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A compiler is a tool that translates code from one language to another without changing the meaning of the program. Also, it makes the target code efficient and optimized in terms of time and space. Learning compiler design provides you with an in-depth understanding of the process of translation and optimization. The subject also covers the basic translation mechanism, error detection, and recovery. Compiler design includes lexical, syntax at the front end, and code generation and optimization as back-end. We offer all the help you might need with assignments related to this subject. Take our compiler design assignment help and have your solutions delivered to you within your deadline.

Why learn compiler design?

It is a generally accepted notion that computers are a balanced mix of software and hardware. The compatible hardware controls the function of the hardware which is a piece of a mechanical device. For the hardware to understand instructions sent to it, they must be in the form of an electronic charge. This is the counterpart of binary language in software programming. The binary language uses only 0's and 1's. The code that is meant to instruct the hardware must be written in this format. It is a daunting task for programmers to write different sets of codes. Fortunately, we have compilers to help us in this sector.

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The Language Processing System

We have already mentioned that the computer hardware cannot understand the human language. As a result, programmers have to write codes in a high-level language. This type of language is easier to understand and remember. The programs written in a high-level language are then fed into a series of tools and operating system components to generate a code that can be understood by the system. This process is what we call the language processing system.

To understand compiler design, you should have a basic understanding of at least one programming language like C or Java. Students who have prior exposure to assembly programming have an added advantage. However, all is not lost for students who are faced with assignments but do not have a full understanding of these concepts. Such students can opt for instant assistance.

The high-level language programs written by coding experts are converted into a binary language in various phases. But first, let us differentiate between a compiler and an assembler:

·        Compiler – We can say a compiler is a program that converts high –level language to assembly language

·        Assembler – On the other hand, an assembler is also a program that converts the assembly language to machine-level language.

So how does a compiler execute a program on a host machine? The whole process is shown in the diagram below:

·        First, the user or programmer writes a program in a high-level language like C programming language.

·        The program is compiled (by the C compiler) and translated to assembly language (which is a low-level language).

·        Next, the assembler is charged with the task of translating the assembly program to machine-level code.

·        All the parts of the program are linked together for execution using a linker tool.

·        Lastly, the executable machine code is loaded into the memory by a loader, and then the program is ready for execution.

 Avail of our help with compiler design assignment for a thorough discussion on the steps mentioned above. With that said, it is essential that we discuss the other tools that work closely with compilers before we dive deep into the concepts involved:

·        Pre-processor

It is considered to be part of the compiler. The pre-processor is in-charge of producing input for compilers. It handles tasks such as micro-processing, file inclusion, augmentation, language extension, and many more.

·        Interpreter

The interpreter also translates high-level language to low-level machine language like the compiler. However, the difference lies in the way they read the source code or input. With the compiler, the whole source code is read at once. It then creates tokens, checks semantics, and generates intermediate code before executing the whole program. This process may also involve passes.

The interpreter on the other hand works in contrast. It reads a statement from the input, converts it to an intermediate code, and then executes it. After that, it takes the next stamen in sequence. The interpreter will stop execution and report if it encounters an error. This is not the case with a compiler, which reads the whole program even if it encounters several errors.

·        The Linker

This is a computer program that links things just like its name suggests. It merges together various object files to make an executable file. It does not care if the said files have been compiled by separate assemblers. A linker's main objective is to search and find referenced routines (modules) in a program. It then determines the memory location where these codes will be loaded, which makes the program instruction to have absolute references.

·        The Loader

As part of the operating system, this tool loads executable files into memory and executes them. It creates memory space by calculating the size of a program (instructions and data). The loader also initializes various registers to initiate execution.

·        A cross-compiler

This is a type of compiler that runs in one platform, for example, A and can generate executable code for another platform, for example, B.

·        Source-to-source compiler

This type of compiler makes the source code of a programming language and then translates it to the source code of another language.

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features of compiler

Compiler Design Architecture

The process of compilation can be broadly divided into two categories. This depends on the way they compile:

· Analysis Phase: This first phase is also known as the front-end of the compiler. It reads the source program and divides it into core parts before checking for lexical, grammar, and syntax errors. An intermediate representation of the source program and symbol table (this should be fed to the synthesis phase as input) is also generated in the analysis phase. 

· Synthesis Phase: The synthesis phase is also known as the backend of the compiler. It uses the intermediate source code representation and symbol table to generate the target program.

· Pass and Phase: The process of a compiler traversing through the entire program is known as a pass. On the other hand, a compiler’s phase is a distinguishable stage. The first stage produces input for the next stage, which processes it to produce output to be used as input in the subsequent stage. You should note that a pass can have more than one phase.

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