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Financial Data Analysis using the MATLAB Assignment Help for College Students

MATLAB is one of the most effective tools for applying risk management and quantitative finance computing methods. It helps researchers create Prototypes, Test and Validate Financial Models, Accelerate the Models with Parallel Processing, and generate Visualizations for the results. This is done using the Financial Toolbox that comes with MATLAB and researchers have utilized the functions contained in this toolbox for years to create Mathematical Models and Analyze Financial Data.

But like all programs used for Financial Analysis, students often face difficulties when dealing with Financial Assignments involving analyze of Data using MATLAB. Luckily, with our Finance using MATLAB Assignment Help Portal, students can have all these complex tasks handled by an expert. We launched this platform to enable students, who are not confident in analyzing data using MATLAB, to score better in their Finance Assignments and succeed both in Academic and in Corporate Sector. If this is what you seek, we invited you to send us a Do My Finance using MATLAB Assignmentrequest and we will provide the best Academic Support.

Advantages of MATLAB for analyzing the Financial Data

MATLAB allows researchers to create prototypes and perform validation for Computational Finance Models without a need of creating too much Code. Leading financial institutions apply MATLAB in their systems to perform stress tests, determine interest rates, trade complex instruments and manage multi-billion-dollar portfolios.

Here are some reasons which defines that Why MATLAB is popular in Financial Institutions:

·        MATLAB is fast. Researchers can run portfolio and risk analytics prototypes up to 64 times faster than Python, 100 times faster than VBA/Excel and 120 times faster than R.

·        MATLAB generates documentation to regulatory approval and model review automatically.

·        Researchers can use prebuilt applications and tools to debug financial models and visualize intermediate results.

·        IT groups can implement IP protected models directly into web and desktop applications such as Python, C++, Java, Tableau, and Excel.

·        MATLAB can handle both huge and streaming data from various data sources.

·        MATLAB has an interface for importing real-time and historical market data from both paid and free sources lie Refinitiv, Bloomberg, Twitter, FRED and FactSet.  

MATLAB Programming Assignment Help

Our MATLAB Homework Help Experts also performs Financial Tasks

There are plenty of Financial Tasks that can be performed using MATLAB. Some of these are discussed below by our Financial Homework Help Experts in MATLAB:

Investment Management

Researchers can develop and evolve portfolio manager’s dashboard with valuation, intraday risk reporting and trade execution capabilities. MATLAB provides tools for carrying out portfolio optimization using mean absolute deviation, mean-variance, Black-Litterman, and conditional value-at-risk methods. Also, one can easily measure the performance of an investment using tracking errors, risk -adjusted alphas, Sharpe ratio and maximum drawdowns. For professional support on assignments related to investment management, contact us for help with Finance using MATLAB Homework.

Risk Management

With MATLAB, analysts can augment, automate and provide actionable reports throughout the lifecycle of the risk model. They can validate models, review and implement them, and receive regulatory approval in just a few months. They can also create risk management systems and infrastructures for stress testing. Additionally, one can use the functions and models to quantify risk exposure and validate risk models using expected shortfall back testing and VaR. our experts are highly experienced in Risk Management and can offer you quality help in this field. If you need kind of assistance, go ahead and send us a Do My Finance using MATLAB Homework request.

Financial Modeling and Forecasting

Analysts can use point and click applications and functions to fit time series financial data with econometric models such as GJR, EGARCH, GARCH, ARMA or machine learning algorithms. With MATLAB, it is also possible to interface to DSGE Models to predict essential economic variables. One can also use functions and algorithms for interest rate forecasting and modeling based on parameters approximated from the Svensson or Nelson-Siegel models.

Analyzing Insurance and Actuarial Data

MATLAB allows researchers to analyze larges sets of data, build custom actuarial model, and perform simulations using parallelization. They can also come up with Prices for different insurance products like guaranteed minimum benefits, variable annuities, endowment policies and term assurance.

Here is some examples of Matlab:-




    clear Excel;

function PlotInExcel

       x= {1:10};

       a= cell2mat(x);

       y= {1:10};

       b= cell2mat(y);



       xlabel('X Values');

       ylabel('Y Values');

       print -dmeta;   %.................Copying to clipboard

       FILE  = 'C:DATA.xlsx';


       %.............excel COM object...........................................

             Excel = actxserver ('Excel.Application');

     Excel.Visible = 1;

     if ~exist(FILE,'file')





     invoke(Excel.Workbooks,'Open',FILE); %Open the file

     ActiveSheet  = Excel.ActiveSheet;

     ActiveSheetRange  = get(ActiveSheet,'Range',Range);


     ActiveSheetRange.PasteSpecial; %.................Pasting the figure to the selected location

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