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10 Winning Ways to Save Money as a Student

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10 Winning Ways to Save Money as a Student

10 Winning Ways to Save Money as a Student

10 Winning Ways to Save Money as a Student

10 Winning Ways to Save Money as a StudentAs a student, you have already experienced a lack of money. Do not like the idea of ​​living a frugal life? Having a hard budget does not mean to look like a checkmate. And frugal life is about not spending more money on those things that you can get for free or for a lower price.

Work your way through this list and get some lessons on spending money correctly!

1. Make a budget

Careful budget is an important device for students. Use it to improve your money management.Create a list or create a spreadsheet Write the necessary purchase and their cost. Go to your income and exclusions and set the spending limit.

Plan your expenses every week. Try to keep them fair, but high enough to ensure normal life. Remember, the budget only works when you stick to it.

2. Save on your student loan

Do not wait for the day of paying your student loan after graduation level. Consider different options and choose an option that best suits you.

If you have some extra income (such as part-time job), then be smart, which allows you to make monthly monthly payments. You will reduce the amount of earned interest and reduce the total cost of your student loan.

Cut the amount of money you will have to pay in the future. For your pain, you will have more freedom in college life!

3. Go easy on a credit card

Receiving a credit card for a college student is a piece of cake. And what about paying it? Marketing companies make a career in cheating for students to spend more money than them.

If you want to get a credit card, choose one with the lowest interest rate. And forget it as often as possible at home! When there is no way around using it, then pay your balance before the end of the month to avoid late fees.

Still, not using a credit card will be a definite option. Consider receiving a debit card. Thus, you will only spend money without putting yourself in debt.

4. Don’t pay for software

I never encourage illegal downloads! I am referring to the free option for regular study tools by writing essays for presentation. Here are some:

·   LibreOffice includes options for all Microsoft Office applications. With Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Vanott, the Microsoft Office Home and Student package goes for $ 119.99;

  • Press is a great online tool for making presentations;
  • Gimpar is a free Photoshop option. Adobe Photoshop CC comes at $ 29.99 per month ($ 360 per year) price;
  • Google Drive and Dropbox provides free cloud storage.

In addition, free versions are free in many well-liked apps. Check it before purchasing any software.

5. Amuse leisure smart

Do not spend much on parties, clubs, movies or other local attractions, very happy with your independence! You take the risk of a negative ending.

Use the facilities of the premises. There are many free activities on campus - from film nights to fitness classes.

Find free entertainment in your city. Browse the Internet. Visit websites like You will find many exciting activities that are free.

6. Limit eating out

Getting out is one of the most expensive habits you can get as a student. Try cooking at home! It is not only cheap but also healthy. You will eat less junk food (think of level of saturated fatty acids in the tequila food sample!). Besides, you will gain great cooking skills!

And why not cook with roommates? Apart from saving money, you will spend quality time with your friends.

Make a habit of packing your lunch. These simple foods require less effort, which is always fresh and affordable.

7. Use coupons and student’s discounts

There are loads of student discounts available. Just watch wherever you go, and ask them.

You can get low rates almost everywhere: theaters and theaters, local and online shops, restaurants and bars, transport and car insurance.

Start coupon. There are many different types of coupons: online coupons, printable coupons, free coupons, purchaseable coupons and others. Do not get confused! Use the people worth it. And remember that coupons work together with the sale.

8. Focus on your studies

It is a good line to balance your study and social life. Combining work and learning is even more difficult. I'm sure you were in a situation when you got your essay a.s..p. Had to write. Meanwhile, except for work.

Most students have part-time jobs to facilitate their studies. Are you one of them? Remember that your studies come first!

Can I Retreat? Try to reduce working hours. It may not be in conformity with your employer. But you do not want to fail in your exam, right? Each additional semester is another important expenditure. So, the goal of being successful in your study!

9. Choose housing wise

Consider the following living options:

  • Choose to live in the dorm. Thought, you may meet a problem. Noise can be distracting, especially when you need to focus on writing assignments. So think twice!
  • Rent an apartment. Make your housing budget lower by splitting the cost with your roommates. Find other students or like-minded guys. You’ll save on rent and utilities.
  • Some students make foolhardy decisions to live on a boat or to camp out.

Remember: Wherever you live, you do not have to pay Council Tax. Keep your home in good condition to save your deposit. If you are good at panic, ask for a reduction in rent. Anyway, you have not got anything to lose!

10. Note down your expenses in the evening

Track your expenses for one month. Calculate your cost of living, the extra expense (the waste money you have) and the money needed to cover your essential tasks.

There are so many unnecessary ones that you can save! For example, you can stock your mini fridge with grocery snacks and soft drinks. In this way, you will save on convenience stores and vending machines.

Use for responsible consumption! Live within your means, and you will not go into debt.

First of all, keeping track of your expenses, avoiding impulses and changing your habits can be challenging. But these hacks will save you some money. Then you can reward yourself for the efforts! Make a trip on the money you saved.


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