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Perfect Dissertation Layout

Perfect Dissertation Layout

Perfect Dissertation | What is a Dissertation?

The research project, also known as research project, is perhaps the most important assignment that students have to do in university or college. It is often a major indicator of the student's actual abilities as a scholar and researcher.


A dissertation adheres to some basic principles of academic writing -

A dissertation is a structured form of assignment that develops a transparent line of thought (also called 'argument'), which is in response to central resolution or question ('thesis').


This is an extended assignment and the dissertation layout is usually divided into chapters. This involves a detailed and detailed examination of the evidence of their arguments against the subject matter of the subject matter and other forms of assignment. It is more than the students, learners that they should take responsibility for their education. They should also prepare literature review. They can choose a method for undertaking studies, write their conclusions, and then discuss the results in a discussion section at the end of the dissertation layout.

Types of Dissertation

There are three general types of dissertations that can have their dissertation layouts in different ways -

  1. Research Dissertation

Research dissertation focuses on writing a dissertation to research on a hypothesis. This research is done to find or prepare a new theory or to make the theory fair.

  1. Evaluative Dissertation

Assessment dissertation evaluates the arguments of a theory as a long term assignment and then discusses the consequences in the end with the view to justify or eliminate the theory. 

  1. Case Study Dissertation

The Case Study dissertation refers to the analysis of a research study so that it can be considered as an example of the reasoning discussed in the dissertation.


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The Dissertation Layout

A good dissertation layout should be the following components -

  1. Dissertation Proposal (If Necessary)

The dissertation proposal should be prepared only when asked by the supervisor. This is a form of blueprint of dissertation in which the students have to inform the supervisor about the subject and method of his dissertation. They can only start researching for dissertation when the dissertation proposal has been accepted by their supervisor.

The dissertation proposal is not a component of such a dissertation layout, but if it is asked then it becomes mandatory.

  1. The Title

A dissertation layout always starts with a title page. This title page can include graphics or images depending on the nature of the subject. If the subject is serious, students should exclude the images to eliminate the possibility of shortening their academic case.

  1. The Abstract

The next component of a dissertation layout is abstract. It is a summary of the thesis that is compressed in a small paragraph. This article includes -


  • The issues which the students have researched and are due to the selection of those special issues.

  • The reason for the selection of the chosen research and the selection of those special methods.

  • Results and Conclusions

  1. The Acknowledgement

Students should accept the assistance of any person who has helped them with their research or preparation of dissertation and this is part of the dissertation layout where they should do it. Whether they are employees in their college or university library, who have given them relevant information, or lectures included in the lecture, or their colleagues, or experts, provided them relevant material or interviewed them, all of them should be accepted in this section needed.

  1. The Introduction

One of the most important components of a dissertation layout is the introduction of paper. Students must present their dissertation topic and describe their objectives and objectives. They are trying to prove what they are going to prove, and what methods they will use in this process, explain its relevance and importance. Introduction to a dissertation layout is an opportunity for students to show that they have an understanding of the style, language and grammar needed to write academic paper or assignment. If students follow these standards, then it will have a positive impact on the supervisor and the rest will continue in the dissertation.


  1. The Literature Review

After introduction, students should include literature review in their dissertation layout. In a literature review, students should be critically reviewed of relevant research done in the past for their dissertation topic. It is not appropriate to list summaries of articles in a chronological order. Students should identify research topics in the given literature or analyze the papers according to alternative methods applicable for comparison. A good literature review in a dissertation layout is not only comprehensive but also important and informative. Students should end the review by identifying which contribution to the current available literature.


  1. The Methodology

The next component of the dissertation layout is the methodology that students adopt for writing paper. This is the description and development of their research framework. This section is where the students have to describe research methods, data collection methods and the data analysis methods they choose. They must also tell why these methods were appropriate for their research. The contents of the method section will vary because it depends on the specific research method adopted.


  1. Results and Discussion

After the method section, the dissertation layout should have result and discussion section. In this section, students must display, describe, paint and evaluate the results of their research.


  1. The Conclusion

The findings section of the dissertation layout is that where the students have to add all aspects of their reasoning and provide a solid answer to the question originally generated. They should be able to justify their conclusions and show how the steps in their argument are connected. They should identify the development of any future future in their research topic and whether there can be any practical effect for management or government policies.


  1. Bibliography and References

The second final section of the dissertation layout should be the bibliography and reference section. When asked by their supervisor in the thesis of the students, there should be a bibliography list or bibliography and reference list. If students do not quote their sources correctly, they can be charged and questioned for theft and may also result in the failure of their dissertation letter altogether.


  1. The Appendices

The final component of a dissertation layout should be an appendix section. This section should contain examples of items that students have used to collect evidence for their research. Item surveys, questionnaires, letters, statistical tables, drawing materials, etc. Similar materials of research should be included in the same appendix. In addition, they should be calculated correctly and accordingly. For example, two separate surveys should be included in the same supplement and should be counted as S (1) and S (2) respectively.

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