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10 Tips to Live a Cool College Life

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10 Tips to Live a Cool College Life

10 Tips to Live a Cool College Life

10 Tips to Live a Cool College Life

10 Tips to Live a Cool College LifeCollege life can be the best year of your life. However, some wrong decisions can change them even in the worst years of your life. College students often complain about campus life, pressure of coursework, worries on grades and even blend canteen meal. When you are participating anywhere in the world in any college or in the world for that matter, you have been given a list of 10 tips.

Ways to live a cool college life

These are essential survival tips that you need to master to sail through the murky campus life of colleges.

1. Choose your college well:

Nobody can put much emphasis on this point. Choosing the right college can make all the difference. While selecting the appropriate college, many things should be kept in mind: career prospects, appointment history, campus life and fees. Of course, good colleges in America require a higher SAT score. Similarly, the so-called 'Sandstone College' in the UK requires a competitive score in public examinations. Most of these colleges have higher course fees. Average college education in the US requires approximately $ 40,000. If you are going to a public university or community college then the amount will definitely go down. But then almost all the top colleges in the country are running on private endowment and scary are expensive. Try to choose a college that is a little expensive and has good academic ranking.

2. Find out about the campus life:

The next big issue for a student is to find the right kind of campus. After all, you are usually expecting to spend about 3 to 4 years of your life in the campus. Just keep the following tips in mind and you will be good.

  • Most American campuses are multi-ethnic, with a large number of foreign students coming into study. So you have to be comfortable with the foreign students around you.
  • American campuses are mostly residential So if you plan to go to college then be prepared to live alone.
  • Most colleges and universities are located in the big cities or near the immediate vicinity of such cities. For example, Columbia University, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Pennsylvania are located within the city's borders. If you are from a small town, then making adjustments in city life can be difficult.
  • Finally, living on one’s own can itself be a huge challenge.

3. Choose the right subject:

If you have a flair for writing, do not take a head in physics. Similarly, if your play is towards the crunching numbers, listening to anyone who talks about the American War of Independence will be a complete waste of time. In essence, try to get a key that interests you. American universities have allowed a wide range of options to choose courses. Make full use of it. Therefore it is very possible to be prominent in art history with minor in English and Finance. Then the emerging students will have our advice: Choose a topic that interests you rather than instead of going to the topic based on your market value.

4. Get the best meal plan:

I believe that maybe it is a little strange to talk about food in an article on academic. But spending on a food account for more than half of a student's total expenditure This is the only area where money can be saved without compromising on the quality of food. Some important things to remember are:

  • Most of the US universities have meal plans. Try to find out which suits you the best.
  • If you are living in a shared accommodation with other college students, you would be expected to cook your own meals.
  • Try to avoid fast food. Not only are they unhealthy, they also burn a hole in your pocket.

5. Make friends wisely:

A man is known by the company that he keeps. Old English policy is still true for the present day. With the news of unpleasant campus crimes on a regular basis, the importance of finding the right friends has increased. While certainly no one can guide you on how to choose friends, some suggestions may still be helpful:

  • When choosing friends, try to keep an open mind. The campus is likely to be filled with students of various colors and social background: Hispanics, South Asians, Chinese, African-Americans etc. Having a diverse group of friends helps you expand your horizons.
  • Keep a friendly attitude towards your classmates. You never know who can be useful during the exam.
  • Since the premises will be co-educational; There is hope for continuous interaction with the members of the opposite sex. Once you get rid of your oddity, then you will be able to build a strong and meaningful relationship.
  • There will be some notorious elements. You will not have any problem in recognizing them. Try to be clear from such elements.

6. Steer clear of troubles:

While campus life will give you the first taste of independence, there are still some rules that you must follow in one of the world's most liberal countries.

  • The minimum age for drinking in the US is 21. If you drink without the required age range, then you will be blamed by a law court.
  • Although driving age is 18 years old, driving and alcoholic driving are federal offenses, which can result in permanent loss of privilege.
  • If possible, become clear from the brotherhood parties. Most of them are notorious for drinking drugs and weakening.

7. Take some time out:

Beyond academic and co-curricular activities, you must have a real hobby, which does not include 'Facebooking', 'Tweeting' and 'taking selfies'. It is a complete waste of time and does not contribute to the overall development and development of a person. Instead, develop a hobby that is creative and interesting. Here are some options:

  • If you love pictures and images then photography is your best choice. You just have to have a DSLR camera You can also join the college photography club to meet the companion aficionados of photography.
  • If aesthetics are not a cup of tea and you want some more courage, then you can join the soccer team or mountaineering society.
  • If the intellect is that which you want to be, maybe joining college debate or speech club is the best option.

8. Maintain a good relation with family:

Skipping for college does not mean cutting your family. At the time of crisis, after your family, is the strongest pillar of support. Try to call your parents whenever possible. Whenever possible drop in a card or a small gift. Whenever possible, try not to get them at Christmas or Easter. Your family loves you and you should not stop at any time while trying to show it to you.

9. Take care of your health:

Medical is expensive and you cannot afford to fall ill in the middle of this period. Most college campuses in America have their own health centers. You will need to register before treatment. In addition, you should have health insurance for serious diseases. Get the best benefits from campus life by staying healthy and falling ill.

10. Contact student services if necessary:

Regardless of all these tips, it is highly probable that you will have to face a problem all the time. If you are not sure who to go to, go straight to the student cell. These cells are operated by senior students who give you long-term advice in the business so that you can get real advice. They provide many types of services such as:

  • Finding accommodation for you
  • Choosing a meal plan
  • Legal advice
  • Career counseling
  • Academic advice

These services are free of cost and will help you a lot in your college life.

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