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Workplace Diversity and Customer Service

Workplace Diversity and Customer Service

 Workplace Diversity and Customer Service


Task 1: Research Analysis to Plan for Quality Service

1a: Research Platform Access and Documentation

The website of Flight Centre has been accessed in order to elicit information regarding the ways they deliver service to the customers. Moreover, various other aspects of their business strategy have been documented, primarily consisting of innovative measures that attract new customers and retain previous ones.

1b: Methods of Research to Benchmark Customer Service Delivery

Before embarking upon a project to improve the prevailing conditions of customer service delivery, sufficient information has to be gathered by the management both about the internal processes of the organization and also about the approaches of the competitors to their businesses. There also needs to be a thorough analysis of academic sources in order to identify the research and findings of scholars in relevant areas. This shall ensure a both theoretical and practical understanding of the problems. Knowledge about the current paradigm of services in the relevant field of ACA Travel Agency is important. The standard prices and the services offered as against them shall have to be systematically studied. Combined with information regarding the competitiveness of the market the management can devise services that cater to a wider spectrum of needs of the customers compared to that of the competitors (Wuyts et al. 2015). Small bonuses to the existing standard of services can help a great deal in attracting potential customers. Providing customized assistance can increase the number of choices available for the customers. ACA can also collaborate with specific credit card companies and can arrange for discounts for corresponding card holders.
Data shall also have to be collected from the perspective of the customers. It is often the case that managements speculate upon the problems of the customers while not getting into direct interaction with them (Peppers and Rogers, 2016). This often leads to the creation of services that customers will not actually need resulting loses for the organization. Therefore, in order to ensure that the changes that are to be brought about are relevant to the demands of the customers, focus groups have to be presented with queries according to whose suggestions new service patterns have to be devised.
The customer service wing of the organization shall be especially helpful in this context. Because they come into direct contact with the consumers, the employees engaged with customer service shall best know about the actual problems consumers face (Babakus et al. 2017). After proper consultation with the employees, new approaches to the services have to be devised.

1c: Approaches for Quality Service Delivery

Among the innovative services Flight Centre provides to its customers, personalized suggestions and twenty-four-hour call service availability make the customers feel important and cared for by the organization. Furthermore, this shall establish a bond between the consumer and the organization and this shall greatly reduce the problem of miscommunication which was one of the chief reason for the problem that arose between Mr. Smith and Jane. Had there been a proper setup and work culture where the staff were in the habit of communicating with the customers in case of any unexpected circumstances then the problem that had arisen could have been easily averted (Wu et al. 2015).
It can also be observed that the additional benefits that Flight Centre provides primarily helps in customer engagement. However, such measures would do little to attract more customers. The zero percent interest feature is definitely directed towards it but it falls short of what the customers might have expected (Voorhees et al. 2017). The discount schemes relating to specific brands of credit cards will be a better incentive for new customers.

1d: Improved Customer Service Approaches

Improvement in customer service approaches cannot take place merely on the discursive level. The changes planned by the management have to make themselves visible on the practical level in order to make customer service better equipped to handle the needs of the customers. Firstly, a measure to provide twenty-four-hour assistance to customers have to be initiated. For this either there can be a dedicated customer service department which is active twenty-four hours or else it can be outsourced to another third-party organization. However, regarding customized assistance and devising of travel plans, the organization has to manage it itself as these are matters of supreme importance to the organization (Cook, 2017).
In order to initiate such a work culture a substantial period of training has to be conducted where the existing employees shall be educated about the rules and regulations of customer service. The employees shall also have to be provided with incentives and monetary rewards on the successful achievement of goals and targets (Lee and Lee, 2015). This shall increase their job satisfaction and also encourage them to work harder.
An efficient network of communication also needs to be established among the various existing departments of the organization as information regarding problems can be quickly shared and it shall also boost effective teamwork.

1e: Data Collection Technologies

There are several ways available to an organization to collect data regarding the consumption habits and the needs and preferences of the consumers. However, the organization has to choose certain specific methodologies depending upon the kind of services or products it sells and also the competition existing in the market. Research on the competing organizations through their website and other offline materials like advertisements, catalogues et cetera shall acquaint ACA with the nuances of the services provided the competitors. It shall aid in forming an idea of the current standards in the business upon which ACA has to work in order to develop an attractive service scheme.

Data also needs to be gathered from the side of the customers. Since mostly consumers book flight tickets and other related travel based services online or through apps it becomes easier for ACA to approach customers for surveys. They do not have to be taken individually but rather, a standard questionnaire should have to be programmed to appear every time a new customer finishes a booking (Dong et al. 2015). The personal views of the customers relating to the services provided by the organization have to be studied and new services have to be introduced according to the changing needs of the customers.



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