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Organizational Behavior Case Study

Organizational Behavior Case Study

Organizational Behavior Case Study | Case Study On Organizational Behavior With Solutions

Organizational behavior assignments for college-level students are quite common. Organizational behavior refers to the study of a particular organization. Central idea is to be applied company brings a complete set of solutions to university assignments on specialty organizational behavior analysis at ozpaperhelp.com.

How to Use Organizational Behavior Analysis in Organizational Behavior Assignments

Different people interact in a social group in different ways. Scientific studies that decode such behavior patterns are called organizational behaviors. Organizational behavior analysis applies this study in corporate environments to understand how employees behave in this kind of environment And what can be done to improve such behavior patterns

Organizational Behavior Analysis: A disciplinary history

Organizational behavior is a part of industrial and organizational psychology and has emerged in the 1940s and 50s. However, until the 1970s, it did not develop into an independent field of study. The area became rapidly quantitative in the 1960s and 1970s and produced significant ideas Such as compulsive rationality, informal organization and resource dependence. Some important theorists in this area are Herbert Simon, James G. Mar, Chester Bernard, Henri Fayol and Victor Worm.

Today, organizational behavior analysis is a major sub-sector of general management and is taught in almost all universities and business schools. There are three levels of study in this area:

  1. Micro level (which studies how employees work)

  2. Meso level (which studies how working groups work)

  3. Macro level (that studies how organizations in general work)

Methodology of Organizational Behavior Analysis in Organizational Behavior Assignment Writing

Organizational behavioral analysis can be done in three ways, or there are three different method models.

Quantitative Research

In quantitative analysis, some of them are:

  • Analysis of ANOVA or variation is the collection of statistical models used to analyze the differences between different employee groups.

  • Correlation or statistical relationship between two sets of variables

  • Meta-analysis or statistical method that combines various statistical data to find patterns.

  • Multi-level modeling or statistical models of parameters that differ on more than one level. This is beneficial for research designs where data for participants is held at different levels.

  • Exposes relationships between multiple retrograde dependent variables and explanatory variables.

  • Non-parametric statistics or statistical methods that do not depend on families with probability distribution parameters.

  • Structural equation modeling which is the option of the regression equation approach.

  • Time series analysis that was used to predict future values ​​based on previously observed prices.

Qualitative Research

The following methods are used:

  • Systematic study of ethnography or people and cultures. Ethnological methods are sometimes used in cases of organizational behavior.

  • Case Studies: Use of Principles in Specific Circumstances

  • Creating theory or theories through analysis of data.

  • Interview or oral questions and answer sessions.

  • Visual methods or photo elicitation in which participants are asked to draw pictures.

Computer Simulation Method

Use of computer generated images to produce representation of how organizations work.

Topics covered by Organizational Behavior Analysis

Some of the major areas of analysis for organizational behavior are the following:

  • Counterproductive Work Behavior: Those behavior patterns, often known as companies and counterparties. Some popular adverse behaviors include absence, laziness, intimidation and other employees, sexual harassment, theft and misuse of waste.

  • Decision Making: A cognitive process that results in the choice of an alternative between various alternative possibilities.

  • Employee treatment: There are several types of employee abuse. Some of them are abusive behavior, bullying, sexual harassment, inefficiency, etc.

  • Job related perspectives and emotions: Sector such as job satisfaction, payroll, organizational commitment etc.

  • Leadership: Leadership is an important area of ​​study of organizational behavior. There are many theories available: Contingency theory, which says that leadership depends on the possibilities, the leader-member The exchange of theory on leadership, which analyzes the relationship between the individual supervisor and subordinate and transformational theory of leadership, which shows how to work in the environment.

  • Managerial work: There are three types of work involved in managerial level. They have mutual roles, decision-making roles and informative roles.

  • Organizational Culture: It relates to the organization's core values ​​and mission. They are artifacts and behaviors, espoused values ​​and shared perceptions.

  • Motivation: Motivational principles are related to the motivation of the employee; Some important principles are equity principles; the hierarchy of the requirements of the masses, two-factor theory of Herzberg etc.

Organizational Behavior Analysis Case Studies

Let us now focus on organizational behavior analysis case studies. Case study on the basis of organizational analysis helps students understand the central values ​​and outlook of the organization. Management graduates are taught various theories related to organizational While behaving and behaving and taught in real life situations, there are some important principles:

  • Employee behavior theory: Principles based on organizational behavior to improve the behavior of employees and to organize them under a roof. MNCs can benefit from understanding the behavior of employed employees. It can strategically help them in the management of employees.

  • Motivational principles: Motivational strategies are introduced to help improve quality of work and to make employers efficient. It helps in improving productivity.

  • Principle of integration: The integrated model of organizational behavior contributes to understanding and focusing on different employees so that they can be integrated together. Large employees will be employed. Employees contribute on the basis of this knowledge and increase efficiency. Primary The goal of the organization is the company, as well as the company,

  • Retention theory: Employee retention is a major challenge for any organization. In order to solve and resolve retention issues, there is a need to study the behavior of the organization more carefully.

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