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Remember the boring gambling of your school history teacher about the war of American independence? It would have scared you for your life and you would otherwise have kept away from the interesting topic. History of Ozpaperhelp.com promises to bring back lost interest in this topic. Here is a small form on our history assignment writing services.


History and Historiography

The history of the word comes from the Greek word history, which means inquiry or knowledge received by inquiry. It is basically a study of human past and includes a wide range of topics: events, personality, common people, society, economies, cultural practices and even their sexual habits too! For the best history assignment help, rely on our history assignment writing services.

History is a bit of a different concept. History, in a way, is the history of writing history. This refers to the disciplinary study of history writing: How history is understood by various schools of historians. Needless to say, there are many schools of writing history and different schools use different methods to produce a different version of our past. Here is a list of different schools of history writing which you need to know about your history essays.

Schools of history writing

  • Greek historical writing: Herodotus and Thucydides are credited as the father of history writing. They saw history as a product of those choices which make humans instead of human beings. Thucydides wrote his famous book 'History of the Peloponness War', which gave an example of his historical geographical view in clear words. For the best History Assignment help on Greek History Writing, rely on our History Assignment Writing Service.

  • Christian school of writing history: Mainly associated with St. Augustine, this school was influential in medieval times. It interpreted history as the manifestation of divine desire. For the Best History Assignment Support on Christian School of History Writing, take advantage of our History Assignment Writing Service

  • Knowledge of History Writing School: It was in the 17th and 18th centuries that history writing finally revived with its highly religious prejudices and gave rise to a scientific and rational approach with a sense of knowledge. Inspired by the philosophical writings of Hegel, this school emphasized the rational element in interpreting historical events, followed a linear approach towards writing history and analyzed the sources of scientific analysis. Leopold von Ranks was one of the most influential historians of this school and had significant impact on the history of the history of the next generation of historians. Knowledge of history writing For the best history assignment assistance at school, always depend on our history assignment writing service.


    Anale's School of History: Analele School is another important school history that is important for history assignment assistance. This school popularized social history and had significant impact on the history of the 20th century. It dominated the French historical geographical landscape in the 20th century and faced many continual changes of generations -


     The first generation's founders were Lucin February and March Bloch.


     Then second-generation historians such as Fernand Brodel and Georges Dubey followed it. These historians emphasized the importance of mentalities in the shape of history, i.e. the history of human perspective, approach and thought processes influenced history.


     The third generation of historians such as Emanuel Li Roy Laduri and Philip Mesh also emphasized writing history from the point of view of history.


     Finally, with the so-called 'cultural twist' in history writing, fourth-generation historians like Roger Chartere tried to write the history of cultural practices.

  •  British Marxist Social History: British Marxist Social Historian Eric Hobsbawm, E.P. Thompson and Christopher Hill offered the materialistic interpretation of history using Marxist methods. They saw history as a struggle between classes where a class tried to dominate the second class. For more information on History Assignment Support, log on to Ozpaperhelp.com.

  • Modernist concept after history: In the years of World War, another special category of history writing emerged. Though he did not make history a formal school, historians were inspired by the criticism of all modernity. He criticized the universal notion of reality, emphasized the importance of the fragmented understanding of the past and the purpose was to cancel the possibility of history. The classic works of French philosopher Michel Foucault on the history of insanity, crime and sexuality are examples of such history writing. Our History Assignment Specialists provide you with the best history assignment assistance on your modern-day modernist essays.

  • There is still a large number of other schools: Racist history that tries to detect the hidden history of women and hidden people and suburban history, which focus on the history of suburban groups of people like farmers, tribals, workers etc. Are looking for focus. Get history help articles from history history essay writing services on these histories only.

Areas of history

A historian does not have to focus on all areas of history in the same work. As the experts are in any other field of study. For complete History Assignment Support by the Best Group of Authorship History Group, log on to our site.

  • Political history: This long favorite area is somewhat unnecessary now. It depends on political events, wars, political successes, conflicts, kings, queens etc. For more political history assignment assistance, contact us.

  • Social History: It wants to answer that the common people (and the kings and queens) tried to confront the historical changes and made an impressive change in themselves. For more social history assignment support, it depends on us.

  • Military history: separate from political history, military history war, military strategies, changes in military technology etc. For more military history assignment assistance, we want to take help.

  • Economic history: It involves the approach of economics and statistics to understand how changes in production forces have given rise to macro-level social changes. For more financial history assignment assistance, contact our specialists.

  • Cultural history: New flame in history writing, it became popular after the cultural turn in the second half of the last century. It follows a multi-disciplinary approach and shows how cultural experiences shape human history, how different cultures perceive historical experiences separately, and how myths of myths and memories of myths and memories rather than writing formal history To shape. For more cultural history assignment assistance, trust us.

Stages of history

For a long time, history was divided into three mutually exclusive timings, ancient history, medieval history and modern history. Generally an unilinear tale was formed and history was seen as progressive progression of positive forces. The ancient period was seen as a golden age, after which the so-called 'dark medieval era' had a period of sadness and despair. The age of knowledge once again brought the period of progress back. Our History Assignment Authors and History Assignment Specialists are ready to give you history assignment assistance at all stages of history.


This neat unchecked story which is full of price-judgment about the previous societies has now been challenged by historians. It is called Historical Perception of History. On the contrary, the new generation of historians criticizes the progressive notion of history and emphasizes the cultural specificity, relativity and the fragmentary nature of historical truth. The new historic movement in history writing is very close after the modernist understanding of history. Get our History Assignment help for important evaluation of the first mode of writing history.

Regions of history

Although various interesting historical accounts have been produced, it should be noted that there is a huge Euro-American bias in modern history writing. Most famous historians are all European and thus they are mainly centered on the history of Europe. Not only this, he automatically acknowledged that the broad socio-economic changes in Europe must also be repeated in different parts of the world in the same way. For complete history assignment assistance on all areas of history, rely only on our history assignment writing services.

Post-colonial histories

On the contrary, colonialists criticize this "euro-centricity" of history writing and try to change historical focus on the colonies of Europe to improve this Euro-centric bias of history. Many interesting works have been done on different colonies of Europe. Some key areas of expertise are:

  • South Asian History which focuses on the colonial experience of British rule in India

  • Latin American history focused on the experience of Latin American countries after Spanish and Portuguese victories

  • And finally African history shows the development of the continent as a patchwork of nation-states after the colonial experience.

Apart from these, harp on the areas of regular history:

  • Western Europe

  • North America

  • England

For more history assignment help on all these areas, log on to Ozpaperhelp.com

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