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Federation University

Federation University

Federation University


Federation University is an Australian public university which offers both professional and higher education to students from all over the world. It was established in the year 2013 after the merger of Balatar and Monash University. It is a university in history, it has its premises in Balatar, Ararat, Horsham, Stewell and Churchill. The main campus is located in the batting. The University is one of the very few universities that provide online technical education. The University has collaborated to offer joint-degree programs with joint universities. The University has been given five stars for the quality of teaching through the Good Universities Guide for four consecutive years. The University has currently nominated twenty thousand students. The University has got facilities with world-class facilities like Technology Park, Post Office Building, Library and many new buildings. The courses taught here meet the needs of industry and employers. The academic board of the University controls all matters related to academic. There are many other boards that control legal and administrative matters. All funds received by the university are used to increase the resources for the university. The University campus has a cafe, sports center, children center and hospitality service.

Undergraduate Courses

  • ENCOR1100: Engineering Dynamics

  • ENCOR4040: Data Analysis and numerical techniques

  • ITECH1002: Network Operating Systems

  • ITECH1004: Introduction to Multimedia

  • ATSGC1284: The Criminal Justice Process

  • HCNUR1011 Foundations of Nursing

  • BUACC3701 Financial Management

  • ITECH4300: Research Skills and Academic Communication

  • BUMGT2621: Business Communications

  • EXSCI1003: Anatomical & Physiological Bases of Human Movement

  • BSMAN3009: Accounting For Managers

  • MANOP1005 - Manufacturing technology

  • BFGGC3210 Financial Planning

  • SCBIO1032 Introductory Microbiology

  • SCMED2031 Molecular Cell Biology

  • BUTSM1501 Introduction to Tourism

  • BUMKT1501 Introduction to Marketing

  • ECGGC1101 Introductory Microeconomics

  • Bachelor of Arts (Rural Social Welfare)

  • Bachelor of Psychological Science  

  • Bachelor of Hospitality (Management)

  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Professional Practice)

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Extractive Metallurgy)

  • Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)

  • Bachelor of Visual Arts (Graphic Design / Multimedia)

  • Bachelor of Arts (International Studies)

  • Bachelor of Management (Human Resource Management)

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Management)

  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Games and Digital Media)

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Applied Economics and Finance)

  • Bachelor of Food and Nutritional Sciences

  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours)

  • Bachelor of Sport Management (Honours)

Post-Graduate Courses

  • ITECH7401 Leadership in It Project Management

  • MATHS8001 M Math Sciences (F/T)

  • HUMOV8007 Master of Applied Science: Social Science F/T

  • STATS1900 Business Statistics 

  • BUHRM1501: Introduction to Human Resource Management 

  • BSHSP1010 Occupational Health and Safety 

  • BSHSP1015 Food and Beverage Service Principles 

  • ENMIN7030 Advanced Rock Mechanics 

  • EDFGC6801 Learning at Work in the Knowledge Economy 

  • APGGC4572 Human Services Management: Principles and Process 

  • BSMAN3003 - Strategic human resources Management 

  • BUECO 5903 Business Economics 

  • BUHON4001 Research Dissertation 

  • BULAW 5916 Taxation Law and Practice 

  • MSWPG7101 Foundations of Social Work Theory 

  • APGGC4416 Crime Prevention: A Global Perspective 

  • EDMED7037 Ways of Researching 

  • ITECH1006 Database Management Systems 

  • ITECH3301 E-Commerce Systems and Technologies 

  • BUACC 5934 Financial Accounting 

  • BUACC 5930 Accounting Concepts and Practices 

  • MBA - Master of Business Administration (International Management)  

  • Master of Engineering Technology (Mechanical Engineering) 

  • Master of Commerce (Professional Accounting)

  • Master of Exercise Rehabilitation

  • Postgraduate Diploma of Education Studies

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Humanities and Social Science)

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