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 Introduction on (MBTI) 

The current assignment discusses about application of Indicator based on Myers-Briggs (MBTI) and its effects upon work practices in Global Bank. This type of Indicator plays an important role in determining the types of personality as well as explains nature of behavior of each individual type (Rice, 2015). The assignment discusses about MBTI in details and also defines specific reasons behind considering HSBC bank as a global bank. Further the assignment discusses about specific areas where MBTI is generally practiced and finds out advantages, disadvantages as well as weaknesses in working where MBTI act as a tool compared to other tools present in the banking environment.  In addition the assignment discusses about various recommendations in order to improve the operations in banks at global level. MBTI is basically a questionnaire containing self-report questions subject to introspection that help in indicating various references at the psychological level. This type of questionnaire mainly helps in perceiving the world and take logical decisions since human beings try to gain experience  through various psychological functions such as method of sensing, making intuitions, inculcate feelings as well develop positive thinking attitude.   
2. Brief discussion on practice of (MBTI) 
2.1 Description of HSBC as   global bank 
Holdings of HSBC mainly help to conduct services related to banking as well as finance through British multinational companies. It is basically stated as Global Bank in the world since it possesses assets of estimation up to US dollars of 2.556 trillion. As stated by Jevsikova, Dagienė & Dolgopolovas (2018), this institute is located in Hong Kong where mainly it originates through presence of branches in different parts of the country. It mainly constitute 3900 offices in number across 67 different countries in various continents such as Africa as well as some other countries in South-east Asia as well as in many parts of Europe. 
HSBC mainly carry out business activities through different groups of business such as Banking at commercial levels, Investment at Global as well as other Marketing Places, Retail sectors of business as well as private banks known at international level. HSBC mainly include plc Holdings at England as well as in UK that help in establishing Agencies at Eastern level (Cameron & Green, 2015).  
In view of Naheem (2015), HSBC is present significantly as important financial market in global perspective. It is recognized to be forth large bank by assets in world as well as second large in gaining revenues. Moreover HSBC is renowned as risk averse and conservative approach in business. In case of technical management this concerned bank has suffered some minor issues relating to leaking of customer data. This bank is audited by big auditor of PwC and has commenced to wind down operations in country that citing global review of HSBC for optimizing global network as well as reducing complexity as it is outlined at the time of Investor Update of HSBC. The private bank of HSBC is name for banking division privately based on UK. The group of HSBC focuses on giving offshore solutions and services related to cross border to migrants and expatriates.
Revenue and earnings of HSBC
It underwent serious transformations in the year of 1959 when Hong Kong as well as Shanghai Bank are involved in subsidiary operations as well as sovereignty in China. This institute further expanded in the year of 2002 when new headquarters of this bank spread far across in London thus helped to incur US credit of $1.6 billion which helped it to expand further in retail grounds (Church et al. 2016). 
This institute shared its holdings through mortgaging of subprime securities of $10.5 billion thus helping to solve various losses during period of crisis. According to the views of a famous person known as Bloomberg, HSBC is generally regarded as one of among richest banks i the world as it helped to transfer group revenue cost of £750 million to Britain within a couple of hours. During the year of 2009, the above specified bank was declared to be shutdown as it because of economic crisis it led to lose jobs of around 6000 British citizens however with proper strategies of business organization, it was able to regain its economic structure and by the year of 2009, cost of shares of HSBC bank fell by 24.14% and therefore increasing sale of shares by an amount of 12 million. 
It is mainly a large bank that deals with financial deals therefore meeting ultimate hopes as well as aspirations of people in general (Church et al. 2016).  Concerned bank provide employment to 235,000 people from all over the world and provide services to millions of people all across the world.  It also provides opportunities to wealthy people as well as rich families by offering them private banking as well as services related to management activities. It also provide high growth with  respect to markets which help in delivering advanced segments of balance sheets  thus providing extensive values to stakeholders in general. 
Figure 1: Inclusion of revenue and profit
HSBC has also proved to be successful in terms of understanding of performance as well as strategies of business in Groups of specified banking sector. It had been earning stable profits of tax rate of about 31% as well as costs nearly $4.9 billion. It has also made strategic growth in productivity as well as investment which mainly include $6.21 million since the outstanding year of 2013 (Dilla & Raschke, 2015). 
2.2 Using MBTI as a tool 
The following concept was first built by Katharine Cook Briggs as well as her daughter named as Briggs Myers. 
MBTI was usually constructed for the sake of general public that used to emphasize upon the values of occurrence that take place naturally. As stated by Ferris et al. (2018), above concerned feature, generally exhibits various deficiencies on psychometric issues mostly identifying power that cannot be predicted in order to create generalization of items. 
Figure 2: Pairs based on MBTI test
MBTI generally tries to achieve an approach that maintains a well-framed structure in assessment of personality of individuals. Such responses to various items are treated to be very close when interpreted following theories suggested by test conductors. Mainly this type of response helps in creating word association thus leading to responses based on open-end approach. It generally reveals about the dispositions regarding hidden emotions as well as conflicts based on internal issues (Finn et al. 2018). Sometimes MBTI plays a very important role in general practitioner concept and Myers as well as Briggs play an important role in extrapolation of their ideas. 
MBTI Manual generally states the idea of indicator that poses psychological effects thus manipulating decisions of feeling as well as thinking. Briggs as well as Myers developed their psychological purposes of successful quantification of theoretical concepts.  MBTI mainly poses serious issues on differences based on psychology as well as differences therefore indicates dichotomies indicating 16 possible types of psychological issues. The two dichotomies of Carl Jung are as follows:
Perception which mainly include intuition as well as sense of issues with an objective of attaining introvert nature
Figure 3: Dichotomies of Carl Jung
Judging of feelings as well as thinking of individuals with a primary objective of attaining introverts quality of nature (Gill, Williams & Reifsteck, 2018). 
The two dichotomies of Myers-Briggs are as follows:
a). Deductive synthesis of intuition on the basis of introversion as well as extroversion concepts.
b). Inductive feeling as well as thinking on the basis of perception as well as judging.  
Myers-Briggs utilizes the terms of extraversion as well as introversion in determining outward turning as well as introversion concepts. It mainly includes the concept of attitudes and therefore recognizes each of cognitive functions so that they can operate through outside world such as through proper behavior, action of people as well as things that have a certain form of reflection on the performance in general.  
Flow of extraverts is generally directed at setting objectives on activities of people however concepts as well as ideas are mainly directed towards introvert. Ideas as well as characteristics contrast in following forms:
a). Extroverts are generally hard workers while introverts are good thinkers therefore they perform actions a little late than extraverts (Poursafar et al. 2019).
b). Extraverts try to charge themselves through communication with outside world while introverts get their energy by spending most of the time with themselves.
Various types of Psychology pose serious effects upon the innate growth in the process of behavior as well as understanding of individuals. Mayer’s Briggs theories include the following strategies:
Assembling of team members with a particular group
MBTI plays a important role in making team members to work together in collaboration with various members in the organization thus increasing efficiency of production. Managers of organizational groups play an important role in ensuring variable types of personality that do not allow clash between strengths as well as weaknesses of employees. 
Facilitation of easy communication 
When team members are in severe crisis and the organization face challenges, MBTI personality assessment help in knowing from the members in the team and also make communication of ideas among the individuals much easier as well as faster. This also helps in betterment of the task and increase performance of employees (Yang, Richard & Durkin, 2016).
Motivation of employees help to increase productivity in business organizations
Motivational support to the employees is an important role played by MBTI assessment of personality that also helps in managing them.  Logical reasoning as well level of understanding of the individuals play an important role in getting good feedback due to the personal traits in the organization.
Also initiating less conflict and thus increasing efficiency of workers 
These type of assessment tools help in minimizing confusions as well negative sights of people working in the organization. Through achievement of understanding of employees it helps in integrating various members in the team, thus helping to build strong relationship among the individuals.   
3. Analysis of the area where MBTI is practiced 
Though MBTI plays most important role in determining personality of respective individuals however it can also be predicted that extreme cautious steps in the field of counseling activities help in improving psychometric choices. Business owners play an important role in setting up values and thus providing sophisticated form of system hiring as well as recruitment of teams so that people stay right back at their positions thus helping to grow business strategies (Rice, 2015). This is the particular place where MBTI comes into play a significant role in inventing extensive personality development of the individuals thus assessing 3.5 million of services annually. Assessment of personal behavior mainly include identifying various sorts of behavioral traits and judging characteristic of a particular individual.
Figure 4: Implementation of MBTI test 
Myers-Briggs theories play an important role in introducing technology as well as science in engineering education and thus play an important role in developing various learning styles. This increases literacy rate and also enhances employment facilities in the market (Stein & Swan, 2019). Thinking as well as feeling of functions attaches more thinking to basically standpoints therefore measuring theoretical concepts thus associating as well as empathizing with respective situations that judge inside or outside of a situation creating a balance between them.  Rational way of thinking about any ideas is mainly suggested by MBTI therefore focusing upon the emotional reactions rather than thinking about their counterparts.
 Generally more than 80% of people depend upon these Myers-Briggs test in order to build effective groups thus helping further in order to build healthier organizations. Information with respect to the companies in general helps in understanding strengths as well as weaknesses of employees in general thus helping to perceive information in a much easier as well as faster pace.  There are 16 different types of Myers- Briggs level of personality theories which help in making important decisions thus helping to minimize   stress activities of people in general.
Myers-Briggs theories help in exclusive distribution of personality tests based on self test of individuals thus helping to select as well as placing of staff members in different types of job opportunities. Though it has been popular among individuals who run organization yet there are mainly individuals who try to oppose these theoretical issues. 
Psychological testing
MBTI is considered to be psychometric questionnaire helping in measurement of preferences of psychology in process of perceiving world as well as make decisions. Knowledge of preferences of personality is recognized to be beneficial for women who are entering workforce of industry for first time for identifying jobs of war time (Blodgett, 2017).  Focus of MBTI remains generally on normal population. These specified indicators emphasize value of differences that are naturally occurring. Hence it is called as most widely used tool in personality assessment and around assessments of two millions become administered in one year. Jung has proposed that two pairs of dichotomous cognitive functions are present- irrational and rational.
Theories of David J. Pittance
Among various authoritative reviews as suggested by Professor David Pittance in the College of Marshall University. This particular person mainly mentions that there are major shortcomings of such test activities that he had been carrying out since 18 years (Bales, 2016). According to this person, conjecture involved in MBTI concepts continue to remarkable impacts  upon takers of test functions, recruiters as well as counselors which have a long term effect upon them in an aggressive as well as effective manner.
Certain factors of MBTI prove to be critical as it poses serious embarrassing issues and these are particular points which hurt many people at organizational level. Therefore, ones that are deeply rooted according to the varying interests of MBTI  and it has serious impacts as it had resonating effects upon a recognized organization that is situated in America associated with Psychological issues. These issues have controversial effects upon various project activities and also have qualitative impact upon researchers dealing with Banking as well as finance issues. 
Problems related to Myers-Briggs Tests
Several researches have been able to prove that intervals related to test activities with respect to personality of individuals have been proved to be quite short as they do not able to meet expected standards. Almost 50% of people who participated in such test activities have undergone classification of scales based on MBTI thus posing awkward situations with respect to their mood as well as assumptions (Tananchai, 2017). However they have been successful since there were wide variety of assumptions and the problem mainly aroused due to time as well as other problems. A person who has similar scores with respect to E grades of respective individuals has proved to be weaker ones with respect to personality grounds.
Problems related to classification of academic policies 
Classification of most important policies help to categorize in between strong as well as weak however regular push-ups can almost change categories of an applicant and therefore sometimes chances to recruit that particular person becomes dangerous. Test personnel who in fact completes to meet at least one push-up is also considered not a very strong or distinguished candidate since it may lag in other respects due to misrepresentation of differences in objectives of individuals (Furnham & Crump, 2015).
Determination of performances is subjected to specific boundary 
Determination  of other boundaries are most often not subjected to specific boundaries as a result even if people attain 18 years of age they also do not avail various opportunities. Therefore they miss various opportunities like eligibility to testing of cadet. Sometimes arbitrary situations of cutoff may distort dramatic ideas as well as clear differences between introvert groups (Jafrani et al. 2017).
MBTI not only poses certain confusions with respect to determination of ages however evaluation of recruitment of military groups leads to mismarcation as well as misapplication of eligibility criteria. Sometimes MBTI designers as well as administrators fail to carry out responsible challenges although four dichotomies poses great structures in developing comparative strategies with respect to scores.    
4. Strength, limitations, and weakness of MBTI as a tool as compared with other tools
Strength of MBTI
In view of Myers (2018), framework consisting of Jungian and MBTI packs huge complexity in a simple model deceptively. In Spite of being stereotypes at static level sixteen types are described by Myers, Jung and Briggs with vast potential descriptively. On the other hand clients who are given introduction to typology recognize MBTI as useful process to make sense of client. People without any psychological training recognize intuitively four dichotomies in real. The concerned indicators  endeavors to be  neutral normative avoiding wrong or negative traits of personality for example neuroticism and differences of all individual are described to be normal.
 Opposed to contrast of Big Five that has  around 36 elements, scales and facets  MBTI has only 8 elements- Extroversion, Introversion, Sensing, Intuition, Feeling, Thinking, Perceiving and Judging. Moreover clients always almost give affirmation that they have already found introduction to instrument valuable  as well as intriguing and besides worth time. Far from the feeling reined in one of sixteen types’ clients of vast majority experience positive feelings and relief on getting for discovering themselves. While personality system of Big Five is lack of explanation Jungian framework which underpins MBTI indicators do not only describe simply personality of respondent MBTI purports for explaining it (Naheem, 2015).   
Strength of MBTI compared to strengths Finder: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is usually used in agencies of government, corporations, and universities as well as in colleges. So, for interruption in results of Myers-Briggs test on our own, as well as with the help of consultant or coach, the result confuses maximum number of people to themselves and to other people also. The MBTI test can be completed in about 30 minutes. The clients who are introduced this type of technology can recognize MBTI as a helpful way that makes sense to themselves as well as to others. MBTI is also said to be the most simple and minimalistic, if compared to strengths Finder. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is said to be the most respected and most common personality to be used (Ware, 2019). It includes some advantages like, cultivation of targeted development plan for career, avoiding as well as resolving the conflicts, promoting individuals unique talents and strengths, improving skills of communication, identification and development of weaknesses and strengths of individuals. 
Limitations of MBTI
Limitations of MBTI compared to Strengths Finder
 The MBTI test is not to the point or accurate for the complete period of time of person’s existence similarly it extents for limited period of time. This test is general, so it can only gives a framework which is general of what an individual can like in unnamed or unspecified period of time.
On another point of view, Strengths Finder makes the individual so much indulged in particular activities, due to which it is difficult for an individual to see more different things going around individual (Bharadwaj et al. 2018). The Strengths Finder not includes number of characteristics namely Effect of Former, that some people give credibility to the descriptions of their own personality which are applicable generally as well as vague at the same point of time, especially at that point of time when the descriptions are seen as to be related to them, and also it is positive generally.
Weakness of MBTI
Weakness of MBTI compared to Strengths Finder
The questions which asked in MBTI test ask individuals to describe themselves, which is said to be clearly unreliable as well as inherently, MBIT aims more in what do an individual wants to think or believe about them other than thinking about what they really like. The profile of MBTI gives the feeling to be accurate. Although MBTI being an extremely used and popular personality measure, the data available authorization to the extreme care into its request or application being a tool of counseling, it is used especially by the consultants in different settings of business. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is most popular self test for identifying personality as a type of adjunct in counseling, placing staff as well as staff selection, with, all the likelihood, there are maximum jobs which have been lost or won due to this. However, test of Strengths Finder takes about 35-45 minutes for many people to complete, the test is taken online and as soon as the test is completed the results can be checked (Sample, 2017). The result which is given by Strengths Finder is more likely to resonate with more people other than all other top tests based on personality of individuals. There are total Thirty four strengths included in Strengths Finder test which have standard type of results from the mentioned test. There are total 4 categories, which are called as domains in the above mentioned test.
5. Conclusions and effective recommendations 
5.1 Conclusion
Hence, on the basis of above discussions it is concluded that psychological changes around the world to make decisions to be implemented to make a better world. The sensational powers and capacity to think for people in vast majority is induced when there is a change in psychological status. The population bears all differences with changes and experiences. The items that have power on a general market depicts significant role while showing interests, change in values and basic needs of people. Sometimes occasion is different but the same reports and matter is produced to people with great skills. In addition, it can further be summarized that poor validity of structural reports and deficiencies with assumptions are noticed.  The differences that could be marked from other community people are elaborately described in this context.
5.2 Recommendations
It can be recommended that reliability of MBTI have to be increased as much as possible. At present time n case of testing for more than one time there is a tendency to get various results. In addition, further recommendation can be implemented in terms of this particular incidents takes place in 75 percent cases according to review done by National Science Academy. In addition matching of results after tests every time can be recommended in much improved manner especially in tests related to personality except areas of extroversion as well as introversion (Furnham, 2017). Therefore it often creates questions regarding capability of MBTI. 
This theory of MBTI involves simple as well as deceptive theory where people’s subset believe themselves for being experts on MBTI after around study that is done in two weeks  or less time. Under these circumstances  it can be recommended that field of understanding of how adequate understanding regarding this theory is required for administering test and interpret scores have to be improved. 
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