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The doctoral dissertation is not significantly different from that of a research thesis or a formal study report. However, the first requires further research and intensive evaluation of each of the selected subjects of the thesis.

The PhD thesis begins with a written presentation to your supervisor. The length of the proposal may vary in order of detail as required by your supervisor or subject lines discussed in the doctoral proposal. Now comes the body of the proposal as it is in the necessary elements that it should consist of.

The key element in a PhD proposal is how to put your research question. This is the starting point, finishing the research study in time. Often, the background is done by the researcher, so that there is a point of view in any direction will continue to study and how to form it and to establish the facts and figures necessary to prove his point of view.

Now come, the second phase of the actual start on your PhD thesis once you approve your research proposal. The first chapter is based on the introduction to the topic. Here you can defend the reasons for eating and choosing a specific topic for your research. In the introductory chapter of the doctoral thesis, the researcher should discuss the previous work done in the same field and justify its subject, as in the new achievement that he seeks to achieve in terms of his research statement and the expected results.

The second chapter of the literature review consists of briefly summarizing the author's other work related to the same subject. These works must be of high quality, based on articles from certified books and books. Although the literature review is not, it is directly related to the actual work done in the doctoral dissertation. However, it removes the researcher's mind as it is in the direction that he follows while working on his research.


The third chapter includes a detailed discussion of the research issue that includes the statement of the PhD thesis. It will also include a "Problem Statement", "Create a Basic Question" and "Hypothesis and Expectations". This chapter summarizes once again the short study and evaluation that the researcher is trying to reach as well as the precise statement of his research question.

The fourth chapter of the doctoral thesis discusses in detail the methodology used in the research study of the doctoral dissertation. This chapter differs greatly from letter to letter depending on whether it is a scientific technique, comparative analysis, regression analysis, the use of some other academic analysis techniques, etc. In general, this chapter will cover the variables used in the study and their suitability. Definition and explanation. It will also discuss in detail whether any of the variables discussed have been prepared by the author himself for study, because this will require appropriate justification for the derivation or theory underlying its construction.

Chapter 5 examines the study conducted so far and discusses the results obtained by applying the specific methodology.

The following chapter will discuss the results in detail and evaluate them on the basis of either previous references or by providing some justification for their redundancy. This chapter also discusses the limits of the study. It means those factors that the study failed to address or integrate. Otherwise, the restrictions section can include specifics that the author's search did not succeed in processing simultaneously because of the data set and the variables specification.

The second chapter contains critical analysis, which will highlight the things left behind by the research study and then discuss open areas for further research and study.

The final chapter is necessarily the final chapter summarizing the results and discussions as well as their reflections and interpretations of the study.

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