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How to Compose Effective Conclusion for Writing an Assignment

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How to Compose Effective Conclusion for Writing an Assignment

How to Compose Effective Conclusion for Writing an Assignment

How to Compose Effective Conclusion for Writing an Assignment

In this article, we will talk about how to end the assignments given by your teacher. Many students weaken the importance of an effective conclusion to write. Still, we insist that a good conclusion can make or break an assignment. Do not lose your chance to get a targeted grade by writing a generous conclusion. Instead save a little energy and time on giving proper foreclosure for your findings. Your teacher will reward you for this and you will end up with the grade you are worth. If you want to write an effective conclusion, a list of strategies to follow and avoid is given here.

Defining ‘conclusion’

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) finally defines the conclusions as an act to end something. This can be work or job. In addition to Dictionary Definitions, eliminating an assignment requires special care and some basic ideas. It brings a narrative at one end and closes your assignment. Many benefits can be obtained by writing the cracking findings.

Benefits of a good conclusion:

1. Like an introduction, a conclusion puts the overall ideological emphasis of your paper or what you are trying to say.

2. It pulls the main story till the end of the paper.

3. Your readers are never left to hide and you can easily understand the original point you are trying to make.

4. It is also a place for the author's personal reflection, comments and criticisms.

5.  It can open some questions for your readers to open some ideas too.

6.  It can also give you an opportunity for personal observations and justify the relevance of the project you have made

7. Finally, it can give your readers something to take. It can be an advice, personal reflection, a positive message or even a sermon.

Strategies to follow

Although we certainly do not want to spoon-feed our readers on the method of writing an effective conclusion, there are some strategies to come here with a great conclusion:

1. Try to question your own arguments:

The idea behind it is not to mislead readers, but to provide food to our readers for consideration. There are several possible advantages of self-inquiries:

  • This gives an alternative approach point to your research findings. 'This can be the same' is the attitude that you are presenting.
  • Self-inquiries can speed up your arguments and let them do analytical cutting which they deserve.
  • It may leave the possibility of further research.
  • Teachers love seriously. Self-quiz makes your conclusion more important.

2. Try to justify your arguments:

There is another way you can follow. If you think self-inquiries can be confusing to our audience, then check it out. Instead, try to follow a defensive strategy. In this strategy, you justify your project. Highlight its importance and show its relevance. It can also have its own set of benefits:

  • If you are stuck at some point, then it is especially helpful.
  • If you do not have to say anything else in conclusion, then just try summarizing the main arguments.
  • This will give you an extra dimension in your writing and will run that point home that you are trying to make.

3. Try to revert back to the beginning:

You can also return to the introduction. This strategy brings your writing to a full circle. Suppose that if you start with a scenario, then you can bring the scenario back once again in your conclusion. On the other hand, if you start with a statement, then you can review that statement again. This reconsideration policy is part of your benefits:

  • It can refresh the memory of your readers
  • You can bring your discussion to a completion
  • You can bring parallel concepts and images which you used in the introduction.

4. Try to synthesize:

Synthesis is different from the summary. Give a brief summary of the key points used in the body of the assignment, but most importantly, bring them all together for tying all the major points in a linear story thread. This opens several impressions in return:

  • Readers want all the different elements in a linear narrative
  • If there are many scattered points in your body, you can gather those points together
  • If your writing has incomplete reasoning, loose ends and loop holes, you can regain them in your conclusion.

5. Chart out a future course of action:

By pursuing future course of action, you will be able to leave a scope for further research. No assignment can include everything. Thus, providing a place for further research will help you do research later on. It means that:

  • You are realistic and practical
  • You understand that there are limitations of your logic and research findings
  • Your teacher will appreciate your honesty
  • This can give you a fodder for your PhD research proposal.

Strategies to avoid

There are some things that you should never try, no matter how desperate you are:

  • Try avoiding unnecessary and over-used phrases
  • Do not repeat what has already been said; Not at least one word
  • Never present a new idea or concept in your conclusions. As we mentioned earlier, you can leave a place for future action
  • Do not try to eliminate your original research question
  • Do not try to be emotional or too personal
  • Finally, do not keep any extra piece of information that could have been included in the body of the assignment.

Sample assignment conclusion: Accounting

Here are some sample assignment conclusions that we used earlier by using those techniques:

Accounting methods conclusion: Let's say that you are writing on four key areas of accounting and come up with a detailed explanation of the four key areas of accounting, such as financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing and tax accounting, then a sample conclusion might look something like this:


“As we have seen, there is no singular accounting method. Instead, we have attacked 4 major accounting areas such as financial, managerial, audit and tax accounting.


In financial accounting, our main argument was that all three major financial reports, such as income details, owner's equity and balance, are important for publicly listed companies. However, we have seen in real life, it rarely happens. Many public companies do not disclose their exact income details, while many of them increase their profit margins. Since the importance of financial reports should be taken with salt pinch.

In managerial accounting, the cost of job is the key method. We argued that determining the pre-determined MOH (manufacturing overhead cost) is the most difficult. However, if it can easily be labor costs or physical costs, then we can easily find out.

In tax accounting, our main argument was that there are different tax structures, taxable income should be determined according to the appropriate tax structure. However, in reality we know that tax evasion is a reality and any method of tax accounting can not reveal such taxes.

Overall, we can argue that although accounting methods are useful for investors and shareholders, they are not always transparent.”

In this conclusion, we have used at least two strategies: synthesis and criticism We pointed to our limitations, as well as we brought all the loose ends together within a linear story thread. 

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