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Summer 2020

This assignment is worth 15% of your course grade

This exercise is based on all the course materials and designed to ensure you understand and can apply key course techniques. Students may find it helpful to work together in groups. However, ensure your report is your own (recommendation: Discuss the question and your possible answer and then in your own time and space, construct your response).Review the whole course including the simulation, class lectures, class discussions, and text book. Together they are about four main topic areas, business strategy, business environments, systems thinking, and ethical thinking. These are very large topic areas and you may have found yourself seeking to understand one of them more. This is your opportunity to develop your thinking further in one area.

1. Select one of those four topic areas. Construct a mind-map of the topic area. Identify primary and secondary aspects of the topic, and, to the degree possible, show connections between the topic aspects.

2. Select one of your mind-map components for further research. Choose something of your interest.

3. Find  high quality academic resources that help you to understand that specific mind-map component. These three are in addition to any use you make of the course texts or website materials for your report.

4. Write a report to your instructor in APA style regarding what you have learned about the component based on your readings. You may relate it to any or all of the other course concepts.Then apply what you have learned. What you have learned can be appliedto your personal life, your family, society, or business. Use practical examples. (Maximum 1500 words—try for 1000 concise and targeted words)

5. As an appendix, include a summary of each of your academic sources. (Maximum 100 words each.)

6. Attach a title page and list of references in APA style.

7. Upload the completed package (mind-map, report, summary-appendix, title page, references) by Sunday night at 11:59 PM Pacific to the appropriate Turnitin dropbox.

Grading will be as follows.

·    Up to 10 pts. for the quality of the mind-map.

·    Up to 9 pts. for the quality of the academic sources. (3 pts each)

·   Up to 15 pts. for the quality of the article summaries (5 pts each)

·  For the report itself

o   Logic, structure, and clarity of thinking (up to 10 pts)

o   Use of sources to develop perspective (up to 15 pts)

o   Synthesis, creativity, and application of sources (up to 10 pts)

o   General synthesis and application of course materials (up to 6 pts)

o   Examples (up to 15 pts).

·     Up to 10 pts. for the quality of the English (grammar, sentence structure, spelling, etc.) and proper document style (headings, font, page layout, etc.)

o   APA style citations and references are essential for all sources.

o   Note that negative points are possible for serious errors.

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