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7 Ways to Live a Healthier College Life

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7 Ways to Live a Healthier College Life

7 Ways to Live a Healthier College Life

7 Ways to Live a Healthier College Life

Eight students out of 10 studies complain of physical and mental problems due to excessive pressure to perform well in their studies. But have you ever wondered why students are weak and exposed to the dangers of stress, depression and mood swings, rather than healthy lifestyle? The reason is that they have to face difficulties in balancing the extracurricular activities with their class lectures, tests, projects and social and personal life. So stress is indispensable. But there are some ways to deal with stress in student life.

7 tips for healthy academic life

1. Food in perfect quantity

We want to remind you how health and intelligence affect each other. But when you have 'healthy diet' rings in your brain, you stay away and disown yourself from your favorite food. Sorry to say this, but you're making a mistake. 'Out of bounds' is called food. If you are snacked with salty, sweet and junk food, it is advisable not to eat them often or in large quantities. But you can always consume in medium or small quantities. You can try the trick to use small plates, think about shaping in realistic terms and start at a small one.


Your portion size

Carbohydrates like cereal/rice /pasta/potato

Your clenched fist

Proteins like meat/poultry/fish

Palm of your hand

Savories like crisps/popcorns/chips

2 of your cupped hands

Bakes like brownies/cakes

2 of your fingers

Butter and spreads

The tip of your thumb

2. Relaxation techniques

Resting technique differs from person to person, who works on you, cannot work on others. Popular techniques like meditation, self-hypnosis, and relaxation of deep muscles are less or less than the same effect. Try these relaxation techniques in different backgrounds because you have different effects on different environments. These techniques do not come with complicated manuals; Hard life is to fit them in their lifestyle. What you can do just take a break of 10 minutes and pull some.

3. Sweet dreams

Do not you know that adequate sleep can contribute to acne, mouth and other skin problems. You definitely do not want this, so you need to sleep 8 to 10 hours to work best.

  • Try to take a short nap during the day. Keep your workplace away from the sleeping space to keep insomnia at bay.
  • If you are having trouble sleeping in the night, after being under stress, one of the hard work, try to make the routine of sleeping. It will help to send messages in your mind that it is time to take time to sleep. Do not forget that sleep is as important as you breathe in the air. So take safety measures.

4. Staying away from temptations

After seeing these figures, you will understand the serious consequences. Due to inadvertent alcohol injuries, 1825 college students die every year from 18 to 24 years of age. Students attacking more than 69,000 students aged 19 to 24 have attacked. If this is not all, then see it. About 25 percent of the students reported to face academic hazard, such as missing classes, falling behind lecture and failing in examinations and papers. So you can understand what the ultimate result of taking alcohol can be.

We always overlook, 'Cigarette smoking is harmful to health'. Let me repeat the sentence again for you so that you can understand better. This line means that it reduces the organs of your body and causes fatal diseases such as cancer. So you now know that you need to stay away from alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

5. Prevention of disease

There is an old saying that you should be well aware - 'Prevention is better than cure'. It is always better to remove the problem in the bud. Efforts to cure diseases coming from sanitary measures such as washing hands and avoiding contact with bacteria can be reduced.

  • If you have symptoms that are not clearing up for few days now, you definitely need a trip to the campus clinic or your doctor.
  • Replenish cold and flu by drinking lots of water and fluids.
  • Wear flip flops in your dorm bathrooms to avoid chances of getting bacterial and virus diseases.

6. Searching for happiness

When college students come in contact with high risk of depression, happiness is the only medicine that protects them from the darkness of oppressive brains. There are some things that you can try to avoid this terrible situation.

  • A large part of the college experience is getting new people and making new friends. So prevent yourself from meeting with good or bad people and do not include those good people in your life.
  • Do you think there is any way to please everyone? Not there not. So first try to concentrate on pleasing yourself. This will reduce the sack of stress you are being raised.
  • If you set short-term goals and receive it, you will be more motivated.

7. Get involved

Just do not sit there. Empty minds always play difficult games with you. So include yourself in some or other activity. Joining clubs and social groups is helpful when you want to fight depression, especially when you do not want to live alone or separate.

Although it may seem impossible to strengthen all good things in your life, creative thinking can help you. It does not appear that the glass is half empty but it is half full. This is only about optimistic thinking. If you are rude to get your life on a rich track, you will not be prevented from anything.

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