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Our organisation
I work for Bang the Drum Creative, which is an advertising company with offices in all capital cities in Australia, and regional offices in Auckland, New Zealand, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore. You are a fast-growing company, with over 300 employees. Your in-house creative team includes graphic designers, web designers, video editors and voiceover artists.
My role
I am a customer relationship manager, working as part of the customer management team. I work with clients after the creative brief has been developed to manage the development of the advertising campaign and coordinate with the client to ensure that all the requirements of the brief are covered in the campaign and that the budget and schedule are adhered to. Most importantly, you ensure that the customer is satisfied both with the process and the final results.
My client
My client is Australian Hardware Ltd, which has been established since 1921 and has a good reputation for quality in the home improvement and hardware markets. They have 138 stores nationally and employ over 10,000 staff in various roles.
Additional documents and information can be found in the AH Business Plan and AH Marketing Plan.
The original business and marketing plans were developed in 2013. However, due to a range of market and business factors, they were not able to act on these plans and are now in a position to pick up their plans again and move the business forward. 
All the statistics mentioned in the business and marketing plans have stayed fairly constant, which means the numbers are reasonably similar. While Australian Hardware has experienced some growth, particularly with one large competitor recently closing its doors, their growth was not as high as hoped.
ClientAustralian Hardware   
ProductTradies to You   
Key observationsCompetition in the Hardware and DIY market is strong and there exist opportunities to tap into the growth of the DIY and home renovation market. 
The growth of home renovation reality TV shows has inspired people to update or ‘transform’ their homes after seeing the remarkable results contestants are having on these TV shows. 
Australian Hardware would like to tap into this market by offering their new Tradies to You service, which will supply tradespeople to visit home renovators and help them transform their homes or fix any problems that have been created by renovations which didn’t go to plan.   
Consumer insightAustralian Hardware is a well-known and trusted name
their products are recognised as good quality and reliable
DIY home renovators are looking for help at a good price to transform their homes
DIY home renovators are looking for qualified people who can fix any ‘reno-fails’ while maintaining their pride
no other hardware stores have captured this market to date.   
Communication objectivesrecapture previous customers who have gone to competitors
consolidate current customers to ensure loyalty
encourage a new generation to use our services
engage with the DIY home renovator who needs help to finish a project
engage with DIY home renovators who have had a ‘reno-fail’ and need help to fix the disaster.   
PromiseAustralian Hardware don’t just give you the right tool for the right job at the right price, we now give you the right tradie to get the job done.   
SupportYou are using an Australian-owned company that supports locals.
You get a respected and well-known brand.
You’ll get a high quality service.
Our tradies are all qualified for the job.   
AudienceHome owners who have been engaged watching reality TV home renovation shows, such as House Rules, The Block, Auction Squad, Selling Houses Australia, etc. 
They are in the 35–50 year old age bracket, have children and live in the suburbs in a comfortable and well-kept home. They fit into the median income bracket, whether single or double income. 
While they are happy with their place in life, they want more from their home. They are either looking to upgrade their existing living space, or are looking to upgrade their home to sell and move to a better property.   
Current brand equity (rational)I’ve been an Australian Hardware customer before, and will go back there if the price is right, but I’m happy with whoever gives me the products or services I need for the right price.   
Desired brand equity (rational)I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. Australian Hardware’s staff are industry experts. If they don’t offer it, it can’t be worth offering.   
Current brand equity (emotional)Aren’t all hardware stores the same?   
Desired brand equity (emotional)Australian Hardware is a name I trust. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. This new service sounds just like what I need. I’m doing work on my home at the moment and would definitely trust Australian Hardware with my most valuable asset.   
Advertiser’s purpose and objectives for the advertising campaign
Areas of the brief which may be unclear or ambiguous and explain how you would seek clarification with the client on these areas, as well as the impact any changes may have on the outcomes
Campaign objectives as a quantifiable measurement, outlining what the advertising should accomplish for each objecti
Internal or external factors that may prevent the campaign objectives from being achieved and how this can be managed to ensure the objectives are achievable

external factors
Concerns regarding the feasibility or achievability of any of the objectives
Factors which may affect consumer or target audience responses, describing how you have determined whether there are any consumer or audience factors.
Legal or ethical requirements for the campaign objectives, governing bodies which oversee the advertising industry and any relationship they may have to your campaign
Risks to campaign from a legal or ethical perspective.

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