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Note: Please do not use the links below as a reference. Find other references.
P1. Explain using examples how numeric and alphanumeric data can be coded within a computer system
How to Answer
What is numeric data? E.g. Decimal, Floating point, Octal
What is alphanumeric data? E.g. Hexadecimal
What language does the computer understand? Explain what binary is?
What is character encoding? Give examples e.g. ASCII, Unicode
Give an example of how a text can be encoded by ASCII and then give the binary equivalent
Useful Links

P2. Explain using examples how different types of data can be converted and stored in computer system
How to Answer
Explain how an image is represented? E.g. pixels
Explain the importance of file formats e.g. JPEG, PNG
Explain how audio is represented? E.g. sample rate
Explain how audio and images are converted to binary
Explain how video is represented on the computer.
Useful Links
P3. Convert numeric data between different number systems including floating point
How to Answer
Convert from decimal to binary (Use a number of your choice)
Convert from binary to decimal (Use different number)
Convert from Decimal to hexadecimal (Use different number)
Hexadecimal to decimal (Use different number)
Floating point to binary (Use different number) e.g. 5.75 to binary
Binary to floating point  (Use different number) e.g. 10111011.011 to decimal

Note: You cannot pass without showing the steps for achieving the answer
Example: Convert 78 to binary

The above table shows the steps for converting from decimal to binary. This works by dividing the decimal number by 2 and keeping the remainder. The answer should be read from the bottom to the top. Therefore, the answer is 00100111

P4. Carry out Boolean logic operations ( start the assignment from here DAVID)
How to Answer
Draw a Boolean logic gates diagram that shows all six operators
OR, AND, NOT, NAND, NOR, XOR (See example below)
Create truth tables showing the results for each of the combinations
Give a brief explanation of the diagram and table
Useful Links
https://creately.com/app/?tempID=gc7qvpsj1&login_type=demo (For drawing logic gates)
P5. Illustrate the key computer system components and how they interact
How to Answer
Include an image of Von-Neumann Architecture and explain the components
Explain input devices, CPU and its components (Control Unit, ALU and Registers), the memory unit (RAM) and then output devices. Give an example showing how these components work.
Include images of each individual component
Useful Links

P6. Explain the different types of memory that can be attached to a processor
How to answer
Explain the different types of registers (e.g. MAR,MDR, AC, PC, CIR)
Explain Cache memory and the types (e.g. L1, L2, l3)
Explain the RAM and different types (E.g. DDRAM)
Explain ROM (Read only-memory) and types
Explain the hard drive and its function
P7. Explain how polling and interrupts are used to allow communication between processor and peripherals
How to answer
Explain the concept of polling with real world examples
Explain the concept of interrupts with real world examples
Explain how both of them are used for communication between the processor and peripherals

P8. Compare Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) chips and Complex Instruction Set Computer (CISC) chips.
How to Answer
Explain RISC and how it works
Explain CISC and how it works
Compare both of them based on different criteria
Useful Link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/education/guides/zmb9mp3/revision/3 

P9. Illustrate the use of the different processor registers in the fetch execute cycle
How to Answer
Explain the steps involved in the fetch-execute cycle
Useful link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/education/guides/zws8d2p/revision/3 
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