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Top 25 Apps Every College Student Should Have!

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Top 25 Apps Every College Student Should Have!

Top 25 Apps Every College Student Should Have!

Top 25 Apps Every College Student Should Have!



The 400,000+ strong student community at is quite vibrant and active. It is passionate about learning and experimenting as it is about new gadgets, software, websites and apps that can add 'fun' to study and fail to stir so frequently in school curriculum.


So, we went out and asked them to suggest education apps that they love most! Here are web and mobile apps that were highly evaluated by TT students:

Information Management Apps: 


As soon as you get entangled through overdue assignments, exams, part-time jobs and the expiry series of deadlines, it becomes difficult to keep an eye on everything that happens in your industry or line of interest. is the best RSS that integrates all the related news into a feed for you.


2. Scribd

Millions of books and documents make Scribbad one of the world's largest libraries! You can curate and organize data, notes, figures, texts and books according to the topic of your interest and can also create a customized library. You can also share your library with your friends!


3. CliffsNotes

Find summaries of every book in the world at Cliffs Notes! A blessing for literature students, in all these books you will need all information related to every character, plot or subject. You can also listen to audio versions of books that you can hear or hear while roaming in bus or metro!

 4. Mathway

Students of mathematics will find this mobile app very helpful. Just enter your work and get a step-by-step solution for it!

 5. iTunes U

Do not forget to download iTunes U., iPhone users or those who use the Apple device It gives you free access to thousands of courses in world's leading universities like Yale, MIT, Cambridge and Oxford.


Easy and Fun Academics

6. TED

High quality videos of various conferences and speeches are available on this app by some of the most famous computer experts, business leaders, teachers and music legends! Many of them are so informative and entertaining that Ted flew with the mobile app at the time.


7. YouTube Kids

Google App YouTube Kids (iOS / Android) is specially designed for children - they are allowed to watch only those channels which are for them, such as National Geographic Kids, Reading Rainbow, DreamWorks TV, Mother Goz Club , Talking Tom and Friends, and many more.

It comes with many parental controls such as timer, background music and the option to turn off sound effects (and give parents some time to relax) to set the screen time, and if you want to monitor them If not there, stop searching for children. Content is available in four categories - music, shows, learning, and explore.



8. Essential Anatomy 5                                                                  

The most popular app for medical students, Essential Anatomy 5 is a little expensive, but it is still being used in 118 countries worldwide! It has amazing 3D graphics which show male and female models, it has 11 systems and about 8,200 creative structures.

Students can piece through structures, can also take pin notes and quiz on 3D models.


9. Gojimo

This is a free trial app for those who are studying for their SAT, ACT, AP or IB tests. It has a database of approximately 150,000 quiz questions and detailed answers. Gozimo covers all the major topics that students take in the US and UK - which are also accessible offline.

The app allows you to track your progress and share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.


10. JumpCut

During an academic year, it often happens that you write essays on similar subjects. It also means that you copy and paste the same things again - and see them again every time. The Junkup App allows you to access all the texts that you have copied and pasted before - even if you overwrote it from the new text.

You save a lot of time in search of the same thing over and over again!

Time Management Apps:

11. Timeful

One of the most intelligent time management apps with intelligent coding, Timeful (iOS) is different because it not only helps you manage your to-do lists, calendars and timetables in one place, but also your routines and habits. Also learns and advises you that when you should set a new task

When you are most productive and when you come down, it keeps a tab - and accordingly helps you manage your actions or tasks. Over time, you actually become less dependent on them, and master time management lessons become themselves.

12. Evernote

Save any article, notes, thoughts, ideas, webpage, or film clip on you mobile, tablet, laptop or any such device with Evernote. It is great for conducting research and preparing multimedia presentations on the go. Great app for people who get bright ideas but forget them quickly!

13. Focus Booster

The Pomodoro Method of Amendment is about breaking into small parts with small interim brakes to help your session to build your body and brain fitter and better focus. Focus Booster is an online app with a timer based on this time-tested method of being able to do more in less time.

The app allows you to track how much time you have spent on a particular topic and analyzes your time management skills with the help of your dashboard.

14. Remember The Milk

An excellent digital time management tool, Remember the milk (IOS) is like a Swiss knife for a student. This allows you to organize your schedule, move forward tasks and assignments, and sets up multi-platform reminder for all pending time limits and due dates!



Create reminders, notes, to-do lists and even events and store them safely with (iOS / Android) app. It works on different platforms so that you can jump from laptop to mobile and again - in the heartbeat

Other Apps You’ll Love

16. SelfControl

This app is just what you need to keep distortions away while studying. It definitely blocks some social networks and websites for times like Facebook or Instagram.

You can finish the lecture and access them again - simple!


17. (iOS) is a friendly, informal way to keep in touch with your friends and receives tips, hints and feedback on the tasks or assignments done in your hands. You can track your progress through the app and also get a reward for completing your tasks.



18. Prezi

Create presentations anywhere with Przy and share them on your device! It allows you to have well enough functional styles, easy-to-use text-imputing systems and high-quality graphics even if you are working through your phone on your presentation!


19. Super Notes

Save notes and images, record your lectures, or click on the photos of important slides through the Super Notes (iOS) app. This makes note taking fun and interactive.

Written notes can be color-coded for easy reference. You can share your notes online or download as a backup too on your computer.


20. Mind 42

Only available online, Mind 42 is an excellent mind-mapping app that allows students to create visual memory accessories and ideas trackers in the form of spider diagrams, lists, thoughts clouds and others.

It's fast and easy and is a great tool for deep research on a topic.


21.Google Keep

The Google Keep app is a sleek digital pin-board where you can add photos, pin notes and create lists. There is also a web version of the app.


22. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

If you are a forgotten math student, then it will be quite easy. It has advanced features and functions that you will not 'regret' if you do not have your calculator at all times.


23. Amazon Student


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