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Human Resource - which is popularly known by its short form (HR) - is defined as an expression of organizational trust in the employee element of the success of that organization. It is basically an employee management process that emphasizes employees' business assets. In this process, recruitment / recruitment / talent acquisition, providing proper induction and orientation, training and development skills, performance evaluation of employees, awareness of benefits and benefits to employees, motivating and maintaining public relations and protecting employees include retaining. . In technical terms, HRM is known as a strategic approach that manages relationships between employees, while emphasizing on taking advantage of the capabilities and capabilities of people to gain competitive advantage, which is provided by the employment programs, policies and practices Can be obtained through a specific group (Bratton and Gold). , 2012).

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What are the Primary Responsibilities under Human Resource Management?

The ability to meet business needs from the management of valuable resources is one of the main responsibilities of the Human Resources or Human Resources Department. There are many human resources or areas where the department has to do many important functions. Here is a list of the roles performed by the Human Resources Department:

Recruitment and Selection

The HR team provides value to the organization through the process of recruitment and selection. The organization has the opportunity to identify strong and weak actors and incorporate appropriate applicants in the employment conversation.

Workforce Planning

Job responsibilities of the HR department begin with the employees' plan. Under this process, there are essential discussions like workforce and skill.


How much is the payment to employees under salary, incentives, wages etc, but it is more than just a paycheck. Paying too much or too little can damage the organization's position in the industry or job market.

Job Analysis

It is one of the main activities which the Human Resources Department does. It is also important to write job descriptions for job analysis, to choose the right applicant and plan a career. They are considered important among all activities.

Training and Development

Through training and development, the HR team transforms employees from 'B grade player' into 'A grade player'. Such training can inevitably change the vulnerable employees to competent employees and existing competent employees.

Industrial Relations/Employee Relations

This is a new addition to human resources. Under this, HR has to provide advice on employee law, draft, policy advice and risk management.

Organizational Development/Change Management

HRD has to find out the progress plan. It is about bringing about strategic changes to overcome all challenges and to adapt to new opportunities.


Orientation is an important step in any HRM department to help new employees adapt to the new workplace environment. This is mainly one way that your employees should be familiar with certain aspects of new jobs, such as salary, profit programs, corporate rules, working hours etc.

Performance Appraisal

This is a way to monitor employee performance. Employees of the HRM department are responsible for administering the performance evaluation process, although the actual staff performance is evaluated by supervisors or managers. Apart from promotions or higher salaries, feedback and comments from employees are obtained through performance evaluation process.

Keeping Records

This is the oldest work of any HRM department in any organization. Maintaining documents in record-keeping, maintaining files, retrieving information related to employees for various purposes, employee application, health and medical records, employment history, pay scale, working hours, absence, seniority list and Includes storing other employee information. All of them need to be maintained by the HRM department. The records that maintain or provide HRM professionals are as follows:

  • An updated list of precise information about existing employees in the organization

  • If an employee violates the organization's rules and regulations then a group of actions to be taken

  • A guide to recruit new employees who make them aware of salary and work culture

  • A record of works done against any employee in the past

Responsibilities of the HRM department are changing with each passing day. Areas of HRM works are changing, keeping pace with the changing world economy and changes in business structure. Students who pursue the HRM module need to be updated with the recent development in this area to effectively manage the human resource assignment.

Is there any difference between human resource management and personal management?

Many students with very little knowledge about human resource management use both of them as synonyms. But the fact is that Human Resource Management is an extension of personal management and has completely changed traditional time management in modern times. In the last century, when human resource management was not comprehensive, the recruitment and payment of employees was completed by the individual management team in the company. With the increasing need for employee management, human resource management emerged as an alternative to traditional personal management.

The main differences of these two management concepts are as follows:

  • Personal management is more concerned about administrative tasks such as maintaining employees, payroll and employee laws. In contrast, human resources management controls the work force to contribute to organizational success.

  • Personal management is more responsive in nature. It only participates in worries and meets the demands of the employees. But Human Resource Management works as an active element in the organization because it contributes to the continuous development of functions and policies to strengthen the workforce of the organization.

  • Personal management team can be considered as an autonomous entity, but human resources management is an integral part of the organization.

  • Individual management encourages the workforce to improve with bonuses, compensation and rewards. But the human resources management strategy is specific to motivate the company's employees. This department provides inspiration through effective utilization of human resources, by creating jobs for strategies, groups and job creativity to deal with the challenges of workplace.

  • Primitive work of personal management is considered as satisfying the organization's employees. On the other hand, Human Resource Management is focused on achieving organizational goals and objectives by increasing the workforce's capabilities.

Human Resource Management Vs Human Capital Management

There are remarkable inequalities between human resource management (HRM) and Human Capital Management (HCM), which are recorded by experts, but can not be denied refusal of these two management concepts. Most importantly, they deal with the human resources of the organization (manpower).

Is Human Capital Management the new name of Human Resource Management?

In the early days, there was not much competition or workload. Employers do not have to focus their attention on the welfare, safety and development of employees. In the later centuries, many constitutional and legislation came into action to protect the values ​​and rights of the employees. Therefore, the need for human resources became indisputable. As a result, the employer focused on building skilled manpower and meeting its professional needs in the organization. The employer has collected the workers who will be responsible for the treatment of the workforce as the organization's capital or property. The work of the Human Resources Department became more sensitive with the day. Therefore, it is now known as Human Capital Management.

An Ideal Model of Human Resource Management 

The human resources management model includes all the responsibilities to complete the HRM department. If the responsibilities are done effectively, then it enables the organization to create an interested workforce which works towards achieving organizational goals and objectives. Many forces like technology, economy, politics, law, organizational situations, influence the environment.

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The Changing Focus of Human Resource Management

HRM is an organizational practice that each corporation engages in ensuring that its people have appropriate equipment to deal with all issues in the organization. For organizing training sessions to increase the organizational goals, administration and efficiency of the sector related to recruitment, compensation related matters, management of talent acquisition, management of existing employees, and development of organization, welfare and safety of employees, with HRM. Inspire.

In other words, HRM is a strategic approach that the organization raises to manage its people, environment and culture. An organizational organization with effective HRM contributes its organization towards the development of the organization and achieves organizational goals and objectives. It is a traditional description of responsibilities that any HRM in any organization must be completed.

But during the past few decades, HRM has taken a major turn from the traditional route; The responsibilities of the Human Resource Manager are being upgraded. Rather than managing or handling transactional roles, Human Resource workers are now expected to add value to the strategic use of the employees 'ability, to ensure employees' performance increase and to measure them in efficient ways by applying them in operations. The program is proposed.

With increasing market competition, employees are considered the most valuable sources in many industries. Employers register the fact that skilled and nurtured workers are the only way to keep an organization running in the competition.

Revised Roles of Human Resource (HR) Manager

Human Resource Manager no longer directs the executive team; Instead of taking the guidelines, now they have been authorized to work in executive tables and to recommend working approach, business solutions and procedures to increase the efficiency of the staff. The revised roles which the employees of the HRM department are responsible for, are discussed:

  • Lead the company towards strategic development and gives HRM metrics and measurements to showcase their value. For this, it needs to protect its employer and organization from any lawsuit resulting in a workplace chaos.

  • There are two customers to serve the staff and managers of the Human Resources Department. Today, there are many people to take care of modern human resources departments. The department should treat all the shareholders of the organization - customers, managers, officers, owners, shareholders and employees alike.

  • In the modern era, HRD has to identify opportunities in relation to organizational development and development. On the other hand, Human Resources Manager is still working as a staff lawyer to ensure that they are motivated to face challenges in the workplace.

  • The objective of the modern Human Resources Manager is to ensure the organization is to maintain the competition. In addition, the employees working in the HRM department work towards engaging with the professional priorities of employees.

  • The most important change in the HRM department is to focus on meeting the needs of employees and managers to create an experienced human resources agenda that will benefit the organization.

  • With the changing focus of HRM, the role of the HR manager has also gone through some modifications. Paying primary focus on providing the best solution for business issues, HR Manager is also responsible for being a strong consultant for business leaders. Apart from this, the person has to focus on productivity and performance and workplace issues.

Today, human resources managers share objectives and goals with business leaders. They are responsible for setting both goals and have agreed on this. Human Resources Manager works as a leader in strategic projects along with a leader who focuses on change management agenda in the ceremony.

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Human Resource (HR) Policy


By definition, this is a fundamental statement which directs how employees should be managed under the roof of an organization. In other words, Human Resources Policy refers to the codified, systematic and circulated set of rules that make decisions and regulate how the HRM department should work in the organization and with the rights to fulfill the organizational objectives, human resources How to be treated and responsibilities will be given to the department and management.

In the past, organizations have experienced controversy, division and dissatisfaction among employees due to the absence of human resources policy. There are no policies in some organizations. In some cases, the Human Resources Policy refers to some vague guidelines that depend on the supervisor's mood, attitude and discretion. The only solution that can come up with modern organizations is adding a set of rules that cover all types of issues related to the workplace.


A human resource policy should work to fulfill many tasks in the organization. First of all, the organization must have rules and regulations in a written format; It should be written in a format that guides supervisors and managers to follow specific rules and regulations. There are many such features that ensure that the Human Resources Policy is useful and will benefit the employees as well as the organization's employers. The features are described below:

  • First and foremost, it should be clear to understand the language of the policy. Bureaucrats talk about the phrases according to their intelligence, but it does not work in this case. If an HRM department wants to implement the policy then it should be written in such a way that any material can be easily understood..

  • There should be enough copies of the policy so that each manager and supervisor have a copy. It is also important that the publication does not cost much to the company and it can be easily upgraded and modified. If there are some changes, then they need to be included. Some organizations have a loose leaf binder with a specific page number. Whenever the policy requires some changes, they add only one more page / revised page and exclude the previous page.

  • If there is a disclaimer to declare policy pages then it should be attached. If the HRM department wants to ensure that the material has not been used properly or for purposes, whose purpose is not intended, then a disclaimer should be included in the HRM department.

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10 Best HR Practices of High Impact Value

There are many great practices that the organizations adopt to provide better services. Some of these depend on the size of the organization, history, culture and even the style of leadership. But there are some who provide the highest impact of all.

Well-structured Administration and Business Case Development

The HRM department should have a clear understanding of business and working relationships between business leaders. These tasks can be achieved by involving business partners in administration and planning processes. This will help the engagement organization to ensure business alignment.

Enforce Advance Level Workforce Planning Capabilities

Organizations advocate advanced operational analysts in their operations while advocating high impact Human Resources policies. This action allows the HRM department to translate the information related to the business and information of external workforce-segments into the appropriate state, which the organization can use it or distribute to business leaders.

Enforce the ‘Right’ HR Philosophers

High-impact HR organizations try to ensure that employees receive a suitable environment that helps them to achieve in the direction of organizational success as individuals and team members. The most effective human resources policies focus on promoting innovation and cooperation or building positive employee environments, while at least effective philosophies focus on cost-cutting efforts and efficiency.

4 Working Administration Functions for HR Partners

This work varies widely from one company to another. Human resources organizations that create high impacts use this task to give advice to business leaders, workforce planning, develop leadership skills, make decisions and focus on executive coaching. On the other hand, when this work is not done properly and focuses on obtaining administrative duties and orders, the HRM department fails to work efficiently.

Enforce a Flexible Design for HR Organization

A human resource structural model has proved to be the ultimate form of success. However, some structural features play an important role in the success of HR: One of the important is flexibility. When the business requires structural changes, then the HRM department is able to make those changes.

Enhance Direct Employee-related HR System

Driving factors are community-building and self-service elements for the overall effectiveness of organizations of HR functions.

Measure HR Business Metrics and Operations

With days, measurement strategies in various organizations have matured to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the business. Measurement strategies include both operational measures, which are dedicated to administer strategic business measures that support HR functions and business decisions.

Enhance Internal HR Skills

While focusing on employee development company-wide, the HRM department ignores the assessment of the development of its employees. The world of human resources is constantly changing; therefore, the need for skilled professionals is also increasing. Therefore, human resources organizations that have high impact should invest good quantities and resources to ensure capacity building of team members in areas of change management and relationship management. Organizational resources should be invested in developing business and industry knowledge of team members, best practices, as well as the use of social media tools and other modern technologies.

Develop Line Manager’s Capabilities

One common mistake is that many human resources departments are committed to delivering limited human resources in an effort to directly satisfy every stakeholder. High-impact HR organizations always focus on HR resources prioritizing the capacities of line managers.

Outsource HR Services with Proven Strategies

High impact organizations outsource HR services so that their HRM team can focus on the roles they can not outsource, such as developing customized solutions for business leaders and having links with business leaders. In areas where the organization relies on the maturity level of outsourced company.

Knowledge of HRM professionals is important for HRM professionals or it is important to write projects in your module. If you need help to apply the knowledge of learning or learning concepts in a wide range of concepts in your projects, you can get help from HRM assignment specialists.

Challenges faced by the Human Resources Department

Every human resources department, whether it be a small or a big organization, is facing some important challenges in human resource management because it develops strategy and action to popularize the work culture of the organization. While following your duties, there are some important challenges to counter the human resources department. The brief description of the challenges given below is usually by the HRM department.

Employee Management

Maintaining good employees is the main source of trouble facing all human resources departments. The sole responsibility of the Human Resources Department is to create a strategic plan that ensures employee satisfaction, adequate compensation and benefits. 


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