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What is PHP?

PHP is a scripting language mainly used to carry out server-side scripting. This programming language is used by the companies to do web development and is famously called as Hypertext Processor. This helps developers to create compelling web pages. The best part of scripting language is that; it is a cross platform language that works on server side and also as an HTML scripting language. The commands that are in scripting language are incorporated in the HTML documents. In addition, PHP scripts are embedded in PHP tags; PHP tags lets the author to switch from HTML to PHP rather than relying on different levels of code to get HTML output.

In this programming language, PHP code is executed on the server end, therefore it will not let the clients to view the code on their end. PHP supports Windows, Linux, UNIX and other operating systems. Moreover, it is compatible to use on all servers that the available besides working efficiently. The boon for students is that this language can be learnt in no time. Learn to write well commanded codes in PHP by availing our OzPaper Help’s PHP Coding Assignment from our Programming Experts.

The PHP files contains various text, HTML tags and scripts. After the completion of PHP files, when loads on the browser would look like HTML. The extension of PHP includes .phtml, .php3 and .php. Many web designers prefer to use PHP language as it allows them to incorporate multimedia files like images and audio files without facing any kind of problems. Our PHP Assignment Help online experts will write the assignments on simples to complicated tasks. So, students who do not have good problem-solving skills and logical thinking can avail our services to do their assignment coding. If you are facing a glitch while completing your pending assignments and need help with PHP Assignment, then end your worries by approaching us. We will leave no stone unturned to offer you with the assistance you need.

Basic PHP Syntax

A PHP script can be placed anywhere in the document.

A PHP script starts with  and ends with ?>:

// PHP code goes here

<!DOCTYPE html>


<h1>My first PHP page</h1>

echo "Hello World!";


OzPaper Help offers a range of Topics in PHP

We offer PHP Assignment Help almost on all the concepts which are being taught in Universities across the globe. Every programming expert who is working with is has sound knowledge on simple to complicated topics in PHP to complete your assignment with perfection. Our experts offer assistance and guidance on the following topics:

·  Mail Sending System: PHP is a flexible programming language that deigns the backend mail delivery system flawlessly. If you want any kind of assistance in writing assignment on this topic, you may come forward and seek the help of our PHP Project Help experts who offer you the best programming and coding help.

·  PHP Database: SQL is used to design web pages because it offers the stability and the customization options. Moreover, you can use SQL to carry out server-side scripting as it is compatible to work with almost every server. If you want to create a PHP database, you should have extensive knowledge and skills of coding and debugging. Encountering with different error types would stop the website from executing even the basic commands, of you are facing challenges in creating tables in PHP Database. You can take help of our PHP Assignment/ Homework Help Programmers who will help you to create a PHP database in just glimpse of time.

· PHP Loop Types: if you have no knowledge o identifying different types of PHP loops, you can avail the assistance of our experts. Loops will let the software to perform various takes in a short time. If you are working on your final or semi projects to design a payroll, then you need to use the loops concept in PHP. The different types of loops in PHP includes for, while, do, and. We have an excellent team of programmers who are skilled in providing all kinds of PHP tasks with perfection. The rich experience and extensive knowledge our PHP experts enable them to deliver a top-notch quality PHP assignment.

· PHP Error Handling: if you have spent hours together to design the web pages and the web page started showing an error, then you can contact our experts to fix those errors in a matter of few minutes rather than flicking back the notes or watching videos related to them. Our programmers will use the right error handling techniques to detect the error in the code and fix them. The widely used technique are custom error handing functions, syntax and die function.

· PHP Forms: PHP forms are very important in websites and web application, since they both let the site owners to gather information. There are many sites available which compel the website visitors to fill the form to download a pdf, brochure or get a discount coupon. The information provided by the website visitors will be used by the companies to prepare right marketing strategies for the company. If you are facing such challenges to add validation rules on the site or application, you can seek our experts for help even in the last hour, we help you complete the assignment briskly.

 assignment php help

Why students choose our instant PHP Assignment Help?

our consistent efforts and exceptional team have established us the leading online instant PHP assignment guidance provider. Our main goal is to assist students who are struggling to complete the assignment with the best support they required and enhance the overall subject understanding.

Benefits that are offered by us include:

· Assurance to gain high grades: We write assignments after doing a thorough research and referring many books. This is the key reason why many students are gaining high grades by availing our services. Though the deadlines are short, but we never compromise on the quality.

· No traces of duplicate content: We have a stringent policy that no sentence should be directly lifted from other sources. Our programmers will use their knowledge and experience to write the codes from the scratch. We use plagiarism detection tools to check the quality of the assignments.

· Experienced Programmers: We strongly believe that with experience there is a knowledge and ability to understand the topic with perfection. Therefore, we have the pool of best Programming Homework Help experts in the market to complete your assignments.

· Deliver Without Delay: Our Programmers strictly follow deadlines and complete the assignments on time. Our team will also make sure that all the assignments are submitted on the promised date.

Program of Switch Case in Php:-

//initialize with a random integer within range

$diceNumber = mt_rand(1, 6);


$numText = "";

//calling switch statement



  case 1:

    $numText = "One";


  case 2:

    $numText = "Two";


  case 3:

  case 4:

    // case 3 and 4 will go to this line

    $numText = "Three or Four";


  case 5:

    $numText = "Five";

    echo $numText;

    // break; //without specify break or return it will continue execute to next case.

  case 6:

    $numText = "Six";

    echo $numText;



    $numText = "unknown";


  //display result

  echo 'Dice show number '.$numText.'.';

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