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150 Argumentative Essay Topics and Examples

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150 Argumentative Essay Topics and Examples

150 Argumentative Essay Topics and Examples


150 Argumentative Essay Topics and Examples

150 Argumentative Essay Topics and ExamplesFor your logical essay, you have to be zero on one of the many rational essay instances or rational essay topics. You have to make sure that your chosen subject is a rational issue, which ultimately means that it is a subject that has different perspectives about different people. While you understand through information on a specific issue, you need to limit your subject in a single statement that outlines your situation. It can be a claim of "definition," "fact," "value," "policy," or "cause".



Below is a list of examples of rational essays. These topics of logic essay have been divided into broad subjects including technical, education, social issues and environmental issues. Let's start.



(I) Argumentative Essay Topics on Technology

1.       When it comes to marketing, business and personal areas, the use of social media is very high?

2.       Is the beginning of computers in primary schools a positive thing?

3.       Is the increase in Internet usage positive or negative?

4.       Has the growing trend of online studies reduced the value of learning traditional classes?

5.       Are video games a viable teaching tool in the future?

6.       Should the person agree with the use of identification chips?

7.       Need to see a rapid increase in tactical and military technology?

8.       When it comes to organ transplantation, use of technology

9.       Do the need to go out of the use of mobile phones of young age and talk to face-to-face is reduced?

10.    Use of technology when it comes to cloning animals and humans

11.    An increase in the role of robotics in our daily lives

12.    When it comes to running a business, the reliance on technology is very high?

13.    Is it good idea to use drones to conduct projects beyond military purposes?

14.    Is it ethical to use technology to develop a child free of diseases?

15.    Does genetic testing on humans have changed the way to cope with the diseases in positive ways?

16.    Is the possibility of cars giving positive signals to themselves?

17.    Can mental health disorders be used in technology?

18.    Does the technology change the way we use and read books, basically it has changed?

19.     At what age should a person be present in the world of computer and mobile phone?

20.    Is it good to use genetically modified organisms for the human body, and will it become a major source of nutrition?

21.    Will the Internet be obsolete?

22.    Are the 3D printers used efficiently in today's digital era?

23.    Video games showing the outcome of violence in violent behavior in children?

24.    Mobile phones have affected our relationships.

25.    Computers are changing the way in which humans think.

26.    Email, texts, and mobile phones are not as effective as talking face-to-face.

27.    Need to replace textbooks with the iPad and many other online resources.

28.    If it comes to the use of mobile phones in cars then what laws need to be implemented?

29.    How is social media changing the family relationships basically?

30.    When it comes to teenagers, can parents restrict the use of social media?

31.    What privacy policy is needed by social media sites?

32.    Nano technology and its applications, as well as potential use in the near future.

33.    The use of mobile phones and texts has reduced concentration and focus levels among young people.

34.    Mobile phones have changed the way people related to positive methods.

35.    How are online techniques changing our lives?

36.    How the technique changes our definition, it means that what does it mean to be human?

37.    Which college students should not post and post on Facebook?

38.    Should the subject of experiments conducted by human embryo scientists?


(II) Argumentative Essay Topics on Education

1.       Should children of children learn essentially second or third language at a young age?

2.       Should children go to school from a very young age?

3.       Does the test on a statewide basis actually increase the knowledge gained by the students?

4.       When it comes to admission, the need for colleges has been increased to reduce dependence on ACT and SAT score?

5.       Has the current homework been entrusted to students a lot?

6.       Do the teachers have to do regular testing to ensure that they are capable?

7.       Need to reduce the lessons more often to help the students in studies?

8.       Is there a need to start and end the school day later or end?

9.       Are the time for schools to create the latest technology, including schools and tablets, to help educate young children about modern technology?

10.    Do students need to be separated for single sex classes?

11.    When it comes to parental education, should parents play a more active role?

12.    Do teachers require such long vacations?

13.    Can the United States develop the same educational system used in Europe?

14.    What causes students to successfully graduate from high school without primary skill?

15.    How do US students effectively compare to other countries?

16.    What is the role of technology in today's educational system?

17.    What is the primary value when it comes to liberal arts education?

18.    Should students enroll for foreign language courses?

19.    Has learning improved in addition to the days of the school year?

20.    When it comes to fine arts, do schools need to spend money?

21.    How should non-native English-speaking students be educated in public schools?



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