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Writing Guide on Research Paper

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Writing Guide on Research Paper

Writing Guide on Research Paper

 Writing Guide on Research Paper

Why do we write this guide?

The importance of research work in a student's academic career can hardly be overstated. For a student, a well-written research paper can get high marks that can increase the total of C.G.P.A. In addition, research papers that contain original research or a reformulation of existing research in a particular field may be accepted for publication by major journals, which may further boost the career prospects of a budding academic. In this article, we try to offer a complete guide on the art of writing research articles.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is written only for students. While we are aware of the fact that the requirements for writing academic papers differ from one discipline to another, our definitive guide for writing research papers will be beneficial for students of any discipline. No matter what level of graduate school you belong to, you will find our guide to be the most definitive.

How to use this guide?

Each section deals with a specific aspect of writing research papers. To write a successful research paper, it is recommended that you read the article in its entirety. Not only do we discuss in detail each and every one of the aspects of a research work, we also provide the highlights of our document in the form of a table for a quick reference. Keep our guide handy, the next time you write your research paper.

What is a research work?

While there is no single definition for the term "research document", scholars generally accept that a research document is a generic term that can be applied to any of the following:

Forward paper

A term document is usually written by a student either at the graduate or at the undergraduate level as part of the requirements for academic work. In the universities and colleges of EE. UU., A typical academic course requires the submission of term papers, along with mid-semester and end-of-semester exams. Students earn credit points for meeting the course requirements, which are then added to calculate the final C.G.P.A. or the cumulative precision of the degree point.

Why is a research paper written?

A research paper is usually written for any of the following purposes. There are times when you can meet multiple requirements. They can usually be summarized as follows:
1. A research assignment may be assigned to a graduate or undergraduate student as part of the course work.
2. It can be written specifically for academic publication.
3. Finally, it can be written in the form of a thesis or dissertation to obtain a terminal academic degree (for example, Ph.D.)
The above points require a bit of additional explanation. The universities and colleges of EE. UU., The United Kingdom and Australia require a defined period of courses to obtain academic degrees. Both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees require the submission of term documents to obtain credit points, in case the student can not take the final exam.
Academic publication is crucial for those looking for a career in academia. Budding scholars publish their research papers in several peer-reviewed journals in order to strengthen their curriculum vitae. The world of academic publications is so ruthlessly competitive that cynics call the trend "publish or perish."
Finally, theses and theses are also great research papers written for presentation in order to obtain a degree. A thesis or dissertation should be based on the candidate's original research or at least be a reformulation of existing research findings in a particular disciplinary field.

How to select a topic for a research paper?

To begin with, any good research work must have a research topic in which it is written. It is imperative that the chosen or given theme has the following qualities:

The subject must be relevant

The relevance is usually determined by the fact that the subject is given or chosen. If the document is about a given topic, then the student should hold on to the topic as close as possible. However, if leverage is given, students can choose their own theme. Interesting and unusual topics can impress the teacher, but make sure your subject is related to what has been taught in class. If you are still confused, it may be a good idea to take the help of your seniors or graduate assistants (many universities provide them).


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