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If you are doing an activity-based accounting assignment, you will need to know what is an activity-based cost. It can be illustrated as an accounting method used to identify the activities performed by the firm. It recognizes the connection between cost, activities and products. If you need any help with your activity-based accounting assignment, you can get the best accounting assignment assistance from us.

Basics of activity based costing system

When you are writing an activity-based accounting assignment, you need to know what the cost of the product is. It is defined by the sum of the cost of all activities required to manufacture and supply the customer.

  • There is no direct cost related to production

  • Activities are consumed by activities / services

  • Activity based costs determine the cost of products by detecting activity expenditure. Each product is charged on the basis on which it is used as an activity.

  • The primary purpose of activity based costs is to assign those costs that reflect the physical mobility of the business.

  • Provides ways to allocate the cost of indirect support resources to activities, business processes, customers and products.

  • It recognizes that many organizational resources are not required for physical production of units of the product, but there is a need to provide board array of support activities.

Advantages of activity based costing system


Our activity-based accounting assignment experts say that the use of activity-based costs is particularly important for businesses that provide customized products and services. Our activity-based cost assignment further states that to identify the actual cost of a customized production environment, activity-based cost allocation of actual indirect costs on the product is required. Activity-based accounting assignment specialists have mentioned some advantages that they receive by assigning a business activity based cost system.


  • Activity based cost determines product cost more accurately and reliably because it focuses on causation and impact relationship between costs and activities in terms of production of goods.

  • It determines that the sale price of multi-products is reasonable and accurate under activity based cost. According to relevant cost drivers, overhead is the reason for allocation.

  • Fixed and variable control of the overhead associated with controls becomes easy to regulate and monitor. Activity based costs are used to identify the relationship between costs and activities and thus provides opportunities to control overheads costs.

  • This system provides enough information that is used to make decisions about the profitability of various product lines.

  • The proper allocation of the overhead is a large part of the total cost components.


Design and implementation of activity based cost system


When you deal with an activity-based cost assignment, you need to get the knowledge of how the system takes shape and how businesses execute the system effectively. For activity-based accounting assignment assistance, our activity-based cost assignment explains the process of applying expert systems.


  • Step 1 Determine the cost objects (such as A, B, C)

  • Step 2 Identify direct costs (for example direct materials, direct labor and direct expenses)

  • Step 3 Finalize the cost allocations bases that must be utilized for overhead costs (such as ….of set-ups, ……of units, etc.)

  • Step 4 Determine the overhead costs related to the selected bases

  • Step 5 Calculate the rate per unit

  • Step 6 Compute the overheads cost for allocation to products

  • Step 7 Figure the cost of products

Implementation areas


Our Activity Based Accounting Assignment Expert here lets you know the areas where activity based cost system should be engineered.


  • High overheads

  • Product diversity or multiple products

  • Customer diversity

  • Service diversity


    Stiff competition

If you want to get detailed knowledge on these areas to make accounting assignment more effective based on your activities, then our activity-based cost assignment specialists can provide the best possible accounting assignment assistance.


Definition of activity drive

Our Activity Based Accounting Assignment Specialists describe the responsibilities of an activity driver. The activity driver is used to determine the relationship between activities and products, such as activities and cost items. The activity driver is chosen on the basis of the subjective trade-off between the accuracy and the cost of measurement. You can get detailed knowledge by taking activity-based accounting assignment help on this particular topic.


Level of activities involved in accounting based costing system

Our activity-based accounting assignments explain many levels of expertise that companies need to take part when implementing an activity based cost system.

  • Unit level activities: These include direct material, direct labor and machine maintenance cost.

  • Batch level activities: This cost occurs when group (batch) units are produced every time such as purchase order, machine setup and quality testing.

  • Product-line activities: These include assembly changes made in assembly lines, product design changes, and storage cost of each product line and storage cost.

  • Facility support activities: These are the costs related to those activities which are administrative in nature. For example, building depreciation, property taxes, protection of plants, landscapes and maintenance, salary of insurance accounting and support workers.

Challenges faced while implementing an activity based cost system


After reading the above information given by our activity-based cost assignment specialists, you have to understand how the activity based cost system is executed with various activities. Here, our activity-based accounting assignment tutors can challenge the businesses challenging while implementing the process based cost process. In this way you can give detailed information on activity based cost system assignments. Our activity-based accounting assignment writers always stay there to help you.


  • High management will have to approve the initial plans to implement the activity based cost system. The job starts with inquiries from the employees.

  • The design and implementation of the activity-based cost system should be taken care of by a cross-functional team of technicians. Generally, the team consists of representatives of accounting, finance, IT, marketing, production and engineering departments.

  • The counselor, who takes care of activity based cost services, should be hired to prevent waste of resources and time.

  • The selection of activity-based cost software that can apply and start processing of the system should be done on expert advice.

Indicators of need for activity based costing


Our activity-based accounting assignment author defines some indicators that indicate whether activity based cost system implementation is required or not. You can select activity-based accounting assignment assistance from specialists to get detailed knowledge. When the activity based cost system should be employed,


  • Direct labor is a small percentage of total cost

  • It is difficult to explain product line profit margins

  • Sales are on the rise, but profit is decreasing

  • Line managers do not support product cost reports

  • The marketing team does not use cost reports to make pricing decisions

  • Some products have reported high profit margins are sold by competitors.

Limitations of activities based costing


Our activity-based accounting assignment specialists indicate some limitations on activity-based costs at business-based costs. These are given below:


  • It is difficult to identify the overall activities that affect the cost

  • Choosing the most suitable cost drive is not easy

  • It is difficult to evaluate costs based on activities

  • Small manufacturing is not suitable for concerns

But it should be remembered that when you are dealing with an activity based accounting assignment, you have to give the theoretical information along with the calculation. So only an activity based cost system assignment specialist can help you in this regard.

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