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By definition computer network is a set of computer systems and other computing hardware devices are connected to the purpose of sharing resources. Networks are commonly identified on the basis of their characteristics. Taking advantage of professional computer network assignment assistance is the best way to improve your grade. If you decide to write a technical article on computer networking, then you need to apply several technical facts in your writing. But how do you get effective information? The answer is computer network assignment assistance offered by us.

Functions of computer networks


Computer networks are used to add different computer users within defined parameters. Computer Network Assignments highlight expert specialists that store, update, share and classify the main work data of the computer network. Generally, computer cables and electronic gadgets are connected to create a network through modems. The network is used as:

  • Facilitated communication via email, video conferencing, instant messaging etc.

  • Allow multiple users to share single hardware devices such as printers or scanners

  • Enable file sharing across networks

  • Allow remote software to share software or operating programs

  • Make information easy to access and maintain among network users

If you want to know what features you can get from the computer network in a broad way, then our specialist computers are ready to provide network assignments that you need. Get top-class computer network assignment help from Ozpaperhelp.com.

Why students need computer network assignment help?

Students usually struggle to struggle with the increasing number of written assignments these days. They feel tired and exaggerated with a lot of written work to achieve their degree. Failure to do so, they want computer network assignment support. They have to spend a lot of time writing the assignment because the writing section does not require excellent writing skills but is also completely researched. Students who do not want to waste their time, can take advantage of instant and useful computer network assignment assistance.

Types of computer network

The most common categories of computer networks are described by our experts in the following details:

WAN (Wide Area Network)

WAN is defined as a computer network that covers a wide area that can spread to the provinces and even throughout the country. In the telecommunications sector, this type of system is used. This network is of extreme high speed. So users have to spend a lot of money to get services from this network.

Government agencies, business organizations and other education facilities use WAN to connect to each other and transmit data. Various techniques are used to develop integrated area network links, integrated technologies, radio wave transmission and optical fiber. The speed of the van has increased steadily over the last few decades. From 110 bits per second to 100 g / bits per second in the year 1960, speed has increased rapidly.

LAN (Local Area Network)

Known as a network operating in a building and operating under a single administrative system. Generally, this kind of network is used in the organization's offices, schools, colleges / universities etc.

Generally, LAN has a server of its own, which has its own applications and storage systems that are shared between users. From two to a few hundred, the number of users within the LAN network can be different. Today, Ethernet and Wi-Fi are the most common forms of LAN use. Due to its effectiveness, flexibility and cost, a wireless LAN is always preferred by Wired LAN. Simple LAN has two to three switches that are connected to the internet access from the router or modem. There are several switches in a complex LAN that use a Spanning Tree Protocol to prevent loop and manage high volume of data transmission.



This network is mostly used by private, public, business, academic and government networks, which are linked and directed to wireless and fiber optic technologies. Computer network assignment experts help to highlight the Internet as a network of global exchange connected by network systems that uses TCP / IP to transmit data.

It is also called Internet Area Network which is seen as the ideal networking model for the future. It connects all endpoints through public web, enables transmission of data and makes exchange of information possible without binding to physical location. The rise of Internet Area Network is based on cloud computing. In the last decade, high capacity networks and peer-to-peer architecture have paved the way for the popularity of Internet networking.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

This type of network facilities equip the whole TV such as cable TV network. It can be used in various forms like Ethernet, Token-Ring, ATM or FDDI. According to the coverage area, a man network covers a larger area than the LAN, but is smaller than the van. Man links usually use microwave, radio or infrared laser transmission to connect between two LANs.

Humans are used to create high speed networks for cities and towns, which are effective due to its moderate range. MAN's network can increase up to 40 kilometers to maintain its speed and effectiveness. These days the Man Network works with the IEEE 802.6 standard communication on distributed Qi Dual Bus (DQDB), which gives transmission speed up to 155 Mbps.

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)


This network is similar to LAN, but there is no need to connect the wires with each other. Radio and Infrared Signals are the ideal examples of WLAN. Since it is wireless, it gives all users within the range of its effectiveness without losing the connection.

IEEE 802.11 defines WLAN's functionality in two basic methods, i.e., infrastructure and ad mode. In ad mode, units or clients in the infrastructural mode transmit peer-to-peer directly, the units communicate through a specific access point. WLAN's most recent standard offers 802.11g per channel speed of approximately 150 Mbps.

CAN (Campus Area Network)


A network that connects many small LAN networks is designated as Can. It allows easy file sharing between different departments, because all the files are usually shared on the server machine.

Can be a form of small human network but with a small range of effectiveness. The ownership of the networking equipment and transmission media is owned by the Authority which uses FDDI, ATM, Token Ring and Fast Ethernet to connect. The limit of CAn is different but it can be effective with approximately 8-10 km 2 area. CAN is used in corporate offices where employees need high speed data links.

SAN (Storage Area Network)



This network is used mostly as information databases, often not used by organizations or any similar organizations. This network has been implemented on websites that offer download services.

A storage area network or SAN is assembled using three principle components: cabling, host bus adapters and switches. SAN storage induces resources to reorganize from the normal network to high speed and independent networks. Every server, whenever needed, can access this storage. A SAN file can not be abstraction and can only be used for block-level operation. It uses ATA, Fiber Channel protocol and SCSI protocol for communication between server and disk drive services.

PAN (Personal Area Network)

This network is used for communication between one or more computers and computer devices (including telephones) within a few meters within the room.


When a person works in his personal laptop, which is connected to the printer which is connected to his smartphone using wireless technology, it can be known as the simplest form of personal area network.

This wireless pan is based on the standard IEEE 802.15. Bluetooth and infrared data comes under the range of transmission pan.

SAN (System Area Network)


This network is connected to high performance computers with high-speed connections in the cluster configuration. This is also called a cluster area network.

The system area network is capable of delivering very high bandwidth up to 1 GBps with very little latency. A SAN is used to connect all nodes to each other within a distributed computer system referred to as a cluster. It is known for its safety and low error rate. SANs are especially effective for bulk data transfer because it uses remote direct memory access mechanisms.

Advantages and disadvantages of computer networking

Computer networking has become the face of late computing, so that users can connect around the world as if they were in the same room. Computer network assignments help specialists to evaluate negative negative aspects such as safety risks, workplace deformities, etc.


Computer network assignments help experts to highlight costs as one of the main opposition voices of the network. If you are setting up a network for business purposes, then you have to spend thousands of dollars to set it up. Computer network assignment help specialists suggest that even in a small business, the cost of simple network equipment like modem and router can be large.

Policing usage

Internet connectivity encourages undesirable behavior. But on the other side of the coin, it also supports government agencies to detect any unwanted behavior from any source. To find out more about Internet professionals and consoles, get computer network assignment help from Ozpaperhelp.com.

Communication and information

Networking, especially Internet connectivity, allows this user to communicate in ways that were not possible before the development of this technique. As such, instant messaging allows the user to speak real time and send files to the other side of the world. This is a potential boon for business users because the Internet has access to huge information.

Resource sharing

It is extremely important and requires computer network assignment support to understand better. Users can share both hardware and software resources through a well-designed network. It enhances efficiency and facilitates workplace cooperation. In the past years, the data was shared by copying it into removable media and carrying it physically to another location. But now sharing information has become very fast and more efficient.

Common network devices

Network devices are the fundamental units of networking that take data through computer network. Our computer network assists specialists to attract attention to basic network devices that are used by many users:


It connects the computer together in a star topology network. There are several harbors in the hubs, which are usually used to connect the network segments. When a port packet is inserted into its ports, it is copied to other ports to give all the segments to see all the packets. It acts as the central connection of networking and takes data as frame. When a port receives one frame, it is extended and transmitted to the destination. Depending on their usefulness, these centers can be classified as inactive, intelligent and switching hubs.


It is an electronic device that receives a signal and reproduces it at a higher level or higher power. A repeater in the transmission system is used to regenerate digital and analog signals that are disturbed and disturbed during dispatch and vehicle. It can use different protocols to relay the same message.


Modem is a device that turns digital 1s and 0s of personal computers into sounds that can be transmitted to plain telephone systems (POTs) on telephone lines. The name comes from its functionality, i.e., the modulator-demodulator. All computer data is digitally stored. Modem converts all those data into analog waves which can be transmitted through cable wires. Accordingly, modem varies analog waves received in digital information for processing. Modem is classified by the amount of data that can be processed and sent at a given time because its speed is expressed in seconds bytes.

NIC (Network Infrared Card)

It is a computer hardware component designed to allow computers to communicate over the computer network. Computers using this system can transfer files with each other. Computers infrared network adapters transmit and receive data through ports along the side of the device. It can also be installed in laptops and other personal devices.

The limit of this infrared communication is effective only within 4 meters, in which the data transfer speed is about 4 Mbps. But it can not only enter the work of any obstacle in the 'line of sight'.

Media converters


According to our computer network assignment support specialists, these are simple networking devices that make it possible to connect a fixed pair with two different media types such as fiber optic cabling.

Media converters support various data communication protocols that include various multi-cable fiber optics like Ethernet, DS3, E3, T1, J1 and Twist, Cox etc. Users can attach a simple converter (when speed and duplex settings are the same) as required. Or switching converters (with network bridge to add half-duplex segments). They are also used in the Metropolitan Area Network.

Basic switch


It is similar to a center and provides a central connection between two or more computers on the network, but with some intelligence. Also known as a network switch, it uses the concept of packet switching to obtain, process and move forward. This data processing of the OSI model can be processed through layers 2 and 3. Generally used in ethernet switches, they are also effective in other forms of network including fiber channel and asynchronous transfer mode.

It works on the data link layer of the OSI model. It can connect its two ports at very fast speed. It creates an entire network from two communication segments. This allows the transmission of different data when different networks are different.

Basic router

It works on the OSI model's network layer and routes information efficiently between the local area network. A router forward data packet with the network. They use the header and forward the table to determine and send the data through the best path and they also use protocols such as ICMP to communicate with each other. Router does very little filtering of data, especially used for home and office. The main difference between a hub and a router is that the router always analyzes the data sent through the internet. Large networks can use different types of router like bridge router, core router, edge router, software router and wireless router.

Basic firewall

It is a part of a computer system or network that is designed to block unauthorized access while allowing external communication. A firewall of a device can be made through hardware or software or a combination of both. Every data entering or leaving a device is required to pass through this firewall and if a file does not qualify for the specified criteria, it is automatically blocked.

Hardware firewalls can be purchased by the user as a standalone product or it can be distributed with the main device. There are many techniques through which this firewall secures the system. The most effective types are packet filtering and application gateway process.

Basic DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server

It sends a broadcast query to request the necessary information from a DHCP server. With DHCP, the device automatically requests IP address and networking parameters from a DHCP server. This manual reduces the need for network administration or an engineer. The use of DHCP reduces the use of configuration errors due to manual IP address configuration, address collision, etc. This simplifies network administration because the software itself keeps track of IP addresses and minimizes hassle to the user.

Computer network assignment help by Ozpaperhelp.com

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