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A connection of various computers together in order to share data, information and resources is termed as a computer network. Nowadays, internet has grown up to be the most common and the largest computer network people access, and it comprises of billions of computers, smart devices, and servers connected with each other all across the world. A more pronounced definition of computer network says that, “A computer network is the combination of interconnected computers with the motto of interaction and communication to each other. Computer networks can be characterized on the basis of network topology on which the network is based upon. A network can be based on a star topology, bus topology, ring topology, mesh topology, tree or hierarchical topology.”

We at Oz Paper Help have highly qualified experts from computer network engineering backgrounds who are assigned these computer networking assignments to ensure maximum grades. Our team of programming expert offers top quality computer network assignment help to students seeking assistance to resolve all of their term work or projects. They have vast experience in the field of computer networking and in-depth knowledge on theoretical and practical aspects of computer networking and communication. According to our Computer network assignment help experts; there are various devices which helps in settling up a computer network. Some of the important devices are a router, network distributor, network cables, network card and Universal Serial Bus. Our experts firmly believe that a good computer network must be strong on parameters like reliability, good performance, and safety from unauthorized sources which can harm the network. To get further information on Computer network and communication assignment help, feel free to contact our experts.

Types of Network Topologies

The method of connection of various devices in a network is known as Topology. Our computer network system and communication assignment experts are good at creating networks of diverse type of topologies to suit your assignment needs and some of which are discussed below:

  • Star topology: Star topology includes a central node that lets almost every device to get connected with the network. No device is directly connected to another device or a computer and can, therefore, communicate by passing data through cable hub. Since the number of hops are limited in it, this topology provides good performance with less lag. One of the major disadvantages of this topology is that it is much expensive to build.
  • Ring topology: In this topology, every device is linked with every adjacent device creating a ring like structure. The data has to move through like every node before it finds the right destination terminal to settle. A central hub is not needed to control the flow of data; also all data mainly flows in one direction reducing the chance of packet collision.
  • Bus topology: In this topology, network of devices and computers are linked to each other by only single cable, that helps connections data at the same time. But the major disadvantages are that break in central cable can cause entire system to shut down.

Types of computer network

Our Programming Experts have a deep knowledge of various computer networks. Some are briefly discussed below:

· Local Area Network: This kind of network is used to provide network services to few people situated in the same geological region. This network is commonly used in the organizations, offices colleges, universities, and schools and span to areas within a radius of 1km.

· Metropolitan Area Network: This network is also known as MAN which connects the computer networks in a larger area as compared to LAN. It can span network to an entire building; also, a whole town.

· Wide Area Network: This is known as WAN which serves a greater community or workplaces situated in large geological region. It includes of other computer networks like MANs and LANs.

· Wireless Local Area Networks: This network can be used without any kind of wires in order to join various computers with one server.

Our experts can help you answer questions about above areas and more networks such as Campus Area Network (CAN), Personal area Network (PAN), System Area Network (SAN) and Storage Area Network (SAN) about which our experts team have in-depth knowledge.

Important network devices

Network devices perform various tasks and helps in carrying data to different devices of a computer network. Our computer network assignment helps experts also have knowledge of these key network devices which are commonly used for creation of different networks:

· Modem: It’s a important device which is used for modulation and demodulation of network data. It transmits the data to telephone lines as analogue signal and converts them back into digital signals while receiving them.

· Repeater: This is an electronic device which can be used for receiving the signals and to retransmits them with higher level and powerful network server.

· Hub: This device lets user to connect with various computers using a single topology network.

· Media converters: This device helps uncomplicate systems and connect different media types like fiber optic cables and twisted pair.

· Network Interface card (NIC): It’s a computer hardware device which let’s user to connect the computers with internet or network.

· Router: This hardware is used at the network layer of OSI model and rapidly transfers data between the different local area networks. Basically, they are devices which joins the multiple computer networks via hardware or software such as wired or wireless connections.

· Switch: This is the tool which obtains information from various systems in a network and transfers it to definite output ports to fulfil its desired objective.

· Firewall: It’s a part of networks which is designed to let admin for blocking unauthorized access to or from the network at the same time allowing the passage of authorized data. There are different types of Firewall; it can be a software, hardware or a combination of both.

· Bridge: This network tool that connects their users through multiple communicating networks or network segments effectively. Our experienced computer networking experts know that bridges operate at data link layer of the OSI reference model. It can interconnect two of the points mutually with data flowing at extremely high velocity.

Important concepts of computer networks:

At Oz Paper Help, our team of programming experts and help specialist are experienced and knowledgeable in the field of computer networking. Our students across the globe from different Universities seek for a help on assignments which first requires building concepts around the basics of computer networking. Some of the important topics are mentioned below briefly:

· Introduction to networking: Computer networking includes an important concept such as seven-layer structural design. This is identified as OSI model in which every level are provided with a task to execute. Our experts can answer all these questions in detail about the different layers and their functions.

·Topology and transmission media: This include transmission of data packet in all the networks. The method of transmission can be one of visual cable or a wire. Topology is accountable for the efficient spread of computer network or internet. It can be bus, ring or star topology. Our experts can be helpful for you to answer your query related to computer networking topology-based assignments.

· Routing algorithm: There are various routing algorithm that gives an effective and safe way to transmit the data of information. Along with this, the routing algorithm is difficult to understand and much hard to run for the beginners. Our expert team are helpful to solve all the programming assignments around routing algorithms.

· Blocking control techniques: Just like traffic jams on roads, there is a problem of congestion in computer networking or in server. If various data packets are passing in the network then there must be the problem of congestion and can slow down the network. Our networking experts have proper solutions to overcome every such kind of issues. This problem can be managed by applying network congestion control method using java or other programming languages and our experts are here to assist you in that.

· Management of network and safety- Hacking and data theft in a computer network is still one of the major problems faced by network creators. So, you must need to understand the role and importance of network safety management. A student may get assignments around creation of network security for a given network and may involve studying packet filters, and tracer. For such assignments, you can take great help from our experienced professional experts in Computer Networking.

· IPV4 and IPV6- These is one of the renowned TCP protocols in the networking which came into existence recently. One of the most important advantages of IPV6 is that it provides much bigger address space than IPV4. We can provide help to the students with IPV6 and IPV4 assignments and networking essays.

Reason for choosing Oz Paper Help Service:

· 24 x 7 Support: Our support team is available for 24 x 7 to help you in resolving any queries. Whether you are Student or finishing your dissertation. We have renowned experts to help you in every subject and at every stage or level of Academic Commitments.

· Highly Effective Programming Expert: Our team is a group of highly effective and professional Programming Experts which have a knowledge of all the subject like Java, Python, C, C++, Machine Learning, Data Science, etc. All the Expert have more than 3+ Year Experiences from top notch and reputed institutions from all over the world.

· Pocket-Friendly Price: Our Programming, Development and Project Assignment Services are available at most competitive price except all online service providers. We assure you of high-quality work at a reasonable price as compared to other assignment help service provider.

· Plagiarism Free Work: Here our team is group of more than 25 Developers team who have done Master’s in Programming Languages. Our priority while writing the assignment is that it should be plagiarism free and original work.

· On-time Delivery: We deliver the assignments within the due date. And don’t like to hear any kind of problems from your side, that’s why our experts see that it should not take much time and assignment or homework is submitted within time.

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