Seller corporation project management assignment assistance

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Seller corporation project management assignment assistance

Seller corporation project management assignment assistance

Seller corporation project management assignment assistance 

Seller corporation project management assignment assistance Introduction

Within the organization of the project management organization, it is very effective to increase the performance of a project and to successfully complete project goals. Project management involves planning, organizing, managing and securing resources to meet the objectives of a specific project (lock, 2007). This case study Assignment Help Paper includes Project Management in the Retailer of Bustle Corporation, which is a leading company in project management, engineering and construction. There are several projects at different places in this area, which will be effective for determining the project management approach by the company (Betel Corporation, 2011).

Project Life Cycle

Project life cycle can be described as a logical sequence of activities undertaken to meet project objectives. Each project passes through series or phase during the series, its complexity i.e. initiation, planning, execution and closure (Westland, 2007). The seller project uses life cycle as an integrated process. Project Life cycle of this type of retail various stages of Project Life Cycle (Project Life Cycle: Integrated Processes, 2011) are included as well as incorporating various project objectives and aspects of the project. The Integration Type of Project Life Cycle in Texel is very effective to efficiently complete project objectives by integrating all processes and phases with project and business objectives. The following types of Project Life Cycling are used by the Beatle Corporation –

Project Driver: In this phase of the Project Life Cycle, the owner's preferences, requirements and goals have been included.

Conceptual Plans: It includes differential evaluation for feasibility studies, risk estimates, materials, labor and equipment.

Project Baseline: This phase of the life cycle involves detailed design and time for break work through the project Estimates and project scope this phase includes master schedules and contract packages (Project Life Cycle: Integrated Process, 2011).

Purchase Agreement: This phase involves the purchase of key equipment and other materials such as project requirements. Sub-contract and transport and logistics facilities are also set in this phase of the Project Life cycle of Settle, which helps in effective execution of the project. Budget details are also part of this phase.

Performance Driver and Control: At this stage of the Project Life cycle of Buell, cost monitoring, schedule monitoring and scope monitoring through management and variation reporting. Corrective action plans are also taken by the management within this phase of Project Life Cycle (Project Life Cycle: Integrated Processes, 2011).

Elements of Project Management

The Retail Corporation implements various elements of project management. These elements of project management are also effective for connecting project management with other types of management. The following are some elements of the project management used by the Bustle Corporation –

Time Management: The time management element of project management is implemented in the planning phase of the project according to project and schedule estimates within the sell-out. Schedule monitoring is also done in schedule monitoring and control phase.

Cost Management: It also implements the cost management element of project management by cost estimation and cost monitoring. Management and variation are effective to increase the effectiveness of reporting costs management (Project Life Cycle: Integrated Procedures, 2011).

Risk Management: In the initial phase of the project life cycle, the risk management element is applied on the basis of risk and risk identification.

Contract / Purchase Management: This phase of project management is also implemented in the planning phase of the project management. Need of contract with materials, equipment, suppliers, sub-contracts are some elements which are made in this element (Dobby, 2007).

Key Areas for Balance & Tradeoffs

Seller is a value-driven organization focused primarily on the balance and trade-off between ethical values ​​and business objectives. It is also focused on the organization's security, quality and sustainability. According to the construction assistance Melbourne experts, avoiding the main challenges faced by the organization in the construction industry Transaction transparency facility with all aspects of corruption and the project. Also, the issue of cost and timeline affects the ethical and compliance operations of Settle in project management, which must be balanced with organizational objectives and policy of ethical invoices (Zachariah, 2009).

In other areas, the project managers face for balance and business, the project costs and schedule. Changing costs and time estimates and customer requirements is the key area for balancing and trading. it is because; Change in The requirements of the customer increases the project cost and time, which affects the overall effectiveness of the project. The balance between project objectives and organizational objectives by Project Managers is also essential in Steal.

Project Management & Organizational Strategy

Project management is quite effective for implementing a strategy within the organization. To achieve the strategic goals of the project management organization, the project team can fit effectively with the organization's strategies to fulfill the work aid (Snyder and Perth, 2006). Project management includes a proper communication system which is also effective Tell each project member about organizational strategic goals and objectives that will be effective for achieving them effectively. Project management also supports the design and execution of organizational strategies. It is because; Main objective of the organization's strategy is to use resources efficiently and to facilitate the effective use of resources for project management, which is aligned with the organization's strategy due to time and resources constraints.

In order to fit project management with the organization's strategy, the strategy should provide limitations to the project in relation to the goals and objectives, which will be effective for setting the future direction for the project and achieving the strategic objectives of the business (Coaster , 200 9). In this way, the project management fits in with the organization's strategy.


From the above discussion of Project Management Assignment Aid, it can be concluded that project management plays an important role in achieving organizational objectives in a proper manner. There are various elements and challenges implemented in business with project management. Targeting goals and objectives with project management is essential to align with organizational strategies.


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