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Amway is an Australian multi- level marketing company that focusing on selling health, beauty and home care products. They are dependent on several other companies in other countries for their sale. While working as an employee with its organization it was a great experience but there were certain problems that were faced like communicating with different branches and processing the data from remote locations. Thus, there emerged the need of information system products to make the processes smooth and effective. 
Need for an information system 
It is true that weather the business is small or big there is a need of system to collect process and share the data. Thus, companies make use of information system product to automate these operations. It impacts the overall performance of the organization by managing all the data processing operations and storing it (Cardoso, Moreira and Escudero, 2018). Amway faced certain problems in communicating and making decisions as data was not analyzed accurately. Thus, they used information system software for relationship management system which helped in improving the business operations. This software allowed the organization to gather and analyze all the sales related data. 
Problems faced by Amway
Some of the issues that were found are lack of advanced technology that created issues in communicating with remote items and accessing the data from any location. The less budget targets of the company also affected the quality of products as systems were not updates which offered bad experience to the customers (Cardoso, Moreira and Escudero, 2018). Low funding in turn affected the turnover rate and also decreased market share of the company.
It is found that all individual faces stresses while working in an organization as it becomes difficult in adapting to the foreign culture (Jemaa, Carew and Stapleton, 2018). Thus culture environment can be improved by analyzing the relation between employees that can be enhances by introducing communication tools that offer ways to communicate internally and externally in an organization. Thus, there was the need of information system to improve communication between employees and also there was a need of feedback to maintain the transparency (Jemaa, Carew and Stapleton, 2018). Engagement activities are organized regular so that employees interact with others in an informal way. Other challenge that is observed is network demands as it is important to have communication ways with the remote team so that all the employees work towards a common goal (Herbert, 2018). However, to retain employees, organization should work on the advanced technologies and should offer training sessions for better learning and development. There is need to set up proper training development program for the employees to make them more improved with the work.  These were some of the factors that affected organisational performance like relations between employees, dedication towards the work, cultural parameters and several other factors that need to be eliminated for better results. 
One of the major problems that were faced was by the organisation was accessing and storing the data and using updated software’s (Herbert, 2018). This issue was resolved when they started working with cloud computing. It would provide more solution for the work program It proved an ideal solution as with the increase in business demand the capacity of cloud infrastructure could be easily increased the outcomes. 
Information system solution for the issue faced by Amway
Amway jumped to cloud computing which helped them in improving their efficiency, productivity as it saved the overall cost and time. Cloud computing helped in reducing the cost of an organisation as it allow companies to make to use of software and hardware over the network. This helped Amway to allow their employees to access hardware’s and software’s from remote location rather than buying it. This resolved the problem of budget that was faced by the organisation (Squires and Kuofie, 2019). This allowed the company to work on latest technologies by just accessing the application through the internet. 
Amway by using cloud infrastructure was able to achieve success as they don’t spend much amount in purchasing and maintain equipment’s as cloud allowed Amway to perform all the data operations easily. The other problem that was stated above was Amway, faced certain security breaches, thus it was becoming difficult to gain the trust of customers (Squires and Kuofie, 2019). Cloud offered advanced security parameters which allowed data to be stored securely. 
Amway is an enterprise of thousands of employees thus they require an enterprise system that can handle all the data effectively, which became possible by IT bases solution that is cloud computing (Sligo,  Gauld, Roberts and Villa,  2017). It proved an ideal solution as with the increase in business demand the capacity of cloud infrastructure could be easily increased. It also allowed mobile access to the corporate data that ensured flow of information remains a loop. Storing all the data on the cloud infrastructure guarantees that it remains safe and secure. The issue of data loss is also prevented as it allows the data to be accessed from any device with just the presence of internet. This would set up better work program and set up more confidential data. 
IT adds business value 
It is true that IT adds value to every organization; it plays a strategic role by adding value and providing a competitive advantage through innovative application of IT. IT has proven to drive innovation and has helped business to grow. Innovation has helped in bringing new applications that boost the productivity and enhances quality (Sligo, Gauld, Roberts and Villa,  2017). Digital marketing has also become possible using IT, Amway is a company that has started their sales on these platforms which increased the overall sale and productivity. Business planning also comes effective using innovated IT technology has helped in achieving higher global sales. 
Information technology has helped in bringing up new business tools through which complex problems can be solved (Mondom, 2018). Improved hardware has made it easy to research and analyze the data. IT has allowed businesses to make better decisions by allowing teams to get engaged through video conferences, industry forums, taking feedback from public and conducting surveys (Theis, 2019). Information technology has helped Amway to improve their marketing campaigns by targeting right audience. Innovation has proved to be a wave for a successful future for every business.  Nonetheless, it has been found that, there was the need of information system to improve communication between employees and also there was a need of feedback to maintain the transparency. The other ways is collaboration with other organization it helps in expanding the area of knowledge and services (Durodolu, 2016). With increase in advancement it is becoming difficult to maintain open communication lines to connect with the remote team. For this several tools and technologies are implemented so that employees can get connected from anywhere at any time. Managing organizations at global level has become difficult for challenge in the present century (Alkhater, Walters and Wills, 2018). The advancement in technology and communications and is seen as new forms of communication tools that need to implement among the employees. This can be done by offering training sessions so that employees improve their learning.  This IT program would provide the automation in the process and also helps in improving the exiting work program to strengthen the overall outcomes and undertaken work program. 
Thus, to improve the working culture effective cultural practices are organized.  Global companies grow bigger and more diverse, complexity costs, unfamiliar cultures are very common but it is important to overcome from these barriers so that business could be expanded globally (Alkhater, Walters and Wills, 2018). This would be useful to improve the exiting operational work program but also would be helpful to add the process work to strengthen the overall outcomes. This set up automation in process to strengthen the business outcomes for the process. 
As change is implemented in the organization, it is recommended to follow certain steps through which organizational change is managed effectively. The change that is made is done after keeping in mind the common objective that ensure that change will be followed in right direction strategically. Once the change is decided its impacts are evaluated at different level of the organization. Amway introduced the use of cloud computing but it is important to first communicate the change to all the employees. It would set automation in process and also increase the overall procedural work program. In addition to this, it would also improve the efficiency of the existing system process for the better results o the business. 
It is also recommended to offer training sessions to the employees so that they become aware about its use. Providing effective training regarding the change will help employees to learn skills and knowledge that are needed to adapt to operate efficiently. 
It is also suggested to provide support structure to employees so that they can adjust to the change and to build proficient behavior in terms of technical skills to achieve desired business.
Change need also need to be measured regularly as at initial stage as there are several issues that are faced by the organization. Measuring the change processes helps in maintaining the transparency.
All these issues can be resolved by offering flexible working hours, better remuneration, clear and specific job roles, and proper infrastructure to boost employees to work with the same organization for a longer run. This helped Amway in improving their retention ratio. 
 Maintaining positive and friendly environment often works as a stress releaser. To retain employees, organization should work on the advanced technologies and should offer training sessions for better learning and development.  However, it should provide an ideal solution as with the increase in business demand the capacity of cloud infrastructure could be easily increased
It can be concluded, that every organization faces several challenges but all these issues can be resolved by keeping positive and friendly environment. Workplace productivity needs to be maintained for proper results this can be achieved by maintaining effective communication among the employees. It can be stated that communication helps in keeping the positive environment at the flexible and also improves job satisfaction.  There is need to improve the work by undertaking improved the working culture effective cultural practices are organized.  Global companies grow bigger and more diverse, complexity costs, unfamiliar cultures are very common.  The challenges faced by Amway are discussed in this report along with the information technology solution that helped in overcoming this problem. Workplace communication can be improved by scheduling regular meetings and conferences for new employees. Meetings and training programs helped employees maintain transparency. 

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