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 Section A

Let L € {a, b} * be the language corresponding to the regular expression
Generate the complete CFG for this and convert to CNF 
Show the NFA and DFA

Show that the CFG given by 
S    a | Sa | bSS | SSb | SbS
Is ambiguous.

Describe the “halting problem” for Turing machines.
Prove or disprove that halting problem is undecidable

 Consider the language of simple palindromes (with a ‘c’ in the middle position)
SP = { XCX | X € {a , b}*} 
What is the least functional FA that can accept this language? Why?
Construct the transition table or the state diagram.
Process the following through the FA and indicate what happens – abcba , acab , and abc

Let L be the language of balanced strings of parentheses, just as they would appear in legal algebraic expression.
Using [ ] as the symbols for the parentheses, show the CFG with its productions.
Show the PDA for part ( a ).
Show the computations trace for [ [ ] [ ] ].

For the language specified by 
{ ai  bj  ck  | i >=  j or i >= k }
Show that it is a CFL but it is complement is not.

Consider the following two language specifications 
L1 = AnBnCn = { an  bn  cn | n belongs to N the set of natural numbers }
L2 = L = { xcx | x € [ a , b}* }
What kind of FA is required to accept the two language and why?
Show the formal definition for the FA identified in part ( a ) for L1.
Show the transition table for part ( b ).
Section B
Consider two language L1 and L2 defined as follows:
L1 = { x € (a , b) | Where x contains the substring ab }
L2 = { x € (a , b) | Where x contains the substring bba }
Show the state diagram for L1 and L2.
Show the optimal FA accepting L1 U L2.

Design a TM and show the machine diagram that accept the language defined by:
L = { ai  baj | 0 <= i < j }

Describe post’s correspondence problem.
Is post’s correspondence problem solvable? Explain.
Given the following:
A = ( a , abaaa , ab ) and B = ( aaa , ab , b )
As two strings, provide a solution to PCP.
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