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  • Canvas of English literature is very large to be able to summarize in some words. Thus, writing an English dissertation is a big task, such as being handled by students.

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Let's understand the basics of the English dissertation that mostly disturb students like you.


What is Main Purpose of English Dissertation writing?

The main purpose of the English dissertation is to write deeply in the topics and concepts which are surrounded by English literature. Apart from this, these ideas have been conceptualized through various factors, such as cultural or political movements, which were important in influencing the literature. Is literature Reflections on array ideas affecting writers, novelists, poets, and theatrical effects. These effects can be completely academic like philosophical or psychological or social influences or it may be a religious tilt of the authors.

The English dissertation can be about anything but make sure that the subject you choose in challenging and interesting will be difficult for you to do extensive research.

In the next section, we will focus on how to limit this vast area of ​​English literature into an accurate research topic.

How to choose an English dissertation topic?

To see a comprehensive glimpse of the development of English literature, we can broadly classify English literature in various literature. So we will pass through all the ages, their impact, and the potential subjects which can be removed by them.

History English literature is divided into following isolation:

  • Old English literature (450-1066)

Beginning of old English literature can be seen back in England for settlement of Anglo-Saxon (Germanic tribes-Saxon, Jute and Angles). Each tribe has its own set of effects that change English and enrich the essence of language. Literature is also affected and the reflection on the works of old English is obvious.

The Anglo-Saxon era contains an array of styles such as epic poems, legal work, riddles, chronology, and translation of the Bible. Beowulf is the most prominent task that has survived to this day. The writers of that era were mainly unknown. Only four writers are known by their names and their works are also recognized.

Following could the proposed topic on this era:

  • Ethics is a crew in Beowulf, like any other heroic folklore.

  • Viral heroes - a comparative analysis between Beowulf, Hercules and Perseus

  • Middle English (1066-1500)

In this era, influential themes and ideas that outline English writing are mainly honored by French and Celtic literature. The most celebrated name was Jeffrey Chaucer. Their contributions in introducing the embank Pentameter line and the rhyming couple were important. few of them The important work is "Troilus and Chrisade" and "Canterbury Stories". Apart from Chaucer, any notable writers looked at this age because most of the work is unknown.

So the questions that might be formulated for this age would be:

  • Impact of symbolism in middle age literature

  • French influence on chaucer

  • Canterbury Tales and Medieval Politics

  • A Comparative Study on Seven Deadly Sins and One of Canterbury Tales

  • Innocence in the fourteenth century

  • Analyze the idea of ​​"leaving" in Canterbury Tales.

  • English Renaissance (1500-1660)

Renaissance is a French word meaning "rebirth". In this era, a series of changes were seen, which changed the world's perspective forever. The most prominent change was clearly the acceptance of science, which had a great impact on the literary works of the incoming writers.The idea of ​​Renaissance in the field of art, politics and religion was major influences. Greek and Roman literature also greatly influenced writers of this era.

This age has given rise to some intense writers who are always obliged to praise. The names of Sir Philip Spencer, Christopher Marlowe, William Shakespeare, John Doney, John Lilly and Thomas Kid are related to this age.

This age is further classified into following

  • Elizabethan Era (1558-1603)

  • Jacobean period (1603-1625)

  • Late Renaissance (1625-1660)

In this type of research topic or question which can be removed from this age:

  • A comparative study on the similarities between Milton and Biblical

  • Their notion of nature with William Wordsworth and the prism of the imagination of his poetry.

  • An Analytical Study of Shakespearean Drama and Participation of Murder, Environment and Politics

  • A Comparative Study of Geographic Imagination on Love and Loss in John Donne's Poems

  • Restoration Period (1660-1700)

The main aspect to separate this age from the other age is the dominant influence of politics on literature. It is also called the age of Dryden because this contribution dominates this entire era. His satirical and realistic approach was wonderful and his brave couple were enchanted. This is age Etched in history for the age of realism and its dry humor too. Courtesy comedy is an invention of this era, which has openly criticized his behavior in society's elite and comic fashion. John Bunyan was another writer who marked his presence with his work The Pilgrim Progress.

Research topic:

Analytical study of method comedy of perspective in the perspective of Dryden's works

Augustan literature (1700-1750)

The age of August is also called neoclassical age and age of realism. The leading poets of age were Alexander Pope and John Dryden and prominent prose writers Jonathan Swift and Joseph Addison. There was a connection between the Dryden Restoration and the Agastah Period. His poetry saints His successor poets highly appreciated. The tone of the age was dominated by intellect and intellectual concepts. Satire and parody in the eighteenth century were unrestricted because they were afraid of defamation earlier. The philosophy of empiricism was pioneered and chieftain by John Locke, which is clearly evident in his celebrated fake-fiction story poem, the rape of the lock.

research topics:

Women in the form of central character in "Lock of the Lock".

The role of "gnomes" and "souls" in "the rape of the lock"

Age of sensitivity (1750-1798)

This age embeds the age of August and the romantic era. In this age, writers, writers and poets focused on emotional and intellectual quotes in their writings. These articles were intended to Call on emotions and get feedback on the character's problem or tenderness in the readers. Sometimes he ignored the importance of conspiracy in the flow of action and in his writings. Some reputed writers were Oliver Gold, and Richard Brinsley Sheridan. There was another major French revolution in this era, which dramatically changed the writing style of this era.

research topic:

Ease of writing romantic era

Analysis of the subject of supernatural and emotional writing in the romantic era

Romanticism (1798-1837)

Romanticism is a movement in which specially seen changes in artistic styles and practices in paintings, music and literature. Romanticism is emotional and focused on Imaginary inspiration and improvement. The authors of this age were more concerned about religion and nature and their relationship. Poets immersed their writings in the description of ancient nature and its beauty, and condemned the growing ugliness due to industrialization.

Major romantic writers William Blake, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Colliers, Charles Lamb, John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelley.

research topics:

Analysis of "homelessness" in romantic literature

Illustration of mother-daughter relationship during the romantic era.

Victorian era (1837-19 01)

Victorian age is the age which saw the exponential growth of industrialization. This industrialization Transformed the social matrix which benefited the middle class but adversely affected the lower class. This harsh change forced the literary people to think and the writings of Dickens and Hardy were highly saturated with such evidence.

Apart from him, prominent writers William Makepeace Thackeray, Emily Bronchers Robert Browning, Alfred Lord Tennyson and Rudyard Kipling.

Research topics:

  • Analytical Study of the topics of love and loss in Thomas Hardy's poems

  • A comparative study on the subject of love in Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poems.

  • The symbolic significance of costumes in Dickens's works

  • Wild: an underlying theme of the Victorian era

  • Political influences on the works of the Victorian era

  • Modernism (1901-19 22)

With the beginning of the 20th century it was considered as a modern era. The canvas of its range is huge, dynamic and varied. There were several writers in it who were impressed by a wide range of events around and around the authors. With the progress of science and technology, people were becoming aware of the accuracy of what they were reading. Both World wars shook the basis of humanity which is largely reflected in the writing of that era. The influential writer, DH Lawrence, E.E. Cummings, Ernest Hemingway, Ezra Pound, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, James Joyce, John Steinbeck, Joseph Conrad, Samuel Beckett, Sylvia Plath, TS. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, William Butler Yachts, and William Falconer

Simple steps involved in writing a dissertation

  • Find a research topic.

  • Prepare a research question.

  • Write a dissertation proposal.

  • Start researching for dissertation.

  • Decide on the best method.

  • Creating a hypothesis

  • Finally, write dissertation.

The way you came into various eras and eras, through which English literature developed, we need to move forward in a specific subject that is moving ahead. Only in this way will you be able to complete all the steps mentioned above to complete a dissertation.

Structure of a dissertation

While writing the dissertation, the understanding of the structure of the dissertation is very important. Let's focus on every aspect of the structure of English dissertation.

  • Abstract

Abstract is a brief description of the overall dissertation. It originally contained the original idea of ​​the dissertation. The word breve is the key to a crisp and concise summary that will serve as a summary of the entire dissertation. The purpose of abstract research should be underlined and explained the importance of the dissertation.Acknowledgment

In the acknowledgment page, you thank all the people who provide help and assistance to you successfully complete the dissertation. Some approvals are small and focus only on thanking a few handfuls. On the other hand there are such approvals that can continue Can be two or more pages. Acceptance is not mandatory but it gives you the opportunity to be grateful for those who have played an important role in the successful achievement of your dissertation.

  • Introduction

Introduction is a summary of the dissertation again, though it is an elaborate version of the essence. As the name implies, the introduction is important because it presents the dissertation. It also helps in establishing the context of research. An introduction to the problem involves problem statement (which is under consideration). It clearly states the research objective. It presents a clear and well-defined outline of the dissertation.

  • Literature Review

Literature review provides a comprehensive and ubiquitous foundation for dissertation.

  • Methodology

Due by the study, the course has been designed duly. A good method is to incorporate the various subcontinent that explain various aspects in the description. These subcontinent should explain the philosophy of research.

  • Results and Analysis

This section indicates the outcome which is taken by the method section. The result section clearly expresses all the raw data generated during the research and does not consider any interpretation.

  • Discussion

Discussion section includes a detailed discussion of research results in the context of literature review. Analyze the discussion that the hypothesis stated during the research was obtained or not. All evidence is analyzed and interpreted on the basis of the literature review and methodology.

  • Conclusion

  • This section summarizes the entire research and explains all the main conclusions of the research. It also tries to highlight the contribution of research in a particular field of study. This section includes defects and future recommendations.

  • References

  • The reference list has been prepared according to a specific reference style, which is recommended by the university. Harvard, APA, MLA, Oscola and many other types of reference styles.

  • Appendix

  • Appendix section contains questionnaires, graphs, tables and other statistical representation.

General tips to Remember while Writing an English Dissertation

  • Your research should be comprehensive but where you should stop

  • Make a timeline that you religiously follow to complete your dissertation on time.

  • Start writing quickly. It is better to get started early so that you can make the necessary changes after the completion of your dissertation.

  • Fertilization can not be written in the flow. It can not follow the pattern of the first sentence and the last sentence.

  • The moment you start making notes for your dissertation, you have actually made the first step of writing your dissertation. This makes the notes in such a way that it simplifies your eyes on paper.

  • Focus on your research and topic that is to be included in your dissertation.

  • While creating notes, you should follow your natural writing style while writing a dissertation, you can easily change it to fit in the academic style of writing.

  • Repeatedly refer you to the timeline and the planning program.

  • Pin points to those questions whose purpose of dissertation is to answer.

  • Always focus on answering questions. The main purpose of the dissertation is not answering the questions. If your dissertation fails to answer the question, then it fails in the final purpose of writing English dissertation.

  • Understand the complexities of the structure of the dissertation.

  • Complying with the structure is important as research or material.

  • Context is very important.

Signs of a good English dissertation

  • A good English dissertation should reflect on your understanding of the subject which you are doing.

  • The effects of the dissertation should be clearly understood and searched.

  • Extensive and intensive evidence of research and text references. It will testify to your foundation of the dissertation.

  • A comprehensive analysis of the series of literary references used to make the dissertation.

English Dissertation writing style

  • A fine quality of a dissertation is determined by the following parameters:

  • Use of formal language.

  • Well organized and logical.

  • Referred to secondary sources.

  • Completely referenced.

  • Strong analysis.

  • Distinct comparison and contrast.

  • Definitive description.

  • Balanced arguments.

  • Well structured.

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