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What makes a good English literature essay? To get an answer, first of all, you have to find out what is the English Literature essay. It is a writing paper that carefully examines and sometimes evaluates the work aspect of literature or work of literature. To write successful English literature essay, you need to break the subject in various components. You need to remember while writing the English Literature essay. To learn about them, read this article carefully. At the end of this article you will also find the answer to a good English Literature essay.

Important elements of literature essay writing


It is important that you give a title to your English Literature essay. The title should be descriptive, which reflects your thoughts on the work of literature. The use of the same title of literature in its English literature essay is unacceptable to the readers. The title should be suitable for paper based on this topic.

For example,

Robert Browning Duke: A Portrait of a Sinister Man

A & P as state of mind

Theme in 'The Secret Lion': Conflict of Adolescence.


Who are your viewers? Of course, your teacher or tester. But remember, professors should not be your priority. You are also writing for the students who are in your class. They have the same assigned job. You have to think about how you are different from the opinions of others. It is your role to explain and interpret what is in the literature work in relation to the central thought. But you should not, in any way, 'repel' the work of literature.

When you refer to the short story, the poem or the text of the game, you are only reminding or informing your audience who are already present or they already know. Your theory should be emphasized by analyzing different approaches to the conclusions. Make sure that you do not present conspiracy summaries as your audience who want to see a different perspective on some literary works, already know the conspiracy summary.


Thesis Statement: It should be a restricted, accurate and word declared sentence which tells the purpose of writing your essay. Here are some thesis statements examples that work well for 500-750 words English Literature essay.

Example 1: The poem of Gwendolyn Brooks in 1960 shows the unique use of ballad's traditional poetry form to describe the subject of unconventional poetry of racial intolerance.

Example 2: The fate of the main characters in Antigun teaches the danger of excessive pride

Example 3: Dylan Thomas' poem 'Fern Hill' reveals the ambiguity of fictional humans.

A. Introduction

Like any other essay introduction, the introduction of English literary essay should seize the reader's meditation

Use quotes, use a brief anecdote to forward your readers to a provocative question and read

Include background information (in short) to set the view of your English Literature essay

Clear your readers what situation you are taking.

If you successfully include these above elements in your English Literature essay writing, then you will be able to write a good quality English Literature dissertation introduction.

B. Main body

In this section, you present at least three paragraphs to stream your content correctly. Here are the elements that any student should add to his English Literature essay.

An explanation of your thoughts and evidence from the text that supports your thoughts

Textual evidence as paraphrasing, specific details and direct quote

Each body article should have a subject sentence (preferably in the first sentence of the paragraph).

C. Conclusion

The closing paragraph provides a sense of perfection to your English literature essay and informs your readers that they have come to the end of the paper. Here are the important elements that make a good English literature essay conclusion:

Reinstate the thesis statement in other words

Summary of your key points

Relevant comments about literary work that you are analyzing

Remember, this is not the place where you introduce new

What makes a good English literature essay?

An argument

When you write an English literary essay, you essentially present a logic to prove your points. You argue that your perspective, interpretation, assessment decision or important assessment is valid.

A debatable thesis statement

The essay on English literature should be a specific, detailed thesis statement that describes your perspective. In terms of presenting perspective, any good thesis statement should be debatable.

Here are some bad examples of the thesis statement of the English Literature essay. To understand them, see them how you should not approach your subject.

Shakespeare's Hamlet is a play about a young man who wants to take revenge. '

The above thesis statement is a summary of this topic. It is hardly debatable.

A better thesis would be:

'Hamlet feels internal conflict because he loves his mother.'

This thesis is debatable and controversial. You should create essay logic in this way:

  1. How does Hamlet love his mother?

  2. Why does she love her?

  3. What are the effects for readers in this play?

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Model literature essay structure

Catchy title



Second. Author

Third. Title

Fourth Main characters

V. a brief summary

Sixth. Thesis statement First Body Paragraph
A Topic Sentence (What the paragraph is all about, how it is relevant to the thesis statement) 
II. Context for the quote 
A. Who says it? 
B. What episode is taking place when they say it? 
III. Quote from the text 
IV. Analysis of the quote (How does it prove your thesis?) 
V. Closing sentence (Sum up the paragraph effectively along with a transition to the next paragraph)

Second Body Paragraph
A Topic sentence (what paragraph is all about, how it is relevant to thesis statement 
II. Context for the quote 
A. Who says it? 
B. What episode is taking place when they say it? 
III. Quote from the text 
IV. Analysis of the quote (Hoe does it prove your thesis?) 
V. Closing sentence (Sum up the paragraph effectively along a transition to the next paragraph)

Third Body Paragraph
A Topic sentence (What the paragraph is all about, how it is relevant to thesis statement) 
II. Context for the quote 
A. Who says it? 
B. What episode is taking place when they say it? 
III. Quote from the text 
IV. Analysis of the quote (How does it prove your thesis?) 
V. Closing sentence (Sum up the paragraph effectively along with a transition to the next paragraph)

Summarize your argument 
II. Extend the argument 
III. Show why the text is important.

How to use textual evidence in literature essay writing?

Textual evidence should be used judiciously and only when it is directly showing the relationship with your English Literature essay. Here you will learn the correct and effective use of text evidence. Following these suggestions will help you to create a successful English literature essay.


Paraphrasing is the way to keep someone's words in his own language. A typical example of paragraphing in the English Literature essay writing is given here:

Originally from 'The Secret Lion': 'I was in twelve and junior high and something happened that we did not have a name, but still it was like a lion, and roaring, roaring, that to do the greatest things . '

After paraphrasinging: At the beginning of the story, the storyteller described that when his life changed in an important way at the age of twelve, he and his friends could not give it name or could not name it.

Specific details

Accurate descriptions always support the development of the central idea of ​​your English literature essay. See the list of some precise details that can be used in the development paragraph from the paper on John Updike's short story, 'A & P'

Usual traffic

Fluorescent lights

Checkerboard green-and-cream rubber-tile floor

Electric eye

Shoppers like ‘sheep’, ‘house slaves’ and ‘pigs’

Neatly stacked food

Using direct quotations

A relevant use of the quoted material can make your literature clear and more convincing in the English literature essay writing. But it is also very important that you tell your readers why some quotes are important for writing your English literature essay.

In Pros:

When you are referring to prose in your English Literature essay, make sure that you give page numbers while presenting quote.

In poetry:

When you cite poem lines in your English Literature essay writing, make sure you give the line number of poetry lines when necessary.

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