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In today's modern world, the workforce contains many challenges and barriers in context to managing the needs of the employees and effectiveness of an HR organization. This essay revolves around the three challenges faced in the Human Resources Management. This study is aiming to identifying the challenges to the human resource development.  The scope of this essay is to identify the challenges in accordance to the HRM practises and evaluating these challenges. The challenges pertained in this area are, challenge to diversity, challenge to recruitment and the challenge to selection in context to the HR management. The diversity challenge is evaluated in this study in accordance to other challenges. This study also incorporates the strategic role of HR in this 21st century. The essay also evaluates the theories based on the aforesaid challenges.  The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the challenges related to diversity, recruitment and selection in context to the HRM.

As commented by Stone and Stone (2013), diversity challenge is one of the pivotal challenges faced in the Human Resource Management. It is mainly because the foundation of the workspaces. Diversity challenge can be generated by firstly, hiring and retaining a diverse group of employees. As commented by Al-Lamki (2002), it is the innate duty of the HR department to process recruitment and selection in context to the avid diversity of people. They can be of all races, various ethnic groups, and all religions. No variations are to be pertained due to gender, socio-economic strata, ideology or nationality. The HR recruiters need to select the candidates while promoting various divergent classes of people. Secondly, training of a diverse workforce is required after the recruitment process. All qualified candidates regardless of gender, race, religion, ideology and nationality needs to be taken in and through all the training procedures of the institution. In context to SHRM, 2005 the HR managers or recruiters are responsible for diversity programs in accordance to diversity communication strategy via monitoring andcoaching them. The HR managers in the training requirebeing sensitive in training various diverse groups.

There are few theories to the diversity challenge. One of the theories of Diversity challenge is the institutional theory. As commented by Hofstede (1991), this theory is based on the organisational structure in regard to the employees. This majorly means that a organization is deciphered apt only when the employees in the organisation works effectively. Every organization has specific laws and these laws state organizations to become divergent to individual with or within the organization. If the laws are not in accordance to diversity, than the operations of the institution will be questioned. The second theory is the research based theory in diversity management. This theory implements howdiversity affects resources of the organisation which are financial capital, physical capital, human capital and corporate capital resources. Different organisation inhibits these resources differently. The institutions which are diverse gain more advantages than the less diverse institutions. Diversity increases the performance of the organisation. For example, a study found that companies with diversity management practises possessed low ratio of turnovers and the interactions paid positive growth to their organization in context to the innovation strategy. This helped the company to ensure better market performance resulting on high quality and efficient work.

As commented by Van Knippenberg et al. (2004), the challenges to recruiting in the field of HRM arean optimal one. To not have enough resources for recruitment forms an important challenge. There are many HR recruiters that are need for modern technology to hire the best candidates, but due to the lack of these resources they find problems in recruitment. For example, small budget firms do not advertise on the internet and so their process of hiring becomes less efficient compared to the ones who had advertised on the job portals. The second challenge to the recruitment issue is not being able to find the perfect candidate for a required position. The HR professionals often get stuck when they do not find a match to the required skill set. A study revealed that the recruiters often face this challenge. For example, Daneil Ha, CEO of communications firm Disqus stated that their company faced this issue several times. The third challenge the recruiters face is the need to make a speedy hire. This is one of the major battles they hail every time. Due to traverse competition, companies are outgrowing and filling up multiple positions are being a tough job.  Understanding and using analytics effectively forms another challenge. The HR recruiters need to work with HR data analytics experts and understand the meaning of various projected data.

Apart from the challenges to recruitment and selection, there are various limitations or barriers. As stated by Van Der Vegt and Bunderson (2005), these include internal and external constraints. The organisations that only use internal recruitment policy restrict the other qualified candidates. These can be a miss for the organisation in missing out the opportunities of fresh ideas also excluding the external recruitment limits the talent pool. External recruitment is time consuming and expensive. Recruitments generally take place via emails and online recruitment processes. For external recruitment, marketing and advertising strategies are required.

As stated by Guest et al. (2012), the HR managers or recruiters need to work on with the resources they have. For example, every company cannot advertise their jobs on social media due to their tight budget.
The third challenge is of the challenge in selection. The challenges that HR recruiters often face in the selection of candidates refer to efficiency, consistency, effectiveness and coherence. HR managers are hired to recruit the candidates who can produce effective work and maintain the quality of the required job. The selectors and the people they are selecting needs to be consistent and adaptive to the new technologies and various HR software. As commented by Sparrow and Cooper (2012), company goals cannot be met if the candidates are misguided by the various portals available online. The aims and objectives of the company are to be incorporated and written in detail so stay away from complications which can damage the company’s reputation.

These challenges and approaches provide high evidence on HRM practises. As stated by Stone and Deadrick (2015), strategic role of HR in the 21st century cater to the demands of computational situations. There arevarious organisational and environmental pressures in today's world. The organisational pressure in 21st century relates to huge changes in the workforce, multiple corporate associations, employee capabilities and massive variations in employee priorities. The environmental pressure in the 21st century is those of globalization, fierce competition and frequent technological changes.

Current human resource management needs to evolve considering the present scenario. There are multiple roles in HR which are certain or uncertain to its outcomes. These include strategy execution, employee involvement and capability to change. As stated by Story et al. (2014), to be better and effective in these areas there are certain roles for HR’s which include responding to the various needs of the employee in official grounds, managing the process of transformation to produce effective quality work, working to improve the business structure and improving the HR strategy. A leader needs to have a clear vision and motivate the employees to reach the organizational goals. Strong leadership will pertain to maintain the company's business standards. Critical Anticipation is vital for every HR as it assists the HR to influence the present activities to the institution in the future. 
HR recruiters and employees need to be flexible. Globalization caters to both imagination and flexibility. Positive changes are adhered on the basis how imaginative and flexible the organization is. The company can gain effectiveness and outgrow by the uniqueness of its employees. It is important to understand that the group of HR adds value to an organization by hiring good candidates who have the potential to produce high quality effective work.As commented by Basak and Khanna (2017), technology plays a modern role in the recruiting and selecting method. Ongoing technology involves various HR software screening and sourcing the candidates through Recruitment software and talent rediscovery by finding apt matches through the software. 
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