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HND Managing Financial Resources Decisions

HND Managing Financial Resources Decisions

HND Managing Financial Resources Decisions | Financial Decisions In Financial Management

When activities are effectively carried out in business, financial resources are very important. Our managing financial resources and decision assignment sample is excellent. This is an important tool for an organization. To effectively follow the sources, the sources can be separated using external and internal financial sources.

What are Internal Sources?

In the organization, we get such sources. It affects the total organizational effectiveness. Some internal sources are present and they are as follows:

Profits- Each organization has retained profits and it has been created through business operations. It is fixed as a successful internal source for finance and its cost is low. It is considered in the long duration of an organization.

Revenue- A revenue can be explained as a commercial sale through operation, which is a product sale in the company created for manufacturing. Services are for the company.

Sale of assets- The Company is financed by the organization using property sales and asset sales. This is an effective source and helps in eliminating blocked company properties.

Loan from Directors- The most important people are members and directors. This is true for any type of business. The loan is taken by the organization and there is a special rate of interest. The organization should be able to pay that amount.

Retained dividends- Finance is acquired by an organization because the dividend is closed. Dividend company shareholders have money. They use them within the organization.

What are the External sources?

Organizations use the following external sources which can cause total organizational effectiveness.

Debentures and Shares Issue - A successful financial source is the issuing share capital in the business environment. For the present environment, the share capital issue has been considered as a successful way of getting finance and it is for the future. Based on the shares issued, we get voting power transfer. The company's ownership also shows the transfer. When debenture issues occur, the number of creditors goes to a company. They get interest rates, which have been predefined interest rates. If you need financial resources and decision assignment sample management, then we are ready to assist you.

Loan from bank- Banks are used to arrange loans for organizations. It can be of two types short-lived, which is based on a specific rate of interest. It is considered the right source of finance. The option is done by entrepreneurs.

Bank overdraft- It is considered as the facility offered by banks to customers in existing accounts. The foundation is goodwill where they can withdraw certain funds from the bank balance in their account. We get interest for that special amount and they will be paid again for a specific period. It has achieved success for some time.

Venture capital- This is a financial source where there are various equity where financial investment happens. Thoughts are quite effective and the objective is investment and correct profits.

We have come in various aspects which inspire the choice of financial source. Selection is done by a company and they comply with the organizational requirement. We make decisions on the basis of various aspects through analysis and it inspires those decisions.

Bank Loan – Finance is important for the entrepreneur and it will be arranged in an easy way. Bank is the source of debt. It provides significant security and is an agreement on the terms and conditions of banks.

Loan acquired from the directors- For any type of organization, important people can borrow funds for the project to successfully run. Objectives must be achieved effectively. For a start-up project, it is considered to be quite successful. The objective is to get financial support from a particular source. We are ready to provide you with Managing Financial Resources and Decision Assignment Samples.

Bank overdraft- Finance can be acquired using the bank overdraft facility. The bank helps in the extraction or collection of money. This is more than the balance for a particular client account. This word is very small and it is the origin of finance in any type of business. It is considered to be effective.

Most organizations have a successful financial planning role that impacts various activities. The success of these companies helps the organization succeed. Various factors are identified through the process known as marketing plan. Analysis is done and a correct decision is taken. Comparison of different processes, forecasts, correct administration and analysis of factors are compared. We come in some points that reveal the priority of financial planning within an organization.

  • In relation to the need for organizational finance, various factors are pointed out. It helps in analyzing the presence of organizational funds.

  • We can assist in more financial needs within the organization to successfully complete most of the activities and to       achieve the result.

  • Finance plans help reduce the proportion of uncertainty within an organization with activities.

  • Creating budgets provides the right control for the use of organizational finance. Use becomes effective in an organization.

We get some involvement in the organization and different parties are considered and they are examined for decision making. We need some data to reach them.

Who are these shareholders in the organization?

  • One organization has significant members and they are identified as shareholders. They are taken at the time of decision making and these members have the right to vote. They have been given the information. It is linked to the position of finance in a company. Some examples are making liquidity, revenue, per share and profit. It helps them in making this decision.

  • Information is received from the board of directors, it is linked to the presence of finance. It helps them in taking decisions related to organizing successful policies with organizational rules. We have a team of writers for sample management, financial management and decision assignment.

  • The Company’s investors provide information related to flexibility, profitability, future plans and debt equity ratios. It helps in making decisions for investment.

  • The government's role is quite effective. Taxes should be paid. The application of various grants is needed. For this reason, correct information is necessary. This information should be related to the organization. Whenever you need Unit 2 management financial resource decision assignment, we will help you.

Analysis is done for decisions related to finance sources. We have come in two important forms of financial resources. It is for business and they are:

  1. Internal Finance Source: It includes investment in income made with capital plus company profits.

  2. External Finance Source: It involves the search of investors and bank loans. Looking for credit is also.

These fundamental types are quite common. These areas are very useful in the business sector. According to different Businessmen, people find it important to use personal wealth and it includes internal finance sources for financing a company. This indicates that the company will guarantee that those sources have been appropriately funded. But external finance sources of finance are not suitable for the company due to cost. We are ready to solve the difficult Unit 2 Management Financial Resource Decision Assignment.

What are the advantages of financial management?

An efficient financial management will assist the organization in the following ways:

  • Prepare successful and fair uses of resources

  • Meet the stakeholders' objectives and reach the goal

  • Increase accountability for donors with different stakeholders

  • Improve the respect for partners with confidence in financial aid agencies.

  • Increase profits in the competitive environment through rare resources.

  • Long-term sustainability in finance.

Basic Principles in the Financial Management Process

  • Regularity: Should be compatible with the policies of finance and systems over time.

  • Right to answer: On the way to using resources and their achievement, you need to give explanation and performance to most stakeholders.

  • Clarity: The organization has openness and it is related to finance with work. Information exists between stakeholders.

  • Honesty: There are people in the organization who show ownership and honesty.

  • Career in finance: Proper care is taken by the organization to provide financial resources. They need to be used for the right intentions.

  • Standards of accounting: Organizational process in maintaining records of finance. The use of documentation, the correct standards of external accounting is maintained.

Establishing financial or bookkeeping reports

The initial aspect is to fix the system which allows information on bookkeeping with detailed information in finance. The software can be used easily. The programs are quite economical. One example is QuickBooks. Any financial information can be recorded and grouped. The report should be prepared correctly. We can provide you a sample on financial resources and decision-making management.

Customers will be able to access useful reports on finance. They are revenue, profit and loss, expenditure, cash flow estimates and balance sheets. We know the true nature of business. You can independently establish and deal the process. You can also recruit a bookkeeper on full time or part-time basis. They can get reports on the basis of year, quarter and monthly basis. The customer will get the knowledge of future business plans.

Keep yourself updated for cash flow

We can check the daily cash flow. The easiest way to get this out can be explained as follows:

  • You need to check the balance of your bank account.

  • You can take a print of the cash flow report. This indicates future revenue which is pending in a particular period. Payments or expenses are pending in this period.

  • We can ensure bank account balance with revenue and they are more than payment or expenditure. If possible, you can modify the payment time. You can use the line of credit. You can get the best sample on financial resources and decision-making management.

Investments of expenditure and income

The key aspect of financial management is the summary of the financial records that a company is earning and money is being spent in the bookkeeping process. Reports will be prepared which allows a person to examine and follow the degree of gross income of the cost of goods and deductions from various expenses. Actual net income is displayed and it helps someone to see the income for the wrong level.

Plan to save tax.

Discussion with the tax accountant is the most important aspect. You will get the sum total of the company's taxes. You can organize for different ways of reducing taxes. For example, before the end of the tax year, the customer can reduce the cost of tax by buying equipment to prepare additional item expenditures or to complete the equipment. The need for business will be to pay bills before schedule. The bank account is delayed before the deposit of income check begins next year. With a reduction in taxable income, money should be saved to pay taxes.

Finding Profit Percentage

One important step in finance is to understand the true percentage of benefits. The person can use software for bookkeeping to develop the report, which shows total cost or subtraction of expenditure from gross earnings. Its purpose is to examine the gross income percentage and this is the real benefit. For understanding the percentage of real profit which will help us in planning the future correctly. The efficiency should be high for improving the level of profit. We need to see if the company is able to meet the target or not. Our team of writers exists to provide you with samples on financial resources and decision-making management.


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