small and low weight, and also have the competence to be totally individualized (Hill & Flores, 2014).
In conclusion, Autism is the complex heath issue that recognized by the lifetime developmental issues occurs in early childhood. In the case study the Paul wanted to have some information about the link between autism and vaccination. After reviewing articles conducted by different research, it can be included that there is no link between autism or ASD and vaccination like MMR. There are different tool Paul can use for Brittany such as Picture Exchange Communication System and iPads. These tools are cost effective and widely used for communication issues in kids. 
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