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Biology Assignment Help

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Biology Assignment Help

Biology Assignment Help

Biology Assignment Help

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What Is Biology?

The scientific study of life is thought as biology. Biology comes from the word bios that mean life. Biology has many disciplines like biology is that the study of animals and phytology is that the study of plants whereas biological science is that the study of microorganisms. The facts relating to the living things like plants and animals are discovered by biology.

The Basic Principles Of Biology Are:

  • GENE THEORY: The ancestral traits are transmissible to the younger generations through the genes. These incorporates desoxyribonucleic acid and located on the chromosomes.
  • CELL THEORY: All the living beings are created of cells. the essential unit of life are the cells.
  • HOMEOSTASIS: Per the surroundingsal changes the facility to take care of the constant internal environment is thought as physiological condition.
  • EVOLUTION: The noticeable modification within the biology that had been transmissible over generations.
  • THERMODYNAMICS: In natural philosophy the energy transformation is economical and also the energy is constant.

Characteristics Of Life

Our earth is owner-occupied by totally different forms of living organisms, that look terribly totally different from one another. These living organisms are microorganism, fungi, protista, plants, animals etc. The bodies of living organisms are created of cells. The cell includes a central position in biology because the atom within the natural science.

The visible world of plants and animals and also the invisible world of microorganism, fungi, viruses all contains of the living things. Organisms on earth vary from one celled amoeba to a fancy style of humans. However, the essential structure that every one organisms share is cell. it’s the building block of life.

  • Living beings will move: Living beings possess the flexibility to maneuver. Movement makes them simply accessible to everything.
  • Living beings will reproduce: Living beings have the flexibility to relinquish the increase to the young ones. They’ll pass their inheritance to generations.
  • All Living beings will grow and develop: Because the time passes living beings grow and become massive in size than they were before.
  • Living beings respond: Living beings adapt themselves per the external surroundings and may answer the changes simply.
  • Living beings will work: Living beings take the energy from the external world and perform the actions.


  • Biology additionally declares the opposite aspects that are helpful and that support the lifetime of animals and groups of people. For example: element.
  • Biology additionally studies the behaviour of plants and the way we have a tendency to get edges from them. They’re the network of our lives.
  • Biology has taught us to require advantage of the character that’s gift all around us and to not destroy it so our future generations cannot exist.
  • It is through learning biology that we have a tendency to get to understand concerning the range of organisms on earth.
  • Biology could be a subject that not solely identifies our diseases however even have correct vaccination provided to the infected folks.


The conditions close Associate in Nursing organism kind its surroundings. Surroundings suggests that the environment during which the plants and animals live as well as each physical factors and alternative organisms. Therefore every and everything that surrounds and affects the living organisms represent its surroundings. The 2 essential elements of surroundings are:


Our physical surroundings is made by numerous non- living or Abiotic elements like water, soil, light, temperature, daylight all of that exist around us. These Abiotic elements of our surroundings tend to have an effect on us and every one the living organisms variously: they play a significant role in their growth, development and even within the survival. Of these Abiotic elements kind weather and climate of a specific space.
Every moment there are changes in temperature, biometric pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, wind direction and speed and alternative conditions within the layer. These short term changes within the properties of the layer kind the weather. Climate is that the average weather of a part. It’s the overall pattern of part and climatic conditions, many variations and whether or not extremes during a region over an extended amount.


The organic phenomenon elements of surroundings embody all living organisms as well as groups of people. They will be producers of food (e.g. inexperienced plants, autophytic, prokaryotes as cynobacteria) or shoppers (animals, fungi, viruses). Microorganisms too have vital role within the surroundings.

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