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ACCTG101 Accounting Statement Analysis



ACCTG101 Accounting Statement Analysis

Using the knowledge within the five year report please complete the subsequent (templates are provided in answer booklet);

(a) From the income statements on page 71,
(i) Prepare a horizontal analysis of income and expenses that structure EBITDAFI for 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 using 2015 because the base year. Express the horizontal analysis in percentage and report your answers to at least one decimal place. Provide some short comments on the many trends in income and expenses.
(ii) Prepare a vertical analysis of income and expenses that structure EBITDAFI (using total income because the base amount) and provides some short comments on the relative significance of income and expense items and the way they need changed over time. Report your answers to at least one decimal place.
(b) Using the knowledge from page 71 and 73 of the downloaded document, calculate the following ratios for 2015 and 2016 using the formulas on page 255 of the course book (please show all workings) and briefly discuss the calculations. Report your answers to at least one decimal place. The figures for 2017 and 2018 have already been calculated in school .
(i) Debt to equity ratio
(ii) Interest coverage ratio
(iii) margin of profit 

Learning resources Reading:

The prescribed text for this course is an e-textbook – Birt, Chalmers, Maloney, Brooks & Oliver (2017) Accounting Business Reporting for Decision Making (6th Ed.) WileyPLUS Learning Space. Material and questions from the text are discussed during lectures. Additional questions from the textbook are used for self-study. Information on how to buy the e-book or access the book in the library is available on Canvas.

Course Book: The Course Book includes supplemental problems used in lectures, additional notes, and the latest financial statements for two well-known NZ companies.

Canvas: Canvas is used to make announcements and to distribute student guides at the end of each week to the course book problems. It is also used to quiz students each week online on the assigned readings and problems. The quizzes may later be used for revision.

‘Walk-in’ Help Centre: Assistance by tutors is provided at the ‘walk-in’ help centre for students who have queries about the lecture material and assignments. The most useful approach is to have attempted the questions to course book problems or the assignment before arriving at the centre. The tutors are then able to provide assistance as to how to understand the question better or how to proceed in answering the problem. Please see the announcement on Canvas regarding the venue and times.

Computer Supported Learning (Canvas) Computer Supported Learning (Canvas) is a facility that can be used on your own computer or the computer lab to access information such as: • Basic course information. • Assignments and grades: This section includes assignments and quizzes for grading. Your course marks will contribute to your final grade, so please check that they are correct. • Announcements: including times and venues for Help Centre, test formats etc. • Modules: Basic lecture slides that the lecturer will go through in class. 

Course book problem solutions: Solutions to course book problems will be available to download after the material has been covered in class. Library The text book is available from the short loan section of the library 657 B618 2017 or it is available as an e book. You are also encouraged to read more widely by making use of the university libraries and the Web. There is a subject page available for your use (Library > Guides > Business and Economics > Accounting and Finance): https://www.library.auckland.ac.nz/guides/business/accounting-and-finance Librarians are available at the Enquiry desk on Level 0 of the General Library to help you all day every day so please ask there


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