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Mobile App Development Assignment Help

Mobile App Development Assignment Help

Mobile App Development Assignment Help

Are you going to develop an app for your next assignment? Is making a GUI challenging? You can seek for a help in Mobile Application Development Assignment Help from our programming experts. We work on android and iOS apps and deliver a solution based on your assignment guidelines.

For students to complete their mobile app development assignment or project, they need to strictly follow a step by step approach mentioned below

·        Carefully read the guidelines of the assignment. What is the idea behind developing the app?

·        Clarification- Talk to your professors and get the doubts clarified. What should be the output?

·        Identify the approach to develop the app

·        Make a prototype

·        Integrate required analytics and programming tool.

·        Release/ Deploy the application.

·        Test and get feedback for improvement

If you find this harder and think that this is too much of workload then let us provide you with a Mobile Assignment Help. We can design apps as per your guidelines in Android and iOS both.

Android Application Development Assignment Help

What is Android?

Android is the operating system that is based on Linux and works with smartphone devices and mobiles. It is developed based on the Linux 2.6 Kernel for a various activity such as managing the Memory, Processing and Networking. It is considered to be the dynamic operating system that allows users to browse for the information, watch videos and email to other people through the phone.

The Android SDK is used to develop android applications. The package has everything to develop android applications. The SDK would have Screen Builder, Editor, Complier, Linker and other features. There are different versions that you can see in Android, including Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop. It is the powerful operating system that supports various applications on the Android Devices.

Android Assignment Help  

Many students across the world find it difficult to write the code for Android and then they look for help. And we are always there to help students with their assignment to write the code from the scratch or from the place you are stuck. Our team experts are round the clock to complete the assignment flawlessly.

App development assignment help

The Android is a open source and offers various features to their users. The application developer can easily drag and drop the feature that they want and build the functionality of same. The java block is used to develop different elements that can be simply put to the application.

There are a few types of Android Applications, the students can develop

· Native Applications:The applications are specially designed to be deployed only on the Android Devices. The code is written in the language that the platform would support. The applications are built with the use of IDE. The application is designed and developed only to work on a specific platform. The native applications are build using different programming languages like Objective C, Swift, Java, Kotlin and so on.

· Hybrid Application: These are the android applications that can be designed as well as developed to work on both Android and iOS platforms. These apps are developed similar to the website. However, it makes use of various technologies such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript. It retrieves the abilities of a hardware system in the mobile device.

iOS Application Development Assignment Help

What is iOS?

The iOS is the operating system that supports only Apple Devices. It allows you to customize the application as per your own requirements, but is more expensive compare to its counterparts. iOS is the product of Apple. However, no other mobiles can use this platform therefore it is less prone to threats.

The best things that are offered by this platform includes:

· Accessibility- If the user has vision or hearing impairment, the iOS would offer them with the voice over option. This gives more accessibility for the users to search for the icon, links or contextual buttons they are looking for.

· Siri- If you want answers for the questions, you can ask Siri which has natural language user interface. The personal assistant would take commands and answer your questions by seeing the basic data. Amazing feature of Siri is that it allows you to carry out various phone activities such as scheduling the events and setting reminders. At present, it is accepting the commands in the form of voice.

iOS Assignment Help

OzPaper Help Services is a leading website in providing iOS Assignment Help and Homework Help. We always feel grateful to assist and develop your complicated apps with amazing GUI within weeks, our exerts ensure that they are strictly following the guidelines and delivers the work to ensure that you get excellent grades.

Our Programming Assignment Help experts also provide help with Swift Language. Swift is a powerful programming language for MacOS, iOS, WatchOS, TvOS and beyond. Our services are not just only limited to iOS Assignments but span across various subjects.

Here are some examples of Android Coding:-

package com.example.roshansharma00098.myapplication;

import android.app.Activity;

import android.graphics.Color;

import android.os.Bundle;

import android.view.View;

import android.widget.Button;

import android.widget.EditText;

import android.widget.TextView;

import android.widget.Toast;

public class MainActivity extends Activity  {

   Button b1,b2;

   EditText ed1,ed2;

   TextView tx1;

   int counter = 3;


   protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {



      b1 = (Button)findViewById(R.id.button);

      ed1 = (EditText)findViewById(R.id.editText);

      ed2 = (EditText)findViewById(R.id.editText2);

      b2 = (Button)findViewById(R.id.button2);

      tx1 = (TextView)findViewById(R.id.textView3);


      b1.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {


         public void onClick(View v) {

            if(ed1.getText().toString().equals("admin") &&

               ed2.getText().toString().equals("admin")) {


Basics for Mobile App Development Assignments

There are a myriad of requirements that a developer must fulfil to develop an application. It is critical for a student to have extensive knowledge on the following things so that they can develop the mobile application irrespective of the operating system with ease:

·        Computer Security and Network

·        Business Information Systems

·        Programming Languages (Basic of C or C++)

·        Algorithms and Basic of Python

·        Cyber Security

How do we help you?

Along with highly distinct and Ph.D. holder writers, OzPaper Help Services also bring you:

·        Zero Percent Plagiarism and No errors in the work

·        Adherence to guidelines.

·        Well-built infrastructure with experienced editors and writers.

·        Meeting tight deadlines and delivering on-times.

·        Affordable price and multiples revisions.

·        Money back guarantee on non-adherence

·        24/7 availability of customer care services.

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