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Performance Management has now become one of the most crucial factors in the concepts and approaches of contemporary business, especially the ones dealing in customer-satisfaction and service-delivery(Buckingham and Goodall 2015). The satisfaction of the consumers is the backbone of such enterprises and the fact that customer demands and expectations are highly dynamic makes it even more important to monitor and check the organization’s processes, externally as well as internally, in order to achieve maximum value in the business process. Performance of a business organization is dependent on a variety of factors including economic performance, organizational harmony, employee retention, recruitment process, development needs and disciplinary procedures.

The ACA Travel Agency’s recent issues regarding customer-dissatisfaction caused by organizational disharmony spotted the need for a performance appraisal system that would—firstly, investigate the work operations of the organization to identify the particular quality issues the Company has been suffering from, and secondly, recommending appropriate strategies that would mitigate the identified issues and help the organization develop stronger relationships with their customers and other stakeholders. The main aim of the Performance Management System is to add more value and integrity to the organization’s service-delivery system by improving organizational communication and cross-functional involvement in decision-making processes(Ramlawati and Putra 2018).

Section 1 – Performance Management

As the Manager of ACA Travel Agency, the recent issue of customer-dissatisfaction was investigated and analyzed to identify the need for a performance appraisal session with the consultant of the Company, Jane, who was also responsible for lack of judgment and priority—leading to the particular issue(Iqbal, Akbar and Budhwar 2015). Jane’s performance did not meet the standard criteria for the Company and incurred significant loss in terms of customer-loyalty. Therefore, the execution of the performance appraisal system would incorporate hypothetical discussions with both the stakeholders (employee and client), in order to strike a negotiation. Not only will this enhance the stakeholders’ understanding of organizational expectations and approaches, but also prevent further similar issues.

Task 1: Role Play Preparation Plan for Performance Appraisal   

b)      Jane’s failure to follow the written procedure, in the client – Mr. Smith’s forward booking, led to a serious organizational failure as Clarendon College, who is a major client of the Company, has sent complaints regarding the Company staff’s poor assistance and service-delivery, which caused them and Mr. Smith a significant amount of loss.

c)      As the Manager of the ACA Airlines Company, it is a huge humiliation from one of the most important clients, and might experience a major setback in their business relationship.

d)     A variety of factors are at stake here, including finances, customer-loyalty, organizational ethics, organizational communication and morale commitments.

e)      As a manager, I acknowledge my poor decision-making in times of emergency and poor prioritizing of occurrences and aim to put more effort to enhance leadership skills amongst the organizational staffs.

f)       In order to resolve issues between the Company and the client, discussion sessions needs to be arranged for negotiations with the clients and apologizing for past failures of commitment.

Task 2: Performance Appraisal Role Play Session

In order to clearly communicate with the concerned employee, an appraisal session with Jane, the consultant was arranged. The details of the session are as follows:

Manager: “Dear Jane, are you aware of the recent organizational failure that was caused due to your lack of efficiency?”

Jane: “Yes, Ma’am.”

Manager: “Your carelessness and inefficiency in practical field incurred a heavy loss on part of our relationship with a special-client, Clarendon College. Is this a good time to talk about a few ways that can improve your quality of service-output—which would be beneficial both for your job performance and our Company’s steady growth?”

Jane: “Yes Ma’am, I’m eager to rectify my practices and be more effective to the organization; and I sincerely apologize for my past failures to meet job requirement.”

Manager: “In your handling of the case of Clarendon College’s Mr. Smith, you have exposed a few serious professional shortcomings with your misjudgment on the gravity of the situation and failing to execute the expected responsibilities. It exposed signs of poor time-management and prioritizing skills as you failed to act on the necessary tasks in the face of work-pressure. I would encourage you to put more effort to better time-management strategies and be clearly informed regarding the organizational proceedings, as it might influence your awareness of the areas you need to prioritize in this dynamic market environment.”

Jane: “I promise to incorporate the necessary changes in my work-practice.”


Baghurst, T. and Stincelli, E., 2014. A grounded theory exploration of informal leadership qualities as perceived by employees and managers in small organizations. International Journal of Business Management and Economic Research5(1), pp.1-8. Retrieved from: [https://s3.amazonaws.com/academia.edu.documents/43081397/Stincelli_Published_Article.pdf?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIWOWYYGZ2Y53UL3A&Expires=1538857995&Signature=ZFomtItmsvntyAcpQ9OdhQcKoK4%3D&response-content-disposition=inline%3B%20filename%3DA_Grounded_Theory_Exploration_of_Informa.pdf]

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