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As per the recent analysis of the organizations under the E-commerce industry, it has been observed that companies seek to compete by adopting the most unique process of collecting customer’s personal information along with their buying trends (Ahmad, 2017). This research is based on the critical analysis of one of the Management information systems used by the renounced e-commerce organization – Amazon to grab maximum market share and acquire huge information from various sources (Ahmad, 2017).

This study is focused on the MIS practices of Amazon to maintain its value chain activities effectively. It is apparent from the report that basic audit of the Information Technology (IT), Information Systems (IS) of Amazon. The report additionally look at an examination of how Amazon data is utilized in the picked business to make business esteem and upper hand. At last, the report likewise contains three proposals to the picked business concerning how to more readily oversee Amazon business data to improve business systems and tasks.

Case Study of Amazon

Being the topmost American multinational E-commerce co, Amazon has been remarked as the leader of online retail business through appropriate management of cloud computing services (Alsolamy, Albeladi and Hasan, 2013). Behind this success story of Amazon, there are two technological strategies. There are integration of customer relationship management along with advanced information systems.

It is Linux which has been responsible for best and unique technology used in Amazon,. Through this technology, Amazon has a vast IT infrastructure which is not only responsible for the management of millions of operations but the same time make the company capable enough to handle queries and issue of millions of sellers associated with it (Alsolamy, Albeladi and Hasan, 2013). There has been a core threat for Amazon as it has extremely sensitive and confidential data comprises of credit cards and debit card information of almost every customer ordering from their portal. Along with this, there is a huge data source comprises of personal information of the customers along with their buying habits (2020). This is a managed customer relationship management module where the enterprise resources management takes responsibility to store this information and use it for future marketing and advertising campaigns (2020).

Case Study Of Amazon

Figure 1: The E-commerce book

It has been observed that the Amazon has been able to apply its sales strategy with the backend support of its MIS technology (Baltzan, 2012). With due course of time, operations of Amazon have reach to multiple level e-commerce strategy where other competitors are still at a single level sales strategy. A recent analysis report has quoted that the company has both a B2C sales model and a B2B operational model which has been the core reason for its growth in the e-commerce industry(Baltzan, 2012). In today’s tech-savvy world, customers have been proactive in interacting and sharing reviews with the company on various online sources. Due to this, Amazon has developed its operational IT in such a way that these reviews can be used for the betterment of the business operations. The physical retail market has been captured by Amazon through its online retail segment where customers are allowed to buy as well as sell from the same platform (Baltzan, 2012).

The success of Amazon’s business model is its MIS. This MIS involves customer to start with browsing and then creation of accounts while shopping. Hence, MIS plays a crucial role in the management of all steps of shopping at Amazon. One of the other major web services delivered by Amazon is elastic cloud computing (Chaudhari and Byers, 2017). Through this elastic computing, developers can work more efficiently to manage business operations at Amazon.  Along with this, the customers also experience the best computer environment through elastic computing. The major pros of this cloud computing is that it helps make the process of shopping less time consuming without booting a new server (Chaudhari and Byers, 2017). This E2C service is beneficial for creating Amazon’s machine image in the market and at the same time, strengthen the payment method. Developers can control any common failure scenario by customizing their applications (Shahsavarani and Ji, 2014). 

Another major feature observed in Amazon is S3. It has emerged as the most secure storing device over the internet. S3 helps provide access to the users at any point of time without any location boundaries (Chaudhari and Byers, 2017). Customers visit the Amazon portal in search of their products that they desire more smoothly. Amazon manages inbuilt search agents to make sure what the customer search should reflect exact products at a glance. Hence, it is the data mining technique which is whole and sole responsible for understanding the exact searched data and retrieve it from the central database to deliver appropriate results (Chorafas, 2011). In the case of customers who are also sellers on the same portal are provided a system where they can upload an image of the product along with a small description including all conditions. For revenue generation, Amazon has introduced the brokerage model which brings brokerage from all business to business or consumer to consumer transactions directly to the company’s account. Every usage provided on the portal has a fixed fee as per usage (Chorafas, 2011). Along with the B2B model, there are also auction broking services provided by Amazon where sellers are allowed to bid and fulfill the needs of the customers. Amazon has been the first portal in America to get the patent registered where the company can offer personalized content to customers and make surfing more effective for them (Shahsavarani and Ji, 2014). This search technology brings the best products to the customers based on their search keywords. This system of Amazon brings the search to the customers and also suggests some other products connected directly or indirectly with the search keywords (Cui, Zhang and Bassamboo, 2019). This technique has been the key factor for retaining customers for a long time and help in the success of the company. Amazon has provoked a sense of belongingness with the customers with the help of S3.

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