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Results That No One Expected In This Year’s World Cup

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Results That No One Expected In This Year’s World Cup

Results That No One Expected In This Year’s World Cup

Results That No One Expected In This Year’s World Cup

Results That No One Expected In This Year’s World CupDoes the Football World Cup organize the most-watched sports on earth? Well, there may be several factors behind it, such as the difference between the two of them, the four-year long gap or the quality of football on the proposition or the circle of all stars can be in one place. But, the biggest of them is the unexpectedness. Each version has created something that was not even considered. But that's because my friend is not a reality show, this is the FIFA World Cup. And, winning for the promotion, the Football World Cup has offered this year's quota of unexpected events.

No Place For the Defending Champions  

When Germany arrived in Russia, everyone expected them to stay at the end of the world's most important sporting event, but here we are in knockout without Dai Manscatt. The current champions or Germany, full of stars and swords, was one of the strongest teams in the World Cup. And, even the biggest football Afghanistan will not even predict this for four times the world champions. In this version of the World Cup, his story appeared like a very fictional novel and started with a lot of publicity and finally got disappointed in the beginning. Talking about the publicity, it was not for zero. Prior to the World Cup, Die Manscatt (Germany's national football team) won every match in the qualifiers and became the first German team to do so. However, the same team failed to score in the final match against Mexico and in their last game against South Korea. With just one win and two defeats, Germany's report card in Russia was as amazing as it was unexpected.

  • Germany vs. Mexico (0-1)
  • Germany vs Sweden (2-1)
  • Germany vs South Korea (2-0)

No More Tiki-Taka in Russia

If fans are believed, there are three types of teams in football. The first two are Spain and Germany, and the third is left. This observation can not be accurate, but it shows how much weight the football takes in both of these teams. But here we have two weeks in the World Cup, and both of them have made their flights back home. When Germany was removed, then La Rosa (Spain's national football team) was expected to reach the final, but was completely different from what was revealed. Leave the final, they can not even reach the quarter-finals. In the 16th round, they were coming into the match against Russia, they were not unbeaten. It seems that they were in Spanish, but until they lost to Russia, the truth was hidden Campaign. With two draws against Portugal and Morocco and an uncomfortable win against Iran, who saw him at the top of their group, the 2010 World Champions were far from their best. Instead, they were just scraping through the whole trip. He was seen talking about the match against Russia; his capture was astonishing 79% Compared to their opponents who had only ball for 21% of the match. Even the famous Tiki-Tawa could not help them recover from the hosts. Here's a visit to Spain in the World Cup:

  • Spain vs. Portugal (3-3)
  • Spain vs. Iran (1-0)
  • Spain vs. Morocco (2-2)
  • Spain vs. South Korea (1-1) South Korea won via penalty shootout (4-3)


Iceland Won 1-1

How can a scorecard win 1-1 for a team rather than a draw? But this is what happened to Iceland. When you play against a team that has the rich history and the best player of the game, the best you can expect is that you are not humiliated. But what happened next was that the Iceland did not dream of the team. When he drew against Messi's Argentina, it was not upset for the World Cup, but it was the victory of a team that was rapidly growing through ranking in world football. After their heroes in the Euro Cup, they produced some extraordinary in Russia too. While La Albileste (Argentine national football team) claimed stars such as Messi, Sergio Aguero, and Iceland joined their match. By all means, this was not a match, and it was expected that Iceland would be destroyed. But Starkin Ocker (Iceland national football team) did not read that script. They were on a draw that was more than twice the victory over the world champions. However, the World Cup has seen many problems in the last few years and it was not even one, but the way Iceland was played, it was a bother. This match started the World Cup campaign for Argentina, which seemed unbelievable to the qualifiers, where they boarded Messi's magic, but ultimately rejected the following results:

       Iceland vs. Argentina (1-1)

       Croatia vs. Argentina (3-0)

       Nigeria vs. Argentina (2-1)

       France vs. Argentina (4-3) (Round of 16)

There are many other amazing incidents in this year's World Cup, but the above-mentioned people have had the biggest impact. And it shows Russia's high quality football. But to enjoy it, you need time, but it can not be anything more important as your assignment. But, we will help you with this problem. Our authors specialize in academic writing, and provide hundreds of Assignment Support UK students and they will ensure that you will find a wonderful paper. So, enjoy the World Cup and let us handle your concerns.


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